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Does SmartMouth work?SmartMouth is a mouthwash that claims to be able to freshen your breath up to 12 hours. While at first this sounds great, there are a few things to consider about having permanently fresh breath, the first of which is whether or not it actually works.

Fresh breath. It comes in handy when you’re up close and personal, but can also play a part in office dynamics, and is just nice to have at most times. You can try chewing gum or keeping breath mints handy, but that’s not very convenient, and sometimes it’s just not feasible. Mouthwash has been around for decades, but only provides temporary and fleeting salvation of what’s clinically known as halitosis.

The Claim
The claim that will get most people to at least give SmartMouth a try is that you will have minty fresh breath for a solid 12 hours. This means that you’d be covered throughout the day, and all night so you don’t wake up with the dreaded morning breath. It’s pretty much a set-and-forget answer to bad breath, and one that would let you leave the gum and mints at home.

They claim that they were able to prove the effectiveness of their product to the BBB, and that after sending them the clinical evidence that it works the BBB confirmed that it does in fact do what it claims to. Whatever your thoughts are about the Better Business Bureau, it does seem like their claim has more clout by being verified rather than simply being stated.

The Hype
Bad breath doesn’t need any hype, because it’s a somewhat universal problem that most would be happy to solve. There are tons of toothpastes and mouthwash varieties, each trying its best to help with the problem of halitosis. The 12 hour claim is all the hype this needs, since most mouthwash available only works for an hour, maybe a bit more, even if it says it does.

The Cost
Smartmouth is definitely more expensive than most of the mouthwashes out there. A one month supply is $22 at Amazon. Compare that to a 32 ounce bottle of Listerine for $7 and it’s clear that it’s not cheap to have your breath as fresh as can be all day.

The Commitment
They say that you use this just as much as you’d use any mouthwash you’re probably already used to. Just brush your teeth and use this afterward in the morning and they say you’re covered all day. Use it again at night and they say you can avoid morning breath. That’s it, just twice a day and you’re supposed to have fresh breath 24/7.

The feedback on SmartMouth is pretty convincing, with it almost unanimous that this works well and despite the high price point is still a good deal. It’s nice that they don’t use alcohol in this, so you won’t get that burning sensation that you do with brands like Listerine. One thing to note is that they don’t make many claims, if any at all, as to this fighting germs or bacteria, and only trump up it’s odor killing properties.

You have to mix a solution from two different bottles each time you use this. This is so the active ingredients can mingle together right before being swished around in your mouth. It’s their reaction that causes the magic to happen, so it’s important to keep them separated until right before using it.

One thing to consider is that perhaps you don’t want to have minty breath all of the time. Does it interfere with the food that you eat at lunch and dinner, giving it a minty overtone? Also, there are reports that it doesn’t last for the full time for some users, and it’s been noted that some foods are able to overpower it and come through, think the worst offenders like garlic and onions.

Final SmartMouth Review

We’re giving SmartMouth the Solid Try rating. It’s hard to ignore the positive feedback it gets, and it makes sense that a couple of halitosis experts have cracked the code on this one. There are a few naysayers that say it didn’t work for them, but the overall majority definitely think the benefits are worth the higher cost.

Our Recommendation
If you can look past the price this is worth having around, maybe not for daily use, but on days when it’s vital that your breath smell great, like on an interview or a first date. For daily use it’s not very practical, as few could justify spending $44 a month on mouthwash. But if your career relies on close contact with others and you’ve been told that you have a problem in this area, it may be worth it to fix it once and for all and not have to worry about it.

What do you think? Does SmartMouth work or not?

739 Customer Reviews on “Does SmartMouth Really Work?

  1. Laura I bought this to try. I bought the tooth paste and mouthwash. I got the mouthwash at Walmart for 6.00.It was a 16 Oz bottle and has lasted me well over 2 weeks. Thought you might want to know where you can buy it cheaper. So far, I am glad i tried them.

  2. Oh man, lighten up. It may be a harsh commercial, but it stresses how awful bad breath is. Thicken your skin.

  3. I found that if you take the plastic spout/pouring cap off.. it pours a lot better! So try pouring it without that piece.

  4. this product works for me but the pouring container is flawed. it does not pour equal amounts. a waste of money in my opinion. ill buy it again when the pouring is improved. my second bottle of this hoping the first one was a manufacturing mistake…but no.


  5. I am 60 years old and have been suffering from bad breath sine I was 15. 60-15 equals 45 years of bad breath. I have a very personal job in which I talk to others all day, I also teach on this job. I’ve noticed when I meet someone for the first time how they would step back when I would shake there hand and say hello. Now you are the person with the bad breath. My husband would tell me almost everyday (your breath is smelling today). I’ve prayed for solutions, I’ve chewed every gum known to man, gone to the dentist,used all mouth washes out there and nothing has worked. Until on day I over heard a conversation between a dentist and her friend (while sitting in a restaurant) they were talking about a product that helped with bad breath and since I was plagued with this disease my ears perked up. To embarrassed to ask question plus I was eavesdropping, I listened intensely to try and help myself.The conversation was about an expensive product with zinc,I didn’t hear the name of the product but I heard enough information to look it up on the web. I did not find it until about 3 months later while in Walmart looking at the mouthwash products ( in which I had tried a lot of them ) and saw a new product that had the ingredient Zinc. So, I immediately placed it in my basket to try out, too much of my amazement it worked. As I drove my husband to work the next morning he said nothing about my breathe so I asked him how was my breathe this morning he said” I don’t smell anything”. After dropping him off at work I thought let me see the reactions on the faces of my fellow workers. The one person I had to talk to that morning called me into her office and I could see her bracing her self for my breath as she sat back in her chair when I needed to answer the question she asked me. But when I opened my mouth to speak she had a shock look on her face as if to say, “what happened to her bad breath” It was magic to see. Thank you for this wonderful product, I hope it continues to work for me and others like me. Smart Mouth for dry mouth is the name of the product.

  6. So what now? Just started and only heard good things…glad to come across yours…been frustrating trying to figure and get rid of this…have you started using anything else?

  7. Great that people say it works but they should consider revamping their commercials. I cringe every time it comes on when watching with a family member who suffers from Halitosis. Their use of the girl who comments that bad breath is “Gross!” Is pretty insensitive considering it’s a problem that’s embarrassing in the first place.

  8. I am disappointed in this product. I have been told that I still have bad breath, even after a week of using the product 2x a day. I do believe it is working for some people that have had positive results. I am not one of them.

  9. It works, it works, it works! I love it. I have always been very conscious of my breath. I have tried everything. This stuff is great. It does what they say it’s going to do. A bit expensive, but worth it.

  10. It really, really works ! Just bought it two days ago and am sold on it. Shop around for price…

  11. I like the smart mouth dual solution breath rinse but one side always runs out before the other. Sometimes it is the water sometimes it is the solution. Recently, the openings have gotten larger. There has to be a better way to package. Can they not be combined in a single solution?

  12. Today is the fourth day that I have been using this product, it really works I suffered from bad breath caused by gum disease that will never go away even after visiting dentist and getting cleaning by hygienist I spent 3 years to solve my bad breath problem wish I found out about this product long time. After only 4 days I can speak to people with no worries that my breath is killing them 🙂 I suggest everyone that is struggling with bad breath to try this your life will be so much better thank you to who ever invented this product. The only problem with this product is that my taste has changed food and water taste different but my breath doesn’t smell overall it’s worth it

  13. I tried smartmouth was skeptical of trying it because of the price and wasn’t sure if it really worked believe me I have never had anything work so good before in my life I will always use this I give them 10 Stars

  14. I would say also perhaps have a check up with your primary doc. Sudden changes like bad breath can be caused by another health issue. Also sometimes meds you may be taking can cause it as well.

  15. Thank you so much for this review. I have been using this mouthwash for about 4 days and have noticed things tasted different…especially water. I thought it was just me. I’ll keep using it though, because I think it is working. 🙂

  16. I have suffered from Herpes Simplex 1 (cancer sores) on my throat and tongue for over 35 years, which can debilitate me for days. In the last few years, I had been having a new outbreak every week. I started using Smart Mouth for bad breath about 3 months ago, and my life has been changed forever. The sores have stopped just like that! Smart Mouth is a miracle. Oh yeah, it also gives me fresh breath all day and night!

  17. Excellent product, however, the original version consisting of 2 SEPARATE BOTTLES was much easier to use than new 1 bottle squeeze together version, because the control flow doesn’t work 50/50 like it should. It’s either too much of 1 side & not enough of the other.

  18. im absolutely amazed at this product. ive suffered with toxic breath all my life and just when i had given up hope i literally found this product. neutral fresh breath all day. no hiding no anxiety no worrying i stink anymore. im even breathing in peoples faces. i love love love this product. best around and will never use anything else ever again

  19. just started using smart mouth and I like the results. it seems to do what it claims it will continue to use and add another comment in a month or so……

  20. Yes, it does work for killing bad breath, but, it leaves a sort of film in my mouth that changes the flavors of food. Not in a good way either. If you’ve ever used zinc products, like Zi-cam, you’ll know what I mean. It leaves that same aftertaste in your mouth and changes flavors of foods and drinks – even water. I love that it works on bad breath, but the price needs to come down. I’m thinking the packaging with 2 separate ingredients is causing the expense.

  21. Yes, it works. However, I also use another in addition since the retirement community I moved to does not have flouride in the water supply, and Smart Mouth does not contain flouride. It is only to control bad breath, and it does an excellent job.

  22. Hi just a suggestion to have a checkup with an ENT. Both my kids developed horrible, noxious, unsolvable breath stink problems (at different times) and it turned out they had something called ‘cryptic tonsils,’ which causes food particles to lodge in little pits and grooves in the tonsils and ROT. So gross. They both had to have their tonsils out, but it was definitely worth it.

  23. Heard about this on the Joe Madison Satellite Radio show. Went straight to Walgreen’s to purchase it. Haven’t had bad breath since. Not even morning breath (Crazy!!), according to my wife….

    It really works, even after eating I find my breath stays fresher. (If I can’t brush, I just rinse my mouth with water.)
    Regarding the concern of it staying minty and ruining the flavor of food, the mint taste fades after a while, but your breath stays completely neutral.

    I buy it at CVS for about $14/ bottle. And I’ve learned that I can use about 1/3 amount of product than what they suggest. Making this expensive product go much further.

    TRY IT.

  25. my name is Irene I’ve been using smart mouthwash for about three years it has eliminate imy bad breath and I also have eliminated the plaque on my teeth i’ve never seen a product that has guaranteed and done exactly what it says I use the smart mouth wash religiously and I tell everyone that I come in contact with every day all about it this is a great product I am 100% behind you guys because you have done an awesome job thank you smart mouth wash..and I should thank the dentist Dr. Lysdale
    For telling me about smart mouth wash great job

  26. Starting in January of 2015, I started getting bad breath problems. My husband said “all these years of marriage and you hardly ever had bad breath, but now you have it all the time” I tried an expensive body cleanse thinking that would do it. No. I tried all the things to mask it, but they didn’t work. I would even have bad breath while chewing the strongest of gum or rinsing with strong mouthwash. This went on for 7 months, until I discovered this product. I was doubtful, but now I am amazed! My husband hasn’t complained about my breath since. It truly works. I’m about 2/3 through the bottles and I plan to buy more when I run out. I highly recommend this product!

  27. I’m very unimpressed with this review. You couldn’t take the time to try it yourself? So your website should be called You don’t DO anything, just read other’s reviews. Of course most are going to be positive, most reviews are fake on the internet.

  28. It’s hard to imagine that a mouthwash could keep your breath fresh even after eating, but if it’s getting good user reviews, then I’m not gonna argue with that. You know 22 dollars is awful expensive for a mouth wash.. I’ll give it a try but I’ll be really bummed out if it ends up being a bust.

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