Does Roomorama Really Work?

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Does Roomorama Work?Finding the right accommodation when away from home is not an easy task, but perhaps Roomorama can put an end to all of that.

Roomorama gives travelers an alternative to having to spend their time away from home in conventional Hotels. Instead travelers can opt to stay in short stay apartments. The service is available in many parts of the world. You simply need to go to the Roomorama site then browse the properties available in your destination area and choose the one that appeals to you. The host will then confirm if the property is available for your required dates. Then you submit your payment to reserve it.

The Claim
The Company claims they have at least 300,000 short stay properties to choose from. The hosts of the properties are verified hosts and ones that can be trusted.

The Hype
The hype basically focuses around the opportunity to stay in a home away from home. Frequent business travelers often get tired of Hotel living and this is a wonderful alternative. It is a convenient booking system for a place to stay.

The Cost
The cost can vary depending on the country, city and actual location, as well as the size of the accommodation. An apartment for example, could be $40. per night.

The Commitment
You really have to do your research here, and create some level of trust. Basically Roomorama is just the middle man and has no control over the proposed accommodations. It really is a “renter beware” type of attitude you have to form. While there are good descriptions and images available for the rentable accommodations, there are no guarantees that is what you are going to get when you arrive. The renter does not receive their money from Roomorama until you provide the renter with a six digit code which is confirmation that you have accepted the accommodation.

This really is a good idea, and there are plenty of opportunities in many different countries for short term rentals, although not too many of them will accommodate one night stays. They usually want a commitment for a three night stay. You really want to have a good list of questions to ask. There is such a wide selection to choose from that range from houses to homes that are short term renting single rooms.

Final Roomorama Review

We’re going to give the Roomorama a try/buy. It has a lot of good features about it, and the site is well laid out with lots of information. It is not the only business entity that is offering this type of service. One thing you definitely want to do is find out if your room is being advertised elsewhere at a lower rate. This is particularly true with serviced apartments.

Our Recommendation
This type of accommodation really can be far more beneficial and enjoyable if you have grown tired of standard hotel accommodations. Also, if you have a family then many times hotel stays are not all that convenient. The best thing to do is try this accommodation once or twice and see if it is more preferable to you. It is a new way of staying away from home, not just for the business traveler but vacationers as well. Another option when it comes to saving money on travel and accommodations is to look into a service like Priceline.

What do you think? Does Roomorama work or not?

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