Does Nerium Really Work?

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Does Nerium work?Nerium is an anti-aging cream being sold through multi-level marketing as a way to fight the signs of aging as well as make a side or full-time income. They say their the newest company to be featured in Success at Home magazine, and when it comes to MLM you definitely want to get in early, but is their still time, or are you already a late arrival?

The basic crux with health and beauty products wrapped in a network marketing model is that you would use the product yourself, see the results, take the before and after pictures, and then become a poster child for the product, earning yourself a healthy income as a success story. This would give you the conviction you need to sell the product effectively, and it would allow others to see the proof that it works in the fresh face of the sales rep standing in front of them. But of course this is just theory, and real-world results often differ considerably.

The Claim
Nerium uses the word “real” so much it almost becomes suspect. They say that there’s real science behind their product, and that they provide a real business opportunity. They say that their product can help with the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin, help shrink pores, help with texture that’s uneven, as well as smooth out any discoloration you might be experiencing. Their compensation plan claims you get anywhere from 10% to 25% commission on products sold, and then 10% of anything that is sold by members you recruited.

In addition to the straight commission, there are also a series of bonuses that you can qualify for, as long as you’re ranked high enough within the company for that month. This can range anywhere from thousands of dollars to a monthly bonus paid to afford yourself a new Lexus.

The Hype
The hype for this company and product, as with most network marketing companies comes from the savvy affiliates already enrolled and trying to run their business. They’ll set up phony review videos and blogs that sound like they’re earnestly trying to help you decide on whether to use Nerium or if it makes a good choice for a start-up business, when in actuality they’re hoping you click on their affiliate link and buy from them or become part of their downline. To cut past the hype you need to listen to those that don’t like the product and have no interest in selling it.

The Cost
In an interesting twist you can buy Nerium on Amazon for around $90. Many times a product like this won’t be able to be found through a major online retailer because they try to funnel all sales through agents so that you get pitched to become one yourself. It’s $100 to receive a Brand Partner launch kit, which has marketing and promotional materials for you to get started, including a website that you can direct people to and start taking orders and collecting leads.

The Commitment
Any business requires commitment, and if you’re looking for a way to do nothing and sit back and collect checks you should try to come up with a catchy Christmas song that gets played Ad nauseam each year. MLM businesses are exceptionally challenging because they involve sales, which many people aren’t very good at and therefore require a lot of training. It also relies on getting involved with a company that can provide that training as well as a product worthy of personally endorsing and resting your hopes on.

When choosing a multi level marketing company the importance should be placed on how great of a product it is, but most people focus on the eye-popping compensation plans. These plans usually involve graphs and projected incomes based on selling a certain amount of product each month, and recruiting a certain number of reps that do the same as you.

One of the biggest cop-out answers to MLM businesses is that they say it won’t work for everyone because it requires a lot of work. This serves two purposes, it sounds like they’re being very honest, but it also speaks to those that are ready to roll up their sleeves and give it all they’ve got. When the product itself is splitting users 50/50 this means you’re going to have to find a steady influx of new users to replace your dissatisfied customers. Eventually the base of potential users dries up and what do you do then?

Final Nerium Review

You can safely avoid Nerium, both the product and the business opportunity.

What we noticed with the different pitches disguised as reviews was that they said it’s going to require a nearly Herculean effort to get to the point where you could count on this as your full time income. When going through their earnings projections we saw the same signs you’d see if someone was pitching you on a pyramid scheme. For example to attain a new Lexus in 90 days you’d simply need to sign up 3 people, and they sign up 3 people, and once again all of those sign up three people. Now you’re on top of a pyramid-shaped structure with 27 unlucky saps at the bottom hoping for their Lexus. Makes you wonder if you’re one of those 27 for someone else driving around in their brand new car.

Our Recommendation
MLM, aka Network Marketing, aka Relationship Marketing, or whatever fancy name they come up with in the future is not inherently bad, it’s just that in order to be good it has to create realistic expectations and it has to have a fantastic product at its core. J. Paul Getty once said “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.”, and that’s the principle at work here, but in order to make that happen it requires work in the form of training those other people, and you can’t train until you yourself can do a good job at it, so be ready to work no matter which MLM business you go with.

What do you think? Does Nerium work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does Nerium Really Work?

  1. ” If you don’t go to all these cult like events they pretty much shun you!!”
    Sounds like the Jehova’s Witnesses.

  2. Don’t fault me for being honest. I’m mid 40s on my second marriage, with kids. Was the “thrill gone, yes. To be young again in more than just spirit, I needed that. Then Nerium came into my life thru my wife, and I noticed a difference. I’d joke about putting the night serum on, where’s the cucumbers and mayonase. The next morning my face looked refreshed and I thought, wow this stuff might work. My curiosity sold me on this product an evening when I was home by myself, enjoying the peacefulness of a quiet home. I applied the night cream to my face before settling down and thinking of the new me I would see in the mirror tomorrow and wondered, will it work everywhere? Yes, from neck to ear lobes to hands, and rest, I see a younger me. Nerium does what it says. That’s why I now us Nerium on my balls. I can wait till my wife sees these wrinkle free nuts on her face.

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