Does Plenty of Fish Really Work?

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Does Plenty of Fish really worki?Plenty of Fish may not be as recognizable as its main competitors, but that’s because they rely mostly on word of mouth and don’t spend a fortune on advertising in the media. You might be wondering if it works as good as the other options online, because as they say you get what you pay for. So does is dating site break the mold, or reinforce this common saying?

There are only a few major players in the online dating industry, and Plenty of Fish is one of them. Their initial slogan was “put your credit card away”, indirect response to complaints made on other dating sites that charged in order for users to see other people’s profiles. These days they themselves offer a premium upgrade, but they still rely heavily on people signing up for free and interacting with their site on a daily basis.

The Claim
Plenty of Fish claims that you don’t need your credit card in order to sign up for their service. This differentiates them from their competitors like Match and eHarmony, where you have to pay a monthly fee in order to use all of the features.

They say have more dates set up, more relationships made, and more visits to their site than any other dating site online. Those are some big claims because most people are familiar with their competition, who advertise heavily on television and online. But Plenty of Fish has made a name for itself by being the no-cost alternative to the big boys, and it seems to be paying off.

The Hype
Online dating sites carry a bit of hype with them because they all claim to have been the reason why real life couples have gotten together. For those who have never met anyone online this seems sort of like a Bigfoot sighting. You’ve heard that it exists, but you never really seen it in real life. It makes sense that it could exist, but you have your doubts as to whether or not it could happen to you.

The Cost
Plenty of Fish is free and is supported by advertisements placed next to all of the features. This means it doesn’t cost anything to sign up, you can talk to all of your matches without paying, and you don’t have to upgrade your service in order to take full advantage of it. They do offer a premium service, which unlocks some additional features but is not necessary in order to get the full experience.

The Commitment
All dating sites require you to be committed if you want them to work, and Plenty of Fish is no different. In fact, you may have to be a little more committed to using this site and others. Since it’s free to use there are tons of users on it that are very serious about finding someone. This means you may have to sift through a lot more riffraff before you find quality users. It also means you should spend some extra time creating a nice portfolio for yourself set yourself apart from the thousands of others.

Plenty of Fish has been around for well over six years now, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. The site owners made a lot of press for making so much money from ads, and creating so many page views with all of the profiles being looked at. No one can argue that their site has a lot of activity, and activity is something that you want to see from a dating site. You want users to be engaging with the content, talking to each other, and using it the way it’s supposed to be used.

The interface is very simple, and always has been. Plenty of Fish does not rely on a lot of flashy graphics. They’re more about letting the profiles speak for themselves. You should definitely give their psychological profiler a chance, and see if it helps match you with other people that have similar lifestyles and interests. It’s a direct response to the eHarmony questionnaire, and they say it will give you a different look at yourself.

Final Plenty of Fish Review

Just because it doesn’t cost anything to use Plenty of Fish doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It provides the same sort of platform as its competitors, but instead of charging the users directly it gets its money from advertisements. It also has a matching system in place that was developed by the site owner so it’s not just a shot in the dark.

It is interesting to note that the site owner is actually making improvements to the site as it goes along. Many webmasters would be tempted to just sit back and collect the cash. By setting up a profile there you know that there’ll always be new features being added which will increase your chances at finding love.

Our Recommendation
If you’re serious about finding someone for a relationship, this is a great place to start especially if you don’t want to put up a cash investment to get started. If you want to hedge all of your bets it’s best to use all of the dating services out there to see what you can attract. A comprehensive system would involve using eHarmony to find a long-term relationship, Match to find a date for the weekend, and Plenty of Fish because you just never know where they might be hiding.

What do you think? Does Plenty of Fish work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does Plenty of Fish Really Work?

  1. Most of these women just seek attention and get their kicks from rejecting men. I believe they are not even seriously looking to meet someone, but really just seek validation/attention. There are some (very few) that are seriously looking to get off of the site, but over 90% just seek attention and need to feed their egos and boost self-esteem.

  2. The problem with all the free dating sites, POF included, is guys, by nature, want the good looking girls. The problem with that is only about 5-10% of the girls are good looking so ALL the guys on these dating sites are email these women. Think about it. Good looking girls get 10 – 50 emails every day on POF. It is pretty tough to stand out. That is why there is the software program Plenty Of Fish Fast

  3. Does POF work? If you are an attractive female, you may think, that by the numbers, it is heavenly. If you are a mediocre looking female, it is pretty good, you will gain attention. Join the hilarity.
    If you are a tall male that can give the impression that you do have or just might have, outstanding earning power, you should get plenty of activity.
    NOW, if you are average height. or possibly, I dare say, a shorter male, you will be treated like you have the plague . Older women may message you or the cheesy, low information aspect, known as “Want to meet you,” may also bring to a male ladies 3-15 yrs. older than you are. NO good, (didn’t think so)
    The ladies use similar cliches in their heading, “Looking for Good Man” “Looking for Mr. Right” etc. they only seek the elite good looking men that they are all entitled to have, every one of them. Your character or sense of integrity & sincerity are meaningless here. I met a few of these women, but hardly worth the effort of writing well crafted, carefully written intro. messages, as you will most likely be ignored. Some are professional dating site queens, on the site for 3 years are more, happily rejecting men & boasting to their peers about it.
    In my 64 years, I have met lovely , honest women for the most part in my life. On POF, I have been ignored or ill treated by snotty, stuck up clowns, who are not funny but pathetic examples of humanity.
    So guys, either you have the external trimmings of height , wealth, & know how to be condescending, as that what success must look like on this hell hole of a dating site.
    Ladiies: jin the fun of being a jerk on this site, you will have never had it so good in terms of gaining attention & seeing men grovel.

  4. Plenty Of Fish seems like a decent enough website to meet someone and sometimes there are better services on cheaper or free dating sites. I do love that you don’t have to pay to meet that special someone but other times you do get what you don’t pay for too. So you have to be very careful. Especially since romance scammers have be known to use these sites with fake profiles, stolen photos, and very poorly written profiles. Usually one red flag is when they use: “by name” in their profiles. I’m sure if you sift through the bad profiles, I’m sure you can find someone worth meeting on there.

  5. I don’t use Plenty of Fish or anything but I just wish that I was the one who came up with this idea and this clever name for the website. They guy behind this website provides a great service to people and also made a fortune with this business idea.

    As a webmaster, I respect I have a lot of respect for someone that starts a project like this from scratch help people finding love and makes a tonne of cash in the process. One day I would like to meet the creator to pick his brain about how he went about creating something so amazing from a business perspective.

  6. I always say you get what you pay for and that’s what I found with plenty of fish. I don’t like the idea of paying for dating sites either, but I have seen that you meet more quality people that way. People are willing to go that extra mile to hopefully find a quality date. My experience on plenty of fish lasted about a week and I had to get off. I got approached by a lot of men, none of which who were really serious about trying to build a friendship, they were more looking for “benefits”. I will stick to Match.

  7. I’ve been on Plenty of Fish for about two months and so far have nothing but positive things to say. I haven’t been actively looking to find or get into a relationship and liken myself to one who is looking to meet new people. POF’s matching capabilities have been very satisfactory as I’m often paired with people with like interests and have had much success striking up introductory conversations. You’re able to narrow your search to people in your area so I’ve already had the opportunity to meet with several new people. Overall, I’m spending more and more time checking messages, new connections, etc. It’s taking more and more of my time away from other social sites.

  8. I am on there now because I refuse to pay to get a date. I work from home and well as i have time to meet people, I never seem to get approached nor do I see many worth approaching mainly because I live in South Florida and most are retirees, I am only 44 and I don’t fancy bars much. Downtown Hollywood is not the scene for me so you know. I met only one I dated and it fizzled on POF nine months ago and since its free I figured why not try it again. Only into it a few days again so we will see what happens. I am in no rush and gotta go through the creepy guy bunch first.

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