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Does Tag Away work?If you’ve got skin tags you want to get rid of, you’ve probably stumbled upon Tag Away as a possible fix. You might have even seen it advertised on TV, which makes it one of the only remedies for skin tags that has a television promo. But can an essential oil like this really work on removing skin tags, even if it does take 3 to 8 weeks?

Skin tags are known to pop up just about anywhere on the body, and are benign and nothing to worry about. Because of this they can be left alone, but if they are in a place that is easily noticeable, you probably don’t want to keep them around. Some people say you can just “grip ’em and rip ’em” but this is not the preferred method of removal. If you go to the dermatologist they are probably going to burn them off, freeze them off, or cut them off. This is why rubbing an oil on them daily for a few weeks sounds like a better option.

The Claim
Tag Away says that it is all-natural and homeopathic, and that it won’t leave a scar behind. They say it’s painless, and doesn’t contain any chemicals. They claim it works on all types of skin, and your skin tag just dries up and falls off in time. They say the timeline for this is 3-8 weeks, and that they won’t grow back once they’re removed. They also say that the results are guaranteed, and that you can return it for a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

The Hype
Skin tags are a pretty common affliction, and many people are keen to get rid of theirs. Since going to the dermatologist for something as innocuous as a skin tag seems a little excessive, most people want an at-home remedy that they can use in the comfort and privacy of their home, that doesn’t produce a scar, doesn’t hurt, and doesn’t cost a small fortune. This seems to be hitting all of those targets and so it’s going to get a lot of interested parties inquiring about it.

The Cost
Tag Away is $30 delivered to your door and gets you two bottles of it. The thing about skin tags is that if you’ve got one, you’ve probably got another one, and they can keep popping up as you go through life. Keeping a supply of this on hand is a good way to vanquish them as they occur so you don’t have to bother with them again and again. When you compare this cost to getting them taken off by a doctor, it’s not very bad at all. A lot of health insurance policies won’t cover this, claiming that it’s just a cosmetic procedure.

The Commitment
Applying this daily for 3 to 8 weeks seems like a pretty long time for something as small as a skin tag. Since this is an outpatient procedure at your local dermatologist, you could have your skin tags removed in an hour or less. So you definitely have to commit to using this, and not missing any applications, following the included directions to the letter. The trade off is that you don’t have to go to the doctor and you don’t have to pay their prices for such a simple procedure.

Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal

We like that Tag Away is painless, and involves slowly removing it so it doesn’t leave a scar behind. It wouldn’t make much sense if you removed it only to have a scar left behind that is just as visible, or maybe even more noticeable. Since skin tags don’t usually grow back in the same place you can usually get this solved the first time and once and for all. There’s really no way to prevent yourself from getting new ones in other places, and if you’ve got one that means you’re prone to getting them. It’s good to have a system in place for new ones as they develop.

Final Tag Away Review

Tag Away is getting our Solid Try rating, because frankly there aren’t a lot of better alternatives out there that are doing as good of a job. If you’ve resolved yourself to taking care of this on your own you only have so many ways to go about it, and using an oil of this nature is a great option that should fit all of your criteria. Just be sure to use it long enough to get the desired results.

Our Recommendation
It’s not a bad price for something like this and it’s better to go with an established company that is offering a guarantee than a shady company that isn’t. There are a lot of different wart removal products and skin tag products out there, but they are offered by companies that you wouldn’t want to give your credit card info to.

Official Website: Tag Away

UPDATE: While the effectiveness of Tag Away may be in question, Dermatend has been a proven, highly recommended skin tag remover for years.

What do you think? Does Tag Away work or not?

395 Customer Reviews on “Does Tag Away Really Work?

  1. It’s not that bad. You can bear with the irritation well. I found out, that pain was the skin tag drying up, and pulling on the skin. This was about 3-4 days. When the tag fell off, the pain stopped immediately.

  2. David. I don’t believe this did not work. You must have very oily skin that dilutes the solution, or you aren’t using 5 to 6 good heavy applications a day. You can’t just do one or two a day. That’s what I was doing, and I got disgusted too. Please try again, and do like I did. at least 5 to 7 applications a day. I bought three bottles so I would have enough. I still have one and a half bottles left, that I’ll use for new arrivals, and welcome them. Here is my e-mail: If there was ever a skeptic in this world, it is me. But I’m 100% convinced it works. But you must try it like I suggested. It will work Dave. Try it and get back to me. Thanks Dave. Happy Fathers Day

  3. Now that I have the main story in, Don’t give up. It works. I see many here saying it’s bullshit. I say they have no patience, and want it now, Then go spend thousands at the doctors then. I am so pleased that they are almost all gone, and after 20 or more times trying, they’re finally gone. My friends tried electric burners, ripping them, and did not succeed. The first couple of weeks nothing happened, and I was ready to throw the shit in the garbage. But something said, You have to give it a fair shake. If it seems like it ain’t working, keep trying, and I promise it will work.

  4. Third time trying to write this, so it will be short. I had 12 tags. Three were the size of grapes. I used 5 applications a day religiously. By week 4, 6 small tags dried up and fell off. By week 6-7, 3 medium tags dried and fell off. I have three large grape size tags left, and drying up. They should be gone by end of next week. They come off flush and no stalks or scars. The small irritations are bearable, but whiners, move to something else.. My neck does not hurt with the seat belt anymore. I’m buying more for newcomers. Bottom line. Put your impatience on the mantle, relax, stay with the applications, and you will be rewarded with no skin tags.

  5. It works perfectly for me and I bought it at CVS. My dermatologist charged me $45 for each wart and the tag away cost me $11.

  6. Or perhaps English isn’t their native tongue and are don’t the best they can?

    Don’t be so quick to judge others when you know nothing about them.

    Your comment accomplished one thing: It made you look like an ass..

  7. I used tag away on my neck and went through hell while using it. It burned and rashed up so bad people were asking me what was wrong.It took months of pain but it eventually worked and now the area is perfect with the tag gone. I am using it now on my forehead and am going through the same hell. Luckily I have bangs that cover most of it but am wondering if it is worth it

  8. I used Tagaway when it first came out. It did remove my skin tag but it left a pretty noticeable scar. I would not recommend this product to anyone! Go to your doctor and have skin tags removed!

  9. I have tried Tag Away for a few weeks and it diden work At all. Smells bad and waste of money hey old-timer told me one time to get some apple cider and a bit on 3 times a day and they would just fall off I tried it it worked ManTech free for years now

  10. I was also suckered into this product. After using it for a week I developed raised red rough rashes on the skin surrounding the tags that took 2 weeks to heal after I quit using it. I believe it does more harm than good and plan to try the nail polish therapy. Anything that prevent the tissue from getting air should kill it.

  11. I use clear nail polish apply twice a day let dry and the tags fall off within 14 days. Found this remeday on a web site and it works. Nail polish is cheap at the dollar store.

  12. All I can say is “Better Business Bureau

    Try it maybe that will send the Snake Skin Oil marketeers scrambling.
    Now to go try this stuff and see if it’s all a coincidence…

  13. I use baby powder deodorant everyday and yet got a skin tag in my armpit

  14. Tag away does work my mother did hers and it turns black then fell off I am also doing mine its also turned black and about to fall off its well worth 15 bucks at Walmart will refer it to friends but never ever order off line they r a rip off..

  15. I hve skin tag sol much but i want to buy tag skin way but me so much confusin plss say me its may i take r nt im wrry abt skin tag when i see tag i get angry i got cry soo much

  16. Tex, What was the wart remover that you used? I have a few that I would like to get rid of ASAP. Thanks!

  17. So I used this crap of crap and lo and behold still had the same skintags. 🙁 doc says to try watt remover. Yelled at him because mine are located down under and told him I wasn’t a “dirty guy” he laughed I left went to the dollar store and bought cheapo wart remover and put it on just the tag. Less than a week my first was GONE!!! Continuing on the rest this week. But ya tag away smells like a koala took a dump on you and doesn’t freaking work.

  18. Dont bother to pay $30 for tag a way
    I got a skin tag remover at the dollar store. It looks like a chap stick and it has the exact active
    Ingredient as tag away, plus the same other ingredients. I’ve used it for about 3 days now……if I find this web site again
    I’ll let you know how it worked. For $30 I’d want it to work, for a buck, if it works it’s a real find, if it doesn’t then I’m sure happy I didn’t spend $30. Only problem, it has an odor. Maybe if you have to be out you can cover it up with some cologne.

  19. All products sold on TV come with a free or discounted price to start and then you
    continue to get more of the product on a regular basis paying automatically. Stop
    ordering those items and read the fine print. I bout Tag Away at the drug store and
    didn’t give away my email or credit card to some company to keep sending me product.

    It is clever that nothing on the box tells you you will have to do this 3 x a day for 6-8 wks.
    If Americans were that diligent, we’d have better teeth and skin and bodies!

  20. I’ve been using tag away for about 2 weeks, and my skin tags on the back of my neck have shrunk an enormous amount.. They are starting to get dark and hard and they’re starting to not have feeling.. So, Hopefully any day now they will start flaking off. So far its worked for me with 3 skin tags! I’m very pleased with my purchase!! Also got it from Walmart for $15.

  21. The BBB dont do anything on things like this also who checks with the BBB before buying a as seen on tv product. Your just wasting your time. Take a super sharp knife and cut them off its the easiest and cheapest way.

  22. Everyone know that Walmart sells this in their as seen on tv section right you dont have to mess with websites that make you buy extras. That said here is the deal 19.99 at walmart and it has worked on some and others it dont seem to work as well.

  23. The ones that say the skin tag fell off in two days or so are either working for Tag Away or they had something else on the skin. I see comments here that they tried 3x/day for weeks and nothing! and that is exactly what I have to say. I apply it after shower, then I apply in again before I go to bed, it only smell like bengay or something but it does NOTHING to the skin tag. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ant time in it!

  24. I’ve given up on the Tag Away and am having better results with tieing it off with a piece of thread and using Oregano Essential Oil once a day, one drop only on the Tag and try not to get the oil on surrounding skin. It just burns a little for several minutes but won’t harm you or scar you.

  25. I bought my bottle from Wal Mart on Sunday put 2 application on it then I put 5 applications on Monday then 4 on Tuesday and took a shower Tuesday night and it fell off. I was so shocked it fell off so fast, I wasn’t sure it would even work with all the bad reviews. But it worked for me and only took 2 1/2 days. And yes it does smell bad.

  26. Yes, it works! I had a large skin tag on my neck that was getting sore from getting caught in my hair and from shirt collars rubbing on them. I tried Tag Away and it worked in 8 days! Very easy to use and it didn’t bother my sensitive skin.

  27. When I first started using it I didn’t use it three times a day. I thought that was why it didn’t work. Then I picked it up again and it did it three times a day for 8 weeks and still nothing. It is a rip off. Went to the doctor and had them cut off. Little sting and it’s gone. No scar or pain. Never buy these AS SEEN ON TV promos. They hardly ever work!

  28. if it is just melaleuca-tea tree-oil, then just get a bottle of tea tree oil from your local food co-op or health food store, or any place that sells essential oils. It has mild anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. I used to use it for acne when I was younger. Works well. Haven’t tried it for skin tags, but maybe I will. Though my husband may ban me form the house on account of the smell- it is pretty overpowering.

  29. DOES NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Instructions say to use for 3-8 weeks. I used it for the entire 2 month time and nothing changed. I could deal with the nasty smell if it worked, but it doesn’t. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to work as well, but it did nothing for me either.

  30. I just got it today. July 7. Oh my GOD!!!! It does have a potent odor! I can’t do this 3 times per day. And for how long? Months? That’s not what it looked like on TV! Beware of all ” As Seen On TV”!!!! This is my plan….. I will apply this tag away potion into a waterproof bandage(Nexcare).The kind that is a surrounded seal. I will put it on and leave it on til bandage comes off. then I will repeat 2 more times. This way. It’s covered. Bandage will have plenty lotion on it to work its magic. Plus you will not have to live smelling this horrible odor all day and night long for months! Can u imagine going out on a date with this stuff? Or better yet, put it on when there are certain people that bug you! Garenteed they will stop! Or did someone set you up to meet a person you wish not to be with? Wear this potion!!!! He or she will leave instantly!!! Anyway, I will come back to report my way of using this stinky stuff!! I will start it tonight with then Nexcare bandage.

  31. I have been using this tag away stuff faithfully with no results. I think this stuff is snake oil and would be a good court case for someone.

  32. TAG AWAY DOES NOT WORK!!!! Don’t waste your money. I used it for over 2 months & absolutely no change with any tags.

  33. I have been useing it for 2 months 2 times a day sometimes 3 times a day I skip it 1 or 2 times a week but still no luck this product isn’t working…..

  34. This stuff works!!!!! I had 3 skin tags and the first one died today. I am so happy and two more to go. Wohoooo!!!! I applied it 4 times a day some days and others days 3 times. The first one took about 10 weeks that’s right 10 WEEKS!!! I hope the other two will died in two weeks. Just don’t stop using it and when you start to feel a stinging sensation that means it’s about to fall. DONT STOP TILL IT FALLS!! Thank you tag away I am very happy with the product.

  35. hello, i do it old school.
    i tie a hair around it and make a not, since it does not have oxigen it will dry and fall off, its pain less and takes about 3 days or less to fall, i do it all the time and even on my eye lids and it worked fine for me. take

  36. I bought this “god awful smelly stuff” @ Walgreens for $14.00 and was hoping it would work. I will say I haven’t been using it like I am supposed to because the smell make me have a headache. Does anyone know of anything I can put it in to make it smell better? I will continue to use the bottle & hope it works but cannot now because of the smell.

  37. It did not work for me and was so potent it made my husband sick every time I used it. For being a “natural” product, it smelled TERRIBLE!! I used 3 bottles and not one of my skin tags fell off. It doesn’t work!!!

    BIG RIPOFF!!!!!

    Don’t Waste Your Money!!!!
    I have been using it for 4 months; 3 times a day and NOTHING!!!

  40. I’ve tried it for six weeks 3 times a day and have seen zero results. I do not recommend this product.

  41. I’ve been using Tag Away for 15 weeks, three times a day, just as instructed and the tags are still there.

  42. Bought it last week from Bed Bath & Beyond. It smells bad and don’t see any change. Will probably return it.

  43. i have been using it for 2 weeks, 3 times a day and NO RESULTS, i too have cut some off but hoped this would work, no luck so far, I will keep reporting back but after reading all these it seems no one is having any luck, if this doesn’t work I will be starting a class action suit, stay tuned….

  44. I bought Tag Away 2 days ago. I started using it and decided to research online to see what kind of results other people were having. After reading all of the bad reviews, I Googled “how to safely remove tags at home.” After reading the different ways to safely remove tags, I got some ice, scissors and peroxide and have just now removed over 20 tags from my neck and chest! I sterilized the nail scissors in peroxide, numbed the tag with the ice and snipped them right off! Little to NO pain!!! I should’ve gone this years ago! Now those hideous tags are gone and I’m off to bed and a VERY happy camper!!! No Tag Away for me! Besides, the smell is awful!

  45. If it is homeopathic, it is diluted so much that there is no active ingredient left, so it can’t work.

  46. I bought it yesterday at Walgreen’s 14.99. Applied it 8 – 10 times. Today it is turning a little darker on the end. I hope this stuff works. It sucks getting ripped off. I noticed, that Tag Away has a 30 day money back guarantee. But, I am sure you have to jump through some hoops to get a portion of your money back after mailing and fees. An article in Wikipedia states that the advertised ingredient:

    “in the 19th century, Thuja was in common use as an externally applied tincture or ointment for the treatment of warts, ringworm and thrush.[8] “An injection of the tincture into venereal warts is said to cause them to disappear.”[9]”

  47. Hey guys
    I got Tag Away around a week ago, I’ve been using it 3 or more times a day since then, and when I apply it, I apply it 2 times each time I do it. But as of couple days now I got frustrated and decided it didn’t work except only make the tag bigger, so I decides to cut. Broke a blade from a shark shaver and tried to cut it. Because the tag is in a VERY sensitive area of my body, I couldn’t cut it away. Even though it was somewhat cut from the bottom of the tag, I kept applying the Tag Away. Still kept trying to cut it away. After a day I applied the Tag Away in the aftermath of cutting it, i noticed it turn a little black. Now, its totally black. And i read a post from somewhere else that a person put a bandage of the tag after applying it, their tag got darker and darker, and eventually falling off. So basically it started working after i cut it a little bit and putting band-aid on it. Probably something to due with moisture like someone said from these posts.

    So, PUT BAND-AID on the tag after you apply the TagAway.
    WAIT, be patient. And hope.

    If hopelesss, cut the very bottom of the tag, not all the way if undesired, THEN apply TagAway, and the put BAND-AID on it.
    just wanted to share info. Remember, even blocks on the road can be for the best.

  48. This stuff not only doesn’t work, it stinks (literally) to high hell! Cannot possibly wear it everyday around other people. The smell gave me headaches. The “secret chemical” they called by the scientific name, is only tea tree oil. You can buy it at any GNC or other herb stores online.

  49. I have been using Tag Away for almost 2 weeks now. I see no change with my tags. The smell is very strong though. I get a big headache. But my tags are still here… HELP ME! I recommend people to not buy this. It does not work at all!

  50. I’m on my 16th day and my daughter says she can def see a difference. Mine are all under my pits (have been so embarrassed for the past 15 years after giving birth). So, common sense told me to not use deodorant as often as possible; so, I’m sure that is why I’m seeing some progress. But, to that end, I’m a stay-at-home mom so I don’t hav 2 worry about offending any1! As a nurse by trade, my best opinion is to keep the area(s) u r using the product on clean and dry and do not cover or let anything rub on the area until product is completely dry_again, just my opinion! I hope this works for us all because these things, while benign, r just plain old UGLY! As I rely a great deal on reviews, I will give this the full 8 wks, then repost. Good luck and God bless!

  51. If you want to try it a bit cheaper I got the product at walgreens for 14.99.

  52. I wished i would of Googled this product before i bought it,but hey now i know,wont make that mistake again.

  53. I purchased this product about 4 weeks ago and wow I am so happy to say It fell off!!! I was very faithfull and didnt miss a beat. I put the stuff on 3 times a day and if I sweat or it came off I re- applied it so maybe that will help. I am still putting it on a larger tag and It has yet to fall off but I will update as soon as it does. Thanks for a great product. Very happy customer and would recomend if you are going to keep this on and keep up with it!!

  54. I tried the large bottles of this crap and applied it faithfully for two months and no change. It smells bad and is a total rip off. These guys should be put out of business.

  55. A friend ordered me a bottle and I used the entire bottle, to no avail. I have all the tags still and no sign of ever falling off. The stuff smells to high heaven, and I didn’t want to leave the house with it on, but never-the-less, I used it. It just didn’t work. I would say, don’t waste your money.

  56. I bought mine at Walmart for $15.99. I started using it tonight before reading all of these negative remarks. Lol. Great!!!! Well I’m sure I will be just as dissatisfied as the rest of you since I already can’t stand the scent of it. One day I will learn to do my research first especially when it comes to my health and or body due to the fact that I’m a nurse. DUH!!!! I’ll give it a shot since I’ve already started it and I will give you an update in a few weeks.

  57. Used it from first week in January to now. Bottle is nearly empty. No change in a single skin tag.

  58. I skipped all the ordering issues that people are talking about here and found the product at our local grocery outlet for less than $10. I haven’t used it yet but I will re-comment when I can see if it works or not. Just thought I’d try to help someone save the pain of ordering if you can find it in a local store.

  59. Hello ,

    I have been using tag away since October 2012. I have tags on my neck and tag away does work. One skin tag it took about 3 months to come off, but it did work. You have to stay on top of putting the tag away on every day. Clean the surface, dry it, then apply tag away with q-tip. Rub tag away right on the tag and also at the base of the tag connected to the skin. I removed about 5 tags so far. I use it about 5 times a day, it smells, but you will get used to it.

    Keep using it and do not give up, it takes time, but it works.
    Good Luck! I advise to upgrade your order to the bigger bottles so you have more.

  60. I’ve been trying Tag Away for the better part of a week now. I’ll post again if it did or didn’t work after the 3 week point, and then again after the 8th week point.

  61. i just purchased one bottle for ten bucks at the local dollar general as seen on tv section im skeptical this will work and im considering returning it to dollar general on you opinions alone

  62. Contact the FTC about this product not working and about the god awful smell that makes you sick contact a lawyer file suite againist the company.

  63. Use nail polish remover or tie a piece of thread around them and tie it tight not long after a few days or so they will fall off.

  64. Don’t waste your money! I’ve used according to instructions for over 12 weeks and nothing has changed. Find a better method of dealing with skin tags.

  65. Hi Everyone

    They tried to “tag on” a bunch of stuff when I ordered it too. I am now up to 8 weeks and have been applying it as directed on 15 different skin tags that I have of varying sizes with no results. And yes, my dermatologist says they are all skin tags. I’m not too happy with it.. I have about another week left of this product and if I don’t see any results by then I, just going to go back to my dermatologist. Also, if it doesn’t work I plan to lodge a complaint with the better business bureau.


  66. Hi Cindy,

    They tried to “tag on” a bunch of stuff when I ordered it too. I am now up to 8 weeks and have been applying it as directed on 15 different skin tags that I have of varying sizes with no results. And yes, my dermatologist says they are all skin tags. I’m not too happy with it.


  67. FYI they sell it at Target in the section where they have “as seen on TV” products. I have been trying it for three weeks. So far I have seen no change. I will post again after 6 weeks with my results.

  68. My wife has been using this for weeks and not one tag has fallen off. Went through 2 bottles. Don’t waste your time, not to mention how much it costs. And yes, it does smell like deer piss.

  69. I use thread to tie a knot around the skin tag and after 5 to 7 days (depending on the size) it falls off. It is worth a try for anyone who has them. After they fall off, make sure you rub some witch hazel on it.

  70. I just started using Tag Away, week 3 and I am very happy with the results so far. My skin tag had got smaller and looking forward to final results. So far it’s working for me.

  71. I bought this at WalMart, in their As Seen on TV section. Only paid $15 for it like that, and glad I did it that way, instead of the $30 online, cause its a waste of money. I’ve been using it as directed for 2 months now, on skin tags of all sizes, and not even the tiniest ones have disappeared yet, let alone the larger ones. They haven’t even shrank. Its a joke, and does not work. Not on real people anyways. Which is sad, I really wanted mine gone. The ones on my neck are painful when hair gets wrapped around it, and the one under my bra strap on my shoulder gets rubbed wrong all the time. But its not doing anything, and its been 8 weeks. I still have over half the bottle left, so I am going to keep trying. I paid for it, might as well use it, but nothing so far. And the smell is horrendous. Its got a definate chemicle smell to it.

  72. I have been usung this stuff for about a month, I sometimes forget to use 2 times a day as it says to do, I have seen do difference!!!! It doesnt work for me!!

  73. I bought my bottle at Target for $15.00 and have been using it for 3 weeks, with no apparent change at all. Considering the awful odor of this oil, and after reading the reported failures of other commenters, I think I will stop using it and move on to the dermatologist! If it sounds too good to be true…

  74. You don’t need to order it online. I found it at Walmart. I’ve used it for two weeks now and have not noticed any change so far. It does tell you to use it 3 times a day, which is almost impossible. The smell from the product is pretty horrendous, but if it gets rid of them, so be it. It it works I will write back…

  75. I went ahead and bought it at Walgreens. Now am a bit nervous. I am familiar with Melaleuca (green tree) and believe in its healing potential. Will see.

  76. I’v been using Tag Away everyday for months (bought two bottles) this stuff does nothing! Nothing even on the smallest ones. Don’t buy this product it’s a rip off!!!

  77. All it did was empty my wallet, did as instructed and no results, should have ordered snake oil from the wild Wild West lol

  78. Just to let some of you know, tags are easy to remove and its relatively free. If you have sewing string all you do is “strangle” the base of the tag and cut off blood flow. Within 1-2 days it turns dark because the blood flow is restricted and by the 2nd-3rd days it either falls off or can be easy pulled off with no pain or blood. What you feel when you tie a sewing string around it and tighten it really tight, is like a pinching sensation but that goes away quickly. Over the years i have gained and lost weight many times and when i gain weight i always get these “tags”. My father who is a doctor actually showed me this method and ive done it literally like 25-30 times. When the tag falls off it will be red around the skin area but will go away within a day or 2. So if you want to save yourselves the money try it if not then good luck with this item. I saw the commercial for this stuff and had to see if someone was actually making money by selling this stuff. Eventually i found this site and the comments about it.

  79. People! Google what “homeopathic” means – it’s basically WATER. The word “homeopathic” is a dead giveaway that the product is pure placebo. WILL NOT WORK. Do not waste your money. Water is not magic!

  80. This is pure baloney. There are numerous ways to remove skin tags, this crap isn’t one of them. Here’s a hint – if it says “homeopathic” on the package, they are counting on your ignorance.

  81. Just started it, so not sure if it works. The problem I have is the strong odor it has. Hope I am not going through this for up to 8 weeks.

  82. TagAway claims to be homeopathic. From Wikipedia: “Scientific research has found homeopathic remedies ineffective and their postulated mechanisms of action implausible. The scientific community regards homeopathy as a sham; the American Medical Association considers homeopathy to be quackery, and homeopathic remedies have been criticized as unethical.”

    It’s a scam. Avoid TagAway.

  83. Tag away does not work… Husband has went thru both bottle and still has his tags… Not one of them has fell off or dried up… I highly recommend NOT buying this item….

  84. Only thing I got out of this is a bad smell. This product does not work. Big Scam.

  85. I’ve used this fake product for a month the only effects are that they are getting bigger than going away and the headache it gives me from the smell is unbearable dont waste your time rip off big time!!!!

  86. 🙁 Sadly to say ” IT DOESN’T WORK” …….I’ve been putting it on all my tags on my neck, arm pitt, under breast, and a large one on my hip…..the large one hasn’t even begun to swrink… previous statement “its a 30 day mbg” but you have to use it for 6-8 weeks to see results, should be 60 day mbg if it really work…..Another problem is that it smells so bad!….. the joke was on me and I’m NOT lol

  87. I just started using this. I was very excited to find something I could use without having to go to a Dermatologist. But I have to say I cannot stand the SMELL of this product. I hate it so much I am considering discontinuing using it.


  89. The smell is enough to make you gag. And it’s not just the product inside the bottle—when you put it on, you will smell too. I simply couldn’t stand it any longer.

  90. No surprise that this product does not work. If it did, it would be sold everywhere, for alot more money! As it is, you pay way to much for it not to work.

  91. Thank you all for your comments about Tag Away. I too was just about to order it but have definitely changed my mind. Imagine charging $10 for shipping two little bottles? Yes, obviously a scam and the fellow that mentioned it smelling like Deer pee was probably correct. Perhaps the seller(s) did indeed mix deer pee with some sort of lotion or whatever and bottled it. They must have had a big laugh knowing what the product was and raking in the money. “Let the buyer beware.”

  92. for a fast, easy, painless way to remove them my mother told me as a kid… tie a thin piece of thread around the base of the tag before bed… and by morning it will fall off… I have never had any grow back… 3 to 8 weeks is just silliness when it can be resolved over night…

  93. Wasted my money as well! Don’t waste your money on this crap! Instructions are to ‘ apply 3 times daily’ which is , at most times, not convenient and the smell reminds me of Deer Urine , used to hunt bucks. I tried for 6 weeks, as recommended , and nothing happened. Please don’t waste your money on this worthless junk! Just another ‘snake oil’ salesman!

  94. i bought this last wkend and the smell is enough to make u want to go air yourself out on the clothesline! 3 x a day-phew! anyway, i’m doing it – but it’s nasty and i can almost taste it because it goes thru ur skin and i’m hoping this works soon or i’m taking it back to walgreens to get my $15 back!

  95. I ordered this product and right away they continuesly offered me countless commercial products which I didn’t want, and then they started charging my card! I had to get a new debit card to stop these guys from stealing from me! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. It also stinks so bad that you won’t EVER want to put it on for a long period of time. Do not buy.

  96. I had considered buying this stuff but was leery. Deadening the small ones and clipping them off with nail clippers is the best bet, and it doesn’t take 8 weeks. Ora-jel or tattoo jelly called Dr. Numb works great. I would use Dr. Numb for the bigger ones. It keeps the area numb for a while after you apply it. Happy clipping!


  98. Just purchased a 15 ml. bottle at Walgreens for $14.99. This is a slightly larger bottle than those advertised on TV. Have only been using it for a few days, but THE SMELL IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I am glad I didn’t order online, spending a total of $29.99 which includes $10.00 for shipping. A warning should be on the label, letting people know just how bad this product smells.

  99. Works great u guys must have some tough ass skin to be using it for that long and it ain’t work. Try the dermatologist

  100. So did it work? you had 6 months to say so by the way it cost about$100 at the doctors office and yes they do regrow

  101. You cannot put a hold on your credit card. The merchant has already been paid. You can start a dispute. You will want to tell them that the product did work as described(full details) and you want to return but cannot get a hold of merchant(give dates). They will be able to dispute the transaction and take the funds back from the merchant.

  102. Anyone try “Compound W”? It gets rid of warts, you would think it would do the same for skin tags!

  103. I do not know how you can give a recommendation if no one from your site tried it? I do not like a product that takes 8 weeks to perform. I have had large tags removed in a doctor’s office and I have a lot more small ones to remove. Doctors do not know why some individuals are more prone to get skin tags than others? They give you reasons for certain areas, but not everyone has more in the same areas. Skinhale offers quicker results seems a better product, but they are all so expensive. All products need better return policies to show honesty. Dermatend needs to state it cannot be placed on the skin since it does burn; lack of honest advertisement. Tagaway does not seem to be a worthwhile product, and there are more out there with different names with the same ingredients.

  104. Thanks everyone, i was close to throwing my hard earned money away to another scam company promising hope and delivering despair. I will not buy from these croaks… Sorry you had to waste your money.

  105. It doesn’t work, what a rip off. Don’t buy it!!!!!!!! and it stinks too I agree with the other reviewer, Tag Away is a Big Scam!


  107. Sounds like they’re selling “SNAKE OIL”. I think ill go to the dollar store and buy myself some good
    Ole scissors and just cut them off!!!

  108. Another note, take a look at the National Drug Code website and look their NDC number 65121-623. This is a filing made to the FDA. The active ingredient of Thuja Occidentalis Bark. Under the strength number/unit it shows the dilution of 6 [hp_X]/6[hp_X]. This should be the answer to your questions. Please see homeopathy dilution method on Google and you will see that this product Tag Away is nothing more than just a simple liquid with absolutely NO active ingredient.

  109. People should understand what “homeopathy” is before committing to a product claiming to remove a skin tag. Testimonials in itself is not evidence. Even by reviewing the very few comments made by actual users above it doesn’t sound that there is any usable evidence. Considering the amount of dilution that goes into a homeopathic product remember there is no active ingredient. Look at the ingredients carefully and do the research and I can assure you that this product is no more than water. Many “homeopathy” products make dubious claims but there has never been any evidence that any of them are effective. In fact a sleep aid that is sold at many stores is so diluted that you would have to consume over 7 swimming pools to achieve consumption of a single molecule of the active ingredient. The fine print says it’s caffeine and water with a bit of sugar, of course in fancy terms. Research well before you spend money on any product. There are many other effective ways to remove skin tags.

  110. why do people order stuff from the television ?
    go try something from the drug store… no extras.. no shipping….

  111. I tried it and it does not work. Three times a day with this smelly concoction and nothing. Don’t waste your money.

  112. I paid 7 U.S. dollars for a bottle of Tea Tree Oil to remove my skin tags. I’ve only been using it for 1.5 weeks now, but it seems to be working. One of the larger tags dramatically dried-up and shrank in size, but hasn’t fallen away as of yet (any day now). The other tags seem not to be as responsive, which makes me wonder if the tag size has anything to do with the drying rate?

    My only complaints, for lack of a better word, is that the tea tree oil smell is strong, and kinda vapory. Also, the tag itself, when it dries, turns white, so this is a little unsightly. But hey–7 bucks vs. a $200 doctor bill is worth it!

  113. I m am covered with tags. Last year I had over 200 cut off. I am looking for an alternative way . I never by a product with out reading the reviews of other clients. As reviewing so many negative complaints , I opt not to Evernote try this product as there is too many scams and fakes . I’ll stay with the pain and gain method. The gain is my dignate when I go to the beach

  114. lesson learned for me on this one. I should have read these reviews before making the purchase from the TV ad. I ordered just the Tag Away (so I thought) and got billed for 2 other products that I said “no” to in the extremly long phone ordering system. Now I’m reading that this stuff doesn’t work. How frustrating. I would think that TV channels would do better research before they sell ad spots to fradulant companies/products. Can’t wait to get the product and have it not work and not be able to return the 2 other products that I didn’t order…..

  115. I called this customer service number to cancel my order after reading these reviews. Maybe they could help others with refunds 1-800-340-3418

  116. Purchased Tag Away at Walgreens today for $15. No directions included. Just applied to tags under my arm and the odor is giving me a headach. I had to put a t-shirt on to tone down the fumes. I would never go out during the day with that stiny smell.

  117. I have tried it… didnt work… i ordered it again, & tried it one more time.. still nothing… was a waste of my money and time…very disappointed…

  118. These reviews are helpful and convinced me that traditional treatment was totally worth it. In the end, I paid $400 to have about a dozen skin tags removed in minutes at the doctor’s office. The fix is immediate and absolute – 100% guaranteed to work. Of course the treatment results in scabs that need daily ointment treatments to ensure there is no scarring. But compare that to applying an acid to your skin every day for 1 – 2 months, with only a partial chance of working, it’s a no brainer – go to the doctor to get your skin tags removed.

  119. My wife uses Tea Tree Oil. Put oil on tag, cover it with bandaid, repeat daily for about a month. Scab slowly disappears. You can find Tea Tree Oil online for as low as $4 a bottle. We got ours at Swansons Vitamins online.

  120. Sorry, to tell you…. But I used your Tag Away product for 8 weeks and nothing happened. All my tags still look the same as 2 month ago. It’s was a waist of my money and my time. I definitely going to wright the truth about this product, so other people wouldn’t waist there money. Tag away was big disappointment for me, because I had a big hope that it will help (since web site sad 100% guarantee). TAG AWAY IT’S A BIG SCAM !!!!

  121. Thanks so much for everyone posting their results on wether or not Tag Away works, or in this case, DOESN’T work. I actually gave serious thought about buying it. After reading all of these reviews about nobody having any actual success with it, I am no longer even considering it. Thanks everyone.

  122. this isn’t true at all the armpits are the most common area for tags and we all use deodorant in this area every day which contains talc or baby powder as a base for drying properties.

  123. Thanks All, I was so tempted to buy but after reading, I made an appointment for my dermatologists to have them remove. I have them on my neck under arm pits, breasts and on inner thigh. I am thinking this is going to take about 4 or 5 visits but enough already I want them gone.

  124. I bought this product directly in the As seen on TV store in the maill for about $19.99 the first week of December 2012, so I have been applying this smelly liquid on my neck 3 times a day… and NO change. I took a picture of the main skin tag that I want out and 2 months later it still looks the same. This was time and money Wasted…dont bother.

  125. I ordered skin tag last month. it was very difficult and seemed shady but I was desperate. Took about 3 weeks to recieve it, but its hear now and I’ve been using it almost two weeks, and I see NO difference, it has maybe lightened a hair but that’s it.. I only have one and its small but right there and annoying. Ill comment on my 8th week hopefully by then ill be tag free. or I want my $$$

  126. After reading this web site’s review and then the reader’s review, I’m confused. The web page indicates that the company and the product are worth a try. But after reading the actual experiences submitted by users, I don’t think I want to try this product nor do I want to give the supplier my phone number much less my credit card number. I can’t place any value in the evaluation provided by “Does It Really Work”.

  127. Just wanted to thank you all for leaving comments. I was really wanting to buy this & now I’ll just move along….

  128. Tried it for several weeks – bought 2 bottles and I’ve got 2 words – RIP OFF. Didn’t work and wasted my money. Skin tags are still there.

  129. I totally agree with Nicole, and thanks for your information, I am reading this after I ordered, and had the same experience. Luckily I caught it and “backed” out as you do not get a final review of your order to remove any unwanted charges, as you note.I have the product and will try it now.
    Maybe with enough feedback they will fix this if they are a good company as this page states.

  130. Unbelievable. If I had only read these comments prior to purchasing this smelly crap I would have never pursued it. A red flag went off when there were so many products they were trying to push down your throat that it was inundating. Then when I didn’t receive the product after 2 weeks and I called their #, I was told that they hadn’t processed my order yet and would I like them too?? Duh??? I received it and have been applying it for 2 weeks now and no change other than the stink. I will be calling my credit card to cancel payment on this scam.

  131. I too have found this product to be ineffective. It stinks and has not helped at all. I can not get ahold of customer service about a refund. I have called and sent e-mails. This is a rip off.

  132. I went to my dermatologist yesteday for a skin rash and to remove a skin tag. No insurance since I was laid off in October. Cost was a total of $80. While I am tempted to try products like this, I am leery of them. I would rather spend money on a sure thing.

  133. For those who want to return a product and have difficulty because of poor assistance from the seller, tell your credit card agent to put a hold on the payment to the seller…and explain that there was a 30 day guarantee on the product but you can’t return it because seller hasn’t provided a way to do it.

  134. Like many others, I’ve been using Tag Away for 4 weeks now and see NO indication that my skin tags are doing anything. I was skeptical from the beginning when I would apply the ointment under my arms and then immediately have to put a shirt on (except when going to bed). I felt like whatever I just rubbed on the skin tags was being removed by the cloth of my shirt. Additionally, in the morning, after putting on the ointment, I would spray my antiperspirant under my arms, which also made me feel that that defeated the purpose. I mean antiperspirant is made to eliminate moisture………….and moistening up the skin tags right before spraying on antiperspirant seemed to be very counterproductive. Oh well, will keep using Tag Away until it all gone and then?……………..probably schedule a doctor’s appointment to have them removed.

  135. I just bought Tag Away at Walgreens Pharmacy for about $15 and put on my first application just now. *crossing my fingers!*

  136. This product does nothing. It is a complete scam. I ended up cutting my off with an exacto knife. No scars but was painful. Do not waste your time and money.

  137. I have seen this on TV, and I do have several skin tags. I have gotten rid of a few of them using other methods, but have been thinking about this. I figured that this was complete hokum but and still undecided. Simple question — does this stuff work, and is it more effective on certain parts of the body (some of mine are on the inner thigh for instance)? What else works, and any ideas?

  138. Have been using tag-away for 2 months now and like so many others have not noticed one bit of improvement. Not a hint of any of the tags, small or large, fading away. Like so many others, my warning to anyone out there is not to order any products advertised on T.V. unless there is a guaranteed way of returning it if not satisfied. Perhaps it does work of some people but from what I’ve read most do not see any results.

  139. Dermatend works GREAT. Removed 5 skin tags and they are completely gone. Very small marks where they were, but fading away. However, this method, no matter what they say is FAR FROM PAINLESS. Read the active ingredient and google its effects. It is basically an acid burning your skin. If you get it on any of the skin surrounding the tag, it burns like hell, and leaves a mark that looks like you burnt your skin somewhat severely. Luckily the mark faded. Overall very pleased with the results, just do a better job of putting it on than I did

  140. I have been using the product for about 3 weeks. I see no results. The smell of the tag away is so strong I can hardly stand it. I have been using it faithfully despite the odor but so far I am very disappointed with the results.

  141. Are u serious giving this snake oil a try? First Tag Away says it has a 30 day money back guarantee. But it takes 6 to 8 weeks to work? (not to mention 6 weeks to arrive in your mail box.) lol. That should be your first clue. The writer of this review says make sure it has a warranty…another cause to laugh. I would highly recommend doing some Google searches on this rip off before you buy. And if you do get sucked into buying it be prepared for a deluge off telemarketing calls and junk email. They sell your personal info.

  142. I have been using tag away for more than 2 months now. Not only did it NOT work, it made my skin tags swell up. I followed the instructions precisely. The results are terrible. I would like to return the product, but can find no way to do this. There are no return instructions on the invoice. It is impossible to get a live operator when I call the number. And the robot that answers the phone only wants to sell more product. There is no return option. And the robot knows my name, my address, and remembers my credit card number. Don’t buy this stuff. It’s a rip off.

  143. Don’t think this stuff will work..its been out a while and all I see on the web is either, the web sight took my money and added bunch of extras and won’t give me my money back, or I ordered it and didn’t get it, or I got it and it didn’t work after weeks of application…sounds like a scam…try tying them tight with a thread and keep applying something like oil of oregano or something that has antiseptic property’s to keep it from getting infected till it dies and falls off..takes about a week or two..they turn black and fall off..did like 6 all ready like that…but if you dont keep it clean and covered in antiseptic youll be sorry…try it at your own risk….

  144. Been swabbing this stuff on all of my tags several times a day for the past month. Not one of the tags seems to be even irritated by Tag A Way let alone ready to fall off…WTF! Rip Off Advisory!

  145. I didn’t see any proof that this stuff works. Did any one even try it? This review is positive but doesn’t show that any one tried it.

  146. I hate. To know that I placed an order, changed my mind , and there is no way I can return the product.
    The paper that was in the box did not have a return address.

  147. I wish I could leave a review that states rather or not the product works.
    For that to happen … I would have to actually receive the order I placed WEEKS ago.
    I have rec’d unsolicited phone calls in the middle of business meetings trying to sell me more/additional products – the funds have been deducted from my bank account – BUT I have yet to receive my order.
    I emailed customer service twice. No reply.
    Finally called today. Phone agent was polite – but would only say “it should ship soon”.
    No idea if this product successfully removes skin tags…but the organization has successfully removed the funds from my acccount.

  148. I put something like oragel on my skin tags to deaden the area then I use good toe nail clippers and remove them. YOU CAN CAN CAN prevent skin tags by eating less sugar. Sugar does cause skin tags. I thought my demotologist was crazy but she was right. ALSO if you get skin tags on your neck or if a woman under your breast. Putting baby powder or deodorant on those areas DAILY will prevent many of the tags. Less sugar and less friction = less or no skin tags. Putting deodorant on your neck daily will also GET RID of some smaller skin tags.

  149. BECAREFUL when ordering…they tag on a bunch of upgrades and if you are ordering on an ipad or iphone, its easy to click yes when you want no. There is no order confirmation page, so you are stuck as soon as you click yes. I did this by accident, and emailed them immediately. They responded 5 days later and said it was too late, they couldn’t cancel my order. I WILL exercise the 30 day money back guarantee and only be out $10 for p&h. But what a crock. The website is sketchy and so is the company.

  150. I think I may give this a try. Although, the “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” is kind of a crock since the 30 day period probably starts the day you order it, and then you have to use it for 3-8 weeks to even know if it works! If they are really confident that this product works, then they should at least offer a 60 day period! I’ve even seen a few commercials lately where the company offers a guarantee that includes refunding the shipping cost & even the cost of shipping it back! Now that’s a guarantee that shows they stand behind their product!!

  151. I actually like the fact that this takes up to 8 weeks to remove the skin tags. I don’t really want to use any chemical to remove them and I will not pay hundreds, if not thousands just to remove them at a hospital. I have few skin tags under the armpit and I desperately want them off and I’m willing to apply this for up to 8 weeks if it’s done with natural ingredients.

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