Does the Ped Egg Really Work?

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Does Ped Egg really work?If you’ve seen the Ped Egg on TV you might have wondered could it possibly work the way it seems. This is one of those products that almost looks too simple to be believable. Some have likened it to a cheese grater for your feet. But is that all it is, or is there more to this little invention than meets the eye?

Getting regular pedicures can be expensive, and the thought is that if you get a Ped Egg you’ll be able to give yourself the same kind of results at home. Dry, rough feet are a problem for many people, and there’s not really a lot of great solutions out there. Moisturizers seem to have no effect, and within a few days your feet are right back to their dried out ways.

The Claim
The folks at Ped Egg say that it is the fastest way to make your feet feel smooth and healthy with no mess whatsoever. They say that it gently removes calluses and dead skin so that your feet will have that baby soft look and feel instead of being so dried out and cracked.

That’s basically the gist of all their claims, they don’t really beat a dead horse or try to come up with a bunch of other uses for their product. This seems to be a successful way to go about things, state one simple claim and make sure that your product lives up to it.

The Hype
The hype comes from people trying this out, seeing that it works, and telling people about it. The quality and effectiveness of as seen on TV products has gotten a lot better over the years. In the 80s and 90s they were kind of a joke in most instances, but in the new millennium it seems they have turned a corner and it’s about a 50-50 shot. In this case Ped Egg is one product that actually lives up to its hype.

The Cost
Ped Egg is priced correctly at a low amount because even though it’s effective it’s basically just made of plastic and a little metal. You can get it for around seven dollars at Amazon and it qualifies for the free super saver shipping, or you can go through the main site and get it for $17 and it comes with extra bonuses. It also comes with some upsells that you’ll have to decline if you don’t want them.

The Commitment
Staying committed to proper foot care is harder than you may think. The reason our feet get so bad is because they take a lot of abuse on a daily basis and we barely find time for maintenance. The reason pedicures are so popular is because frankly it’s just no fun scrubbing away at your feet. Sticking to any sort of foot care regimen is really hard over the long term. After the novelty of receiving your Ped Egg wears off, you’ll have to resolve yourself to using it on a regular basis.

Ped Egg comes in two varieties, you can either get it solo, or with a handle. If you have trouble touching your toes or reaching your feet when you bend over, the handle might be a good idea, but most people find the original handle-free model to work just fine from a seated position. The handle also does away with the ingenious egg shape, taking away some of its ergonomic quality.

Regardless of which style Ped Egg you go with you’ll realize within a few moments of use that this thing actually works. It doesn’t cause any pain, and if you try to use it on areas that aren’t dry, flaky, and callousy it doesn’t do anything. As soon as you rub it over a rough part of your foot it kicks in and starts grating off the accumulated, dried out, and dead skin. Try doing that with a cheese grater.

The proof that it works is seeing all of the powdery results left over inside the Ped Egg after it catches it.

Vince tries out the Ped Egg:

Final Ped Egg Review

Ped Egg definitely gets the job done and lives up to many of its claims. One of the things it doesn’t quite do perfectly is deal with all of the mess made. It doesn’t quite catch everything that comes off your feet, and the Ped Egg can split apart in your hands making just as much of a mess as if it didn’t catch anything at all.

By following up your Ped Egg treatment with the emery sheets they include, as well as with a high quality moisturizer you supply on your own, you’ll feel like you just got a professional pedicure.

Our Recommendation
If you suffer from a chronic case of dried out feet and your only option up until now has been to get them done by a professional, you should try out the Ped Egg and see if it’s a solution for you. By using the Ped Egg for the rough stuff and the included emery pads to polish things off, should have salon quality feet in no time.

What do you think? Does Ped Egg work or not?

29 Customer Reviews on “Does the Ped Egg Really Work?

  1. I purchased a new Ped Egg because I left my old one in a time share while on vacation. The new one is in the gold style and I am very disappointed in it. The old one never scraped too deep or hurt me. The first time I used this one it literally cut the bottom of my foot and the skin was so rough I had to use the emery board to smooth it. I hate it. I wish I had my old one back.

  2. Works great on my feet’s callus (doc said it’s plantar wart)
    I applied duct tape all day to the callus to soften it, then soaked foot in basin of water in afternoon for 15 min to soften it even more, then the wife ground off the callus. Painless and took about 5 days.
    You can also see how much dead skin is scraped off inside the Ped-egg => neat!

  3. Just got my Ped Egg for Christmas, 2017. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! 2 AA batteries and it has much more power than I figured it would. Thank You!

  4. I called your NJ office and ordered the Ped Egg item on the phone and gave the rep my credit card info, and as yet I did not receive this item,, It has been 3 weeks. Where is my item? 716 375 5994 New York

  5. Worst product ever – they save just keep grating until you reach smooth skin but I doesn’t say anything about going easy – took months for my right heel to heal – and its still not 100% – I will never try this product again.

  6. I have purchased the grater (blade)part of the Ped Egg two different times at two different stores and took them back because they are just are not as sharp as they used to be…. why?

  7. I LOVE this so much. In fact I do a 100x better job than an actual pedicure at a salon. My feel are so smooth and if you do every night before bed you can remove any cracked skin and make your feet baby smooth!

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