Does the Perfect Meatloaf Pan Really Work?

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Does the Perfect Meatloaf Pan really work?If you love meatloaf, but hate trying to serve it, then the makers of the Perfect Meatloaf Pan want your business. They know that you probably enjoy eating it, but they also know that there are parts about the process of making it that you don’t like, and they’ve tried to fix all of them in one swoop. So were they successful?

Meatloaf may be delicious but there’s no real good way to cook it without making it real greasy. If you use a traditional pan, the loaf just stews in its own juices and grease and ends up all crumbly, soggy, and underdone.

Most people like the taste of meatloaf, and busy moms like that it’s easy to make, doesn’t cost much, and feeds the whole family without a lot of preparation. But all of the complaints about making meatloaf really add up, and the Perfect Meatloaf Pan tries to hit all of them.

The Claim
By making a completely non-stick pan with an elevated tray they claim that you’ll have a grease-free, perfectly browned on all sides meatloaf that is easy to serve because the whole thing comes out of the pan, and lets you slide the loaf onto a serving tray.

You don’t have to stick to meatloaf with the Perfect Meatloaf Pan. They claim that you can cook things like pork loin and stuffed peppers. They also say that it’s dishwasher safe, but it’s made of a non-stick coating so we don’t recommend doing this. Running it under warm water and lightly washing it with a sponge or cloth is a great way to make sure that the non-stick coating lasts as long as it can.

The Hype
The hype is that all this fuss is about meatloaf. Yes, it’s good, but does it hold such a position in your life that it merits it’s own pan? If the answer is yes, then the hype is justified, and the idea is novel. It actually makes sense to lift your loaf out of all the fat and grease that accumulates when using traditional pans.

The Cost
They can’t charge too much for something like a meatloaf pan, or no one would buy it. It’s not like you can say Honey, I spent $50 on a meatloaf pan, without causing a domestic dispute. So they priced the Perfect Meatloaf Pan at the classic TV price of $19.95 plus shipping and handling of $7.95, so for less than $28 you can have it delivered to your door and be ready to go.

The Commitment
You have to commit yourself to making meatloaf on a regular basis, or stuffed peppers, or pork loin, if you want to get enough use out of the pan.

There’s not much to the pan, and they don’t really claim that it has a lot of moving parts, and killer apps. It’s your basic loaf pan but it has a tray that is inserted that keeps the loaf separate from the pan itself. So instead of fumbling trying to get the loaf out of the pan, or to serve directly from the pan, you just lift the whole thing out and put it on a plate where you can cut it up and serve it.

Be sure to follow all of the instructions included, but also make adjustments on your first few batches so that you make sure it cooks long enough and get it cooked the way your family likes. You may find that when you follow the directions it’s a little bit rare, or your over may run high and you find it’s a bit too well done for your liking. Soon you’ll get it right and you can simply replicate that process once you find it.

Does the Perfect Meatloaf Pan Really Work?

It does and it doesn’t. You probably won’t get it to look identical to the ones shown in the commercial. They probably use those little propane blowtorches to give it that perfectly browned look all the way around. It will keep your meatloaf out of the swimming pool of grease that a regular pan has. What’s left is a meatloaf that is still moist, as it does retain some of the juices, but the heavier fats drip out of the loaf and end up at the bottom of the pan.

Our Recommendation
If your family loves the meatloaf you currently make, they’re going to really enjoy what comes out of the Perfect Meatloaf Pan. It’s an ingenious design, don’t let the simplicity of the idea fool you. It may look like an ordinary loaf pan, but the magic is the inserted tray and it makes all the difference. Prepare to have a family of meatloaf fiends.

What do you think? Does the Perfect Meatloaf Pan really work?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does the Perfect Meatloaf Pan Really Work?

  1. My mom always likes to buy lean meat, but even so there is always grease that cooks off and stays in the bottom of the pan. My mom always drains the grease when she cooks ground beef in a pan, but you can’t really do that when you make a meatloaf. It just sits in the bottom of the pan. This would be a really nice product to have that would keep the gross grease away from the food while you cook. It would make your meatloaf healthier, less heavy in your stomach, and a nicer consistency. I would really like to look into this product. The only thing that deters me is that I don’t actually make meatloaf that often, but this would be really nice to have when I do make it. There’s a really good idea behind this.

  2. I love making meatloaf, but hate when it gets soggy or sticks to the pan. I sometimes use foil to make it easier to get out of the pan, but the product seems like a much better idea. I also love baking banana breads and other breads in my meatloaf pan, and this product seems like it would make pulling out the bread in one piece much easier.

    I have to say I agree with Cooky though that $28 is a lot for one meatloaf pan. Good to know I can get it on Amazon for cheaper!

  3. The Perfect Meatloaf pan really does work. Your meatloaf doesn’t cook in the greasy and comes out perfect without the meatloaf sticking to the sides of the pan. I use mine once a week at least. I love it. The pan is made of good materials so you’re not getting a cheap pan and it’s easy to clean when you’re done cooking. I paid twenty for mine at Walmart and I can’t say enough good things about mine. Anything that makes your cooking easier and the food taste better is a good deal to me and this is what the Perfect Meatloaf has done. Two thumbs up.

  4. I cannot say enough about the Meatloaf Pan. I use it often for meatloaf, peppers, and other meats. The obvious advantage is that your meat is NOT sitting in grease. It lifts out perfectly and cleans up very easily. It also is very well made and not a cheap light metal pan. I also used it for Fruitcake at Christmas and it lifted out in a second and was perfectly baked and brown. It can be used for other bread mixes. I absolutely love mine and I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

  5. Cooky: You can find a cheaper version on…that’s where I bought mine, and they have more reviews there too.

  6. Nice idea, but look at that price tag!
    My kids love my meatloaf, but no way could i justify spending that much on a glorified baking pan!
    I’d love to have one, but i don’t think i make enough meatloaf to spend the money on it… maybe i’ll have a look on Amazon or eBay for an alternative – surely these can’t be the only ones 🙂

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