Does Tag Away Really Work?

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Does Tag Away work?If you’ve got skin tags you want to get rid of, you’ve probably stumbled upon Tag Away as a possible fix. You might have even seen it advertised on TV, which makes it one of the only remedies for skin tags that has a television promo. But can an essential oil like this really work on removing skin tags, even if it does take 3 to 8 weeks?

Skin tags are known to pop up just about anywhere on the body, and are benign and nothing to worry about. Because of this they can be left alone, but if they are in a place that is easily noticeable, you probably don’t want to keep them around. Some people say you can just “grip ’em and rip ’em” but this is not the preferred method of removal. If you go to the dermatologist they are probably going to burn them off, freeze them off, or cut them off. This is why rubbing an oil on them daily for a few weeks sounds like a better option.

The Claim
Tag Away says that it is all-natural and homeopathic, and that it won’t leave a scar behind. They say it’s painless, and doesn’t contain any chemicals. They claim it works on all types of skin, and your skin tag just dries up and falls off in time. They say the timeline for this is 3-8 weeks, and that they won’t grow back once they’re removed. They also say that the results are guaranteed, and that you can return it for a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

The Hype
Skin tags are a pretty common affliction, and many people are keen to get rid of theirs. Since going to the dermatologist for something as innocuous as a skin tag seems a little excessive, most people want an at-home remedy that they can use in the comfort and privacy of their home, that doesn’t produce a scar, doesn’t hurt, and doesn’t cost a small fortune. This seems to be hitting all of those targets and so it’s going to get a lot of interested parties inquiring about it.

The Cost
Tag Away is $30 delivered to your door and gets you two bottles of it. The thing about skin tags is that if you’ve got one, you’ve probably got another one, and they can keep popping up as you go through life. Keeping a supply of this on hand is a good way to vanquish them as they occur so you don’t have to bother with them again and again. When you compare this cost to getting them taken off by a doctor, it’s not very bad at all. A lot of health insurance policies won’t cover this, claiming that it’s just a cosmetic procedure.

The Commitment
Applying this daily for 3 to 8 weeks seems like a pretty long time for something as small as a skin tag. Since this is an outpatient procedure at your local dermatologist, you could have your skin tags removed in an hour or less. So you definitely have to commit to using this, and not missing any applications, following the included directions to the letter. The trade off is that you don’t have to go to the doctor and you don’t have to pay their prices for such a simple procedure.

Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal

We like that Tag Away is painless, and involves slowly removing it so it doesn’t leave a scar behind. It wouldn’t make much sense if you removed it only to have a scar left behind that is just as visible, or maybe even more noticeable. Since skin tags don’t usually grow back in the same place you can usually get this solved the first time and once and for all. There’s really no way to prevent yourself from getting new ones in other places, and if you’ve got one that means you’re prone to getting them. It’s good to have a system in place for new ones as they develop.

Final Tag Away Review

Tag Away is getting our Solid Try rating, because frankly there aren’t a lot of better alternatives out there that are doing as good of a job. If you’ve resolved yourself to taking care of this on your own you only have so many ways to go about it, and using an oil of this nature is a great option that should fit all of your criteria. Just be sure to use it long enough to get the desired results.

Our Recommendation
It’s not a bad price for something like this and it’s better to go with an established company that is offering a guarantee than a shady company that isn’t. There are a lot of different wart removal products and skin tag products out there, but they are offered by companies that you wouldn’t want to give your credit card info to.

Official Website: Tag Away

UPDATE: While the effectiveness of Tag Away may be in question, Dermatend has been a proven, highly recommended skin tag remover for years.

What do you think? Does Tag Away work or not?

395 Customer Reviews on “Does Tag Away Really Work?

  1. It’s not that bad. You can bear with the irritation well. I found out, that pain was the skin tag drying up, and pulling on the skin. This was about 3-4 days. When the tag fell off, the pain stopped immediately.

  2. David. I don’t believe this did not work. You must have very oily skin that dilutes the solution, or you aren’t using 5 to 6 good heavy applications a day. You can’t just do one or two a day. That’s what I was doing, and I got disgusted too. Please try again, and do like I did. at least 5 to 7 applications a day. I bought three bottles so I would have enough. I still have one and a half bottles left, that I’ll use for new arrivals, and welcome them. Here is my e-mail: If there was ever a skeptic in this world, it is me. But I’m 100% convinced it works. But you must try it like I suggested. It will work Dave. Try it and get back to me. Thanks Dave. Happy Fathers Day

  3. Now that I have the main story in, Don’t give up. It works. I see many here saying it’s bullshit. I say they have no patience, and want it now, Then go spend thousands at the doctors then. I am so pleased that they are almost all gone, and after 20 or more times trying, they’re finally gone. My friends tried electric burners, ripping them, and did not succeed. The first couple of weeks nothing happened, and I was ready to throw the shit in the garbage. But something said, You have to give it a fair shake. If it seems like it ain’t working, keep trying, and I promise it will work.

  4. Third time trying to write this, so it will be short. I had 12 tags. Three were the size of grapes. I used 5 applications a day religiously. By week 4, 6 small tags dried up and fell off. By week 6-7, 3 medium tags dried and fell off. I have three large grape size tags left, and drying up. They should be gone by end of next week. They come off flush and no stalks or scars. The small irritations are bearable, but whiners, move to something else.. My neck does not hurt with the seat belt anymore. I’m buying more for newcomers. Bottom line. Put your impatience on the mantle, relax, stay with the applications, and you will be rewarded with no skin tags.

  5. It works perfectly for me and I bought it at CVS. My dermatologist charged me $45 for each wart and the tag away cost me $11.

  6. Or perhaps English isn’t their native tongue and are don’t the best they can?

    Don’t be so quick to judge others when you know nothing about them.

    Your comment accomplished one thing: It made you look like an ass..

  7. I used tag away on my neck and went through hell while using it. It burned and rashed up so bad people were asking me what was wrong.It took months of pain but it eventually worked and now the area is perfect with the tag gone. I am using it now on my forehead and am going through the same hell. Luckily I have bangs that cover most of it but am wondering if it is worth it

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