Does Super Beta Prostate Really Work?

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Does Super Beta Prostate really work?Getting up multiple times at night and barely making it to the toilet can be a real drag, and Super Beta Prostate promises some relief. Few who suffer from the effects of an aging prostate can argue that there needs to be some sort of fix for this problem, but as of yet there hasn’t been a clear winner in the prostate supplement arena. So is Super Beta Prostate worth it, and will it provide enough benefit to stay on with it month after month?

The prostate is something that we usually don’t give a lot of thought to until there’s a problem with it, or until we have to do our annual checkup and the doctor goes for the rubber gloves. But keeping your prostate healthy is important, and doesn’t need to require 24 hours a day diligence. As well as keeping a proper diet and getting exercise, you can also feed your prostate with vitamins and nutrients that it needs in order to function properly.

The Claim
They don’t claim to cure or prevent prostate cancer. They only say that you can expect to see improvement in your urine flow, that it’s made with all-natural ingredients, and that it supports a healthy prostate. They say that it’s the Beta-sitosterol in their product that does most of the heavy lifting, and that it is a super-concentrated form of saw palmetto berries, which have been used for a long time in the treating of prostate trouble.

They also claim to have sold over 2 million bottles, and that they receive positive feedback every day. These claims will have to go unproven, as there’s just no good way to verify them.

The Hype
The hype comes from so many guys thinking that this is going to fix their prostate troubles once and for all. In our medically-based society we expect most of our ailments to be able to be cured by popping pills specifically designed for them. Big pharmaceutical companies are always debuting the latest miracle pill, and now smaller-sized herbal remedy companies are popping up with all-natural alternatives without the need for FDA approval. It’s just all a lot of hoopla.

The Cost
One bottle of Super Beta Prostate will last you one month and cost you $33, but you can get it cheaper by buying in bulk. A three month supply will set you back $66 or just $22 a month, a pretty considerable savings. They also offer additional savings if you get it auto-shipped in quarterly intervals by giving you free shipping.

The Commitment
Just take it daily. That’s the only commitment, although you should couple it with healthy eating, proper hydration, and regular exercise. That will give you more of an all around approach to taking care of your prostate.

What Men Are Saying
The reviews are mixed on this product, as you’d expect them to be. With something as uniquely personal as prostate health, no two guys will react and respond the same way to it. It’s so subjective. What one man might say is poor urinary performance, another might consider normal. Also, there are some that will be optimistic and look for any signs that it is working. There will be just as many that are skeptical, and even pessimistic, that will hold it under the microscope and disregard anything other than a complete turnaround.

What’s missing is an unbiased evaluation from a representative from the medical community on whether the ingredients listed would have a positive effect on the prostate. Until then it’s really just the blind leading the blind, and there are just as many guys out there saying it worked as those that are saying it doesn’t, and they’re all from verified purchases so it’s hard to say which group is right.

Final Super Beta Prostate Review

Since there’s no inherent danger in taking Super Beta Prostate, it doesn’t hurt to try it out and see for yourself what happens. It could end up that you’re on the side of men that say it worked, and you’ll appreciate that you tried it for the relief of the symptoms. If you end up on the side that say it doesn’t work, then you’re only out the price of one month and you can continue your search for a cure.

Our Recommendation
Definitely get your doctor’s OK on whichever plan you choose. If you haven’t been properly diagnosed as having an enlarged prostate, you should get checked out first to make sure that you’re treating the right problem and that it’s not something more serious. After getting a health check up, it’s not a bad idea to take supplements in order to help your prostate. It’s all part of an overall healthy lifestyle, and this is an important gland that can work well for years and years if taken care of properly.

Official Website: Super Beta Prostate

What do you think? Does Super Beta Prostate work or not?

47 Customer Reviews on “Does Super Beta Prostate Really Work?

  1. Read reviews/complaints on the Internet before purchasing. After doing so, I will stay away from this company. Similar products can be purchased from reputable supplement companies.

  2. Thanks for this post. 🙂

    I’m going to look into this for my Dad. He doesn’t have anything serious but wants to keep his prostate in check. This might be the right choice. It’s natural which is important above all.

    Prevention is always best and promoting good functioning of the prostate is important, especially for those that have a history of problems.

    I’m not sure how effective Super Beta Prostate is but it’s worth a try… anyone tried it before or have
    any experiences to share?

  3. I have a family history of prostate problems and so a product like this is a no-brainer for me. I’ve been taking it for just under a year now as i’m approaching middle age and firmly hope that it is going to keep my prostate strong.

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