Does Snag a Job Really Work?

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Does snag a job really work?Snag a Job is a growing online jobs directory and search engine that is caters more towards blue-collar work paid by the hour, rather than office work paid on a salary. But can it really provide the sort of exposure you need in today’s economy? And behind all of the claims and promotions made, will you be able to find a job using their service?

big job directories like Monster and HotJobs are filled with plenty of fake job listings, work-at-home scams, middle to upper-level management positions, and executive jobs. For many, the sort of jobs just aren’t appealing, or they’re not qualified for them. Snag a Job positioned itself in the beginning as the alternative to the sort of job directories. Nowadays, you can find almost any sort of job listed there, but that’s how they got their start.

The Claim
Like all job boards the promise from Snag a Job is that you’ll be able to get your name out there to more companies, get more interviews, and increase your chances of getting hired. Their slogan is “the dream begins with the right job”. The underlying assumption here is that Snag a Job will get you closer to that dream. They showcase testimonials from satisfied users that claim to have gotten interviews in under a week by using the service.

The Hype
Anyone that doesn’t have a job and wants one will always get excited about a service that caters to their specific job qualifications. It can be frustrating seeing job after job that you’re not qualified for, and thinking that there’s nothing out there available for you. With the advanced search metrics available at Snag a Job, it’s easy to drill down and filter out jobs that don’t apply to you, so that you can apply to jobs that you stand a chance of getting.

The Cost
It’s free for the user to browse jobs at Snag a Job, and they make their money from charging employers fees for listing their available jobs. That’s why it only makes sense to fill out a profile, and put your best foot forward so that employers can make their decision. Employers don’t want to pay fees to list jobs, and then not have the position filled through those avenues. They have a vested interest to look at your profile, read your resume, and determine whether you’re a fit for the company, or at least whether they want to give you an interview.

Of course it’s important to also realize that there is value in having you as a member of the site, even though you can sign up for free. Just look at Facebook and their hundreds of millions of users, which gives them their multi-billion dollar value.

The Commitment
You have to set yourself apart from the other applicants that are at Snag a Job. This means filling out your profile completely, uploading an impeccable resume, in conducting yourself in a professional manner with all the communication you do with potential employers.

If you just sign out, but don’t completely fill out your profile, you look like you don’t stick with tasks, or that you’re unreliable. You have to stay committed, and see the process through to the end goal, which of course is getting a job.

While Snag a Job may not be exactly the way it was when it first came out, they have grown to encompass all sorts of jobs. They stayed true to their roots though, and you can still find many jobs listed there that you won’t find at other websites. The tools they provide are pretty standard for job websites like these. You can upload a resume, or create one using their software, you can fill out your profile and add some descriptive text to try to attract the attention of employers.

We’d still like to see a job directory come out that filters out the scams like work at home gigs. But aside from that, we’re pretty impressed with the Snag a Job interface, and the resounding feedback from users is that this is one website that walks the walk.

Final Snag a Job Review

Snag a Job definitely works, but you have to work it. It’s always easy to find negative reviews of job websites because there is a large area for user error. People could sign up, not use the service to its full potential, and complain that it doesn’t work. Then there are those that sign up, complete all the necessary steps, and present themselves in the best light. Those are the people that get the jobs, and usually don’t come back to report on their success.

But the system is sound, and the jobs are plentiful once you get signed up. From there it’s just a matter of finding the job in your area that you’re qualified for, and that has the hours that you want. You’ll definitely find a different mix of jobs here than you do at other sites like Monster and HotJobs, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Our Recommendation
If you’re unemployed, definitely get on board with Snag a Job. It’s always free for you as the job seeker, and as they suggest you should always keep your information current as to avoid any potential mix-ups with employers over when you can start, or where you’re located.

What do you think? Does Snag a Job work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Snag a Job Really Work?

  1. Snag a job is great. My daughter was unemployed and searching everywhere for jobs, then done a search and Snag a job came up on the search. She was able to land a job within a week using snag a job. It doesn’t cost anything and you can define the search to the exact location and career you are looking for. If you are unemployed, then give them a try. There are many jobs posted there that are not posted anywhere else.

  2. Wow – this is the first time I’ve heard of this site. I definitely need to check it out. I’ll be completing my master’s in December, hopefully, so I’m starting to think about the whole job hunt thing (ugh!). I totally agree with you about huge sites such as Monster being filled with a lot of useless fake jobs.

    If you post your resume on Snag a Job, is it viewable to the public, or just employers who’ve listed jobs? I’m a private person, and I don’t like people being able to Google me and get all kinds of personal information.

  3. I’m currently unemployed and whilst i’ve not yet had any luck getting a job i must say that snag a job has probably been the best site i’ve found.
    It seems to have more jobs that i’m looking for than the others.
    It is also a lot easier to navigate and actually find real decent jobs instead of the rubbish you find elsewhere.
    Hopefully with the help of this site i won’t be looking for much longer 🙂

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