Does Terapeak Really Work?

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Terapeak is supposed to provide you access to data from eBay that can help you determine what to sell, at what price, and in what category. It’s designed for eBay newbies, as well as Top Sellers, and it is often put to the test against the free search tool provided by eBay. So can this software really increase your eBay sales, and is it worth paying a monthly fee for, or can you get by using the free information that’s readily available to everyone?

If you’ve been selling on eBay for any length of time, you’ll quickly want to get the edge on your competitors so that you can outsell them, and make more money. One way to do this is to have access to better data than they have, or to snoop on what they’re doing so you can copy what’s working for them. Terapeak says that with the information they provide you can do just that and more. By letting you see one year’s worth of closed listings, category sales trends, and new sales trends, should have everything you need in order to boost your sales, and make better choices as to what to sell.

The Claim
Terapeak says that eBay sellers that use their software make more money than those that don’t. That’s a pretty touch claim to refute or to prove. That’s pretty much the only claim they make, other than listing the benefits of using their software. Instead of making claims, they present testimonials from those that have had success using it.

The Hype
Many eBayers find out about Terapeak sooner or later and wonder if it’s worth trying out. There are those that say it’s not worth it, and there are those that say they wouldn’t try selling stuff without it, which creates something of a debate in the eBay community, which is pretty much a form of hype for Terapeak.

The Cost
Terapeak is $30 a month, which gets you one market, or $50 a month which gets you all of the markets, plus eBay motors. You can pay annually to save some money, effectively getting 3 months free. The service is often compared to the free information that’s provided by eBay, so you have to weigh the pros and cons of each to see whether or not it’s worth the extra cost. eBay will give you some information, but they won’t give you the farm, and only give you enough to make general, sweeping assumptions with.

The Commitment
Having access to the information is only one part of the puzzle. You have to be able to make heads or tails of all this data, and then put that knowledge to use if you want this to be worth it, and to get a return on the money you’re investing. So while it does organize the information in a concise and easy-to-read format, you still have to dedicate time towards researching it, and processing it in your own head.

The access to the closed listings alone is worth it. You can definitely learn a lot about what sells and what doesn’t sell by going over these reports. Rather than trying to sell what you think people want to buy, you can find out what they actually do buy, and then cater to those needs. This simple adjustment can mean the difference between making sales on eBay, and not.

The next helpful tool is the trends, both the category trends, and the new product trends. While it’s true that the free eBay tool does provide them of this information, and shows you overall or general trending data, the Terapeak information is more detailed, laid out in a better format, and provides more accurate reads on what’s growing in popularity.

Final Terapeak Review

It’s hard to argue about the type of data that Terapeak provides you with, so the only real way prove if it works or not lies with the individual. Are you able to take this raw data and turn it into something that either makes you more money, or reduces your expenses on goods that don’t sell, or helps you learn new strategies by watching what successful sellers do? If you’re able to process this information and turn it into actionable items, you’ll probably get a lot of benefit from Terapeak.

However, there is a chance that you could get overwhelmed by all of the information, and your mind can get lost in all the data. This can lead to paralysis of analysis, and you could spend several hours with nothing to show for it if you just get frustrated and for your hands up in desperation, or get lots of ideas without focusing on one take action on.

Our Recommendation
Since they offer month to month memberships, it would only take $30 or $50 to find out if it’s worth it or not. If you make back your money, stay on for another month, and if it stops helping just cancel. Only you know your niche as well as you do, so you’re the best person equipped for determining if Terapeak is right for you and your specific business. Even one month of service can give you enough information to guide your actions for the next several months, if you use it properly. If it gives you one new idea that ends up making you more money, it’s worth it in the long run.

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What do you think? Does Terapeak work or not?

169 Customer Reviews on “Does Terapeak Really Work?

  1. I used Terapeak when it was $15/month. (may years ago!) I never thought it helped my sales. Now I just go thru “Sold” items on eBay to figure out how to price my stuff for sale.

  2. If youre to lazy to check ebay sold/completed items then paying for this service might be worth it. Its a joke that companies make money off services like this- 1 star.

  3. my gosh, i want to vote 1 star but it preset minimum for 3 stars. I dont like the way they billed you as I only signed up for 1 month but terapeak continues to charge you without my consent. I dont even know that they charged me after the 1 month. So this is what? A force sales…….. oh gosh!! If your company is so good, you dont have to do that.

  4. I am really only interested in one thing from Terapeak. I want to know the page views of each of my eBay products for different time frames (month, 10 days, etc.). I thought that I found it once but cannot do it again.. I also like the fact that I can see who sold the same product and how many they actually sold.
    Their ability to answer questions is not good. No live chat, No actual person; just email.
    It is not great but don’t see anything better.

  5. Try – it doesn’t do all of what Terapeak does, but at least it’s got some free tools to research your basics.

  6. I am doing a one week free trial on Terapeak.
    During the first day of the trial I found that Terapeak listed fewer transactions during a given time period than the free ebay search.
    Does anyone know why this is?

  7. Thats why i always tell people too sign up to any monthly free trial etc with a pre paid credit card.
    a 25 dollar card…. just make sure you spend its value after you get your free trial..
    i have zero issues doing this….
    but use your bank card and they will get a month or two per person by being slow or saying must give a 30 day cancel notice…
    Im tell you the way too go is pre paid credit cards at your local drug store.

  8. Thanks guys for the information I think for now I will pass on the software. I have been seriously selling on eBay for the past three months and so far so good.
    I’ve been selling on Amazon for over two years and you do not have a chance against the customers maybe if you are a FBA seller you might have some chance if you can bear the FBA fees that has just went up again. As a seller Amazon don’t need you. What Ps
    me off about Amazon they copied my mouse pad designs. I’ve lost all respect for Amazon and eBay well I’ll see. I do Agree keep your items under 100 dollars !

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