Does the Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap Really Work?

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Does Stretch-tite Wrap'N Snap work?The Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap is an all-in-one plastic wrap dispenser that is supposed to free you from the hassles of pulling off and cutting a sheet of plastic wrap. Great idea if it actually works, so let’s see what the verdict is.

Overview of the Problem
Saran wrap and plastic wrap has earned a reputation for being hard to handle, and the boxes and even lead to pretty good cuts when you’re trying to tear off a sheet of wrap. With the latest shift being towards food storage containers, less attention is being given to the old standby of plastic wrap, but when it’s done right it’s truly a versatile solution that can tackle many jobs in the kitchen.

Once plastic wrap manufacturers realized that people were fed up with wrap that clings so much it’s hard to use, they dialed it back a bit and now you’ll find many wraps out there won’t cling to anything. They also played with the boxes and tried to come up with ways to cut the wrap that solved the problem of a sharp cutting surface, and tugging on the wrap to get it to come off.

The Claim
The makers of the Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap say that it is easy to use, and when you have to change out rolls that’s easy too. They say that the big draw here is the snapping action for the cutting. You don’t have to wrestle with an unruly sheet of wrap, you just pop the top and it comes off in a snap.

The Appeal
A product like this will appeal to anyone that has cut themselves using a plastic wrap box, or that’s struggled and made a mess of things, potentially even ruining food by dropping a dish or improperly wrapping it and having it go bad in the fridge. If you’re concerned about wasting money on food gone bad, you’ll appreciate the extra clinginess of the wrap this uses, and its ability to hold strong and keep foods fresh.

The Cost
The Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap is $28 at Amazon and includes shipping. Compared to other units that make the same sort of claim, it’s right on point with the price. Considering that it’s just a one-off purchase and you’ll just refill it with new rolls going forward it seems reasonable. You’ll need to use Stretch-tite brand wrap with it, which is not a big deal because it’s also got off-the-chart ratings and basically performs the way you expect ideal plastic wrap would.

The Commitment
This is designed to save you time and hassle while you’re wrapping up leftovers or other foods in the kitchen. Often it can be quite a chore to put away the leftovers after dinner, especially if you have to go digging for a container, or you’re using an ordinary box of plastic wrap. Taking away this burden would make the process go a lot smoother, and you could have things all wrapped up and put away in no time.

The Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap is a big hit with users who say that it works perfectly and with very few complaints. Some of the things they say about it is that it’s easy to clean, that it cuts the wrap very easily with just a press, and they like how it sets up the next sheet so you don’t have to fumble with it. People love the Stretch-tite wrap so much, even when it’s not used in the Wrap’N Snap that when you put the two together it creates the perfect wrapping tool and apparently you’ll wonder how you got along without it.

Similar features to Wraptastic:

We recently reviewed the Wraptastic system and when you compare the two together it’s easy to see that one is well made and the other isn’t. One gets panned by users, and the other gets applauded. It just goes to show that similar concepts can take different paths during the manufacturing and execution phases.

Final Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap Review

The Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap gets our Thumbs Up rating. It solves the problem of plastic wrap and has proven itself in the real world. It’s recommended that you use the Streth-tite wrap with it for best results, as it’s a cut above most of the other commercially available wraps. It seems the Stretch-tite company is humbly reinventing the way we think about plastic wrap, and is winning over fans along the way.

Our Recommendation
This deserves a place in your kitchen, and you’ll no doubt start using more wrap than you ever thought you would before. This is because when you remove the hassle from the equation plastic wrap is a superior choice in many situations. It’s fast, easy, and does the job right without having to find a container that fits the food you’re trying to wrap up.

What do you think? Does the Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap work or not?

29 Customer Reviews on “Does the Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap Really Work?

  1. I really like this plastic dispenser but now I ran out of plastic wrap and can’t find refills for it.
    Any suggestions where to buy a refill?

  2. I have no doubt that it works if only someone can tell me how to get the roll into the dispenser.
    Call me stupid but I usually am not. I don’t want to break it in the process of tyring to insert the roll.

  3. Immaculate and Infinite, Holy Plastic Wrap Roll

    In the first year after the divorce, 2010, the boys and I had a Costco membership. Sometime during that year we bought a double pack of Kirkland’s Stretch-tite Wrap’N Snap 7500. Over the years we became amazed by how long that first box was lasting. It became a running family joke that we had the Immaculate and Infinite, Holy Plastic Wrap Roll. If Hanukkah honors the miracle of having only enough untainted olive oil for a single day, but God stretched it to eight nights and kept the menorah’s candles burning, then we must have something going with this cling wrap roll. Even Nonie was amazed. This Thanksgiving, Nonie became a little worried because she thought she could see the end of the roll. Refusing to be the person to reach the end of the infinite, she would not put leftovers away. Yet, the roll endured. This morning, I made some tuna salad. After eating some for lunch, I rapped the bowl and put the Salad in the fridge. Unfortunately, after eight years, the end of the infinite came to pass. We had a moment of silence to acknowledge this miraculous event; then, we opened the second roll. We believe that some time in 2026 we’ll have to buy some more cling wrap. In the mean time, I desire that the telling of this little miracle might help booster hope for some folks. This ends the story of the Immaculate and Infinite, Holy Plastic Wrap Roll.

  4. Does the dispenser stay on the counter top when you pull the wrap out? I have a Wraptastic and we have to hold it down. Thanks!

  5. I actually bought one recently and it works fine. I just leave it out all the time, which works well for me as I don’t have a ‘designed’ kitchen, so I can leave it out all the time and it doesn’t look out of place. This might be a problem for some people, as, although it’s not horrible looking, it certainly hasn’t been designed for a pleasing aesthetic. So if you’re going to be getting it out of a cupboard whenever you want to use it, then I feel like it’s kind of defeating the point. However, leave it out, and it works a treat.

  6. Haha That’s a funny point, Celia. I bet the annoyance alone of messing with a wad of plastic wrap would be worth it. Saran Wrap is really useful in the kitchen but annoying when you just can’t get it out of the container right. I can see why people would love this, especially someone who maybe has arthritis, and has a hard time manipulating materials.

    For me, personally, I think it’s a little too much money for what it is. I wouldn’t buy it, just because I’m a poor college student. I can definitely see a market for this, though. A family who makes a lot of leftovers, or an older couple who want to make it easier to use plastic wrap. I think it’s a great idea, just for a smaller audience than other products.

  7. If you think about the amount of perfectly good plastic wrap we probably waste on a yearly basis by messing them up while cutting, spending 30 bucks on an efficient cutter is a pretty good idea. It’s good for the environment and on top of that you save yourself from the occasional hassle. As far as saving money I don’t think you’ll benefit much over your lifetime :D, but all in all it looks like a solid product.

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