Does the TouCan Really Work?

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Does Toucan Work? Most of us would probably admit that can openers are not really all that exciting but are a necessity. The TouCan Can Opener is one of these devices that has been seen on TV recently so we figured you may be interested in some extra thoughts on it.

The TouCan Can Opener is being promoted as a hands free can open that is so simple that anyone can use it. It is lightweight and compact. Some of its strong features seems to be the quality magnet that it possesses which makes sure the lid doesn’t fall into the can that you are opening. It has a detachable blade which makes for easy cleaning. Also the can opener cuts from the outside of the lid, not the inside.

The Claim
They are claiming that its the worlds easiest hands free can opener. They say you just need to press a button and the job gets done for you. If it works as well as they say it does then it doesn’t get any easier than that. They say you can open small,medium and large cans with no problems.

The Hype
The hype focuses on many different benefits and features that the TouCan Can Opener is supposed to offer. Its hands free which makes it quick and easy to use, and everyone likes time savers. Then its easy to clean and store, which again are appealing features.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $10. plus a $6.99 delivery fee, and if you add $6.99 more to your order you will get a 2nd one free too.

The Commitment
There really isn’t much of a commitment needed to use a can opener as well all have cans that need opening at some time or another. What you will perhaps have to remember is to make sure its kept clean, and don’t stuff it in a drawer where you are going to forget about it.

A lot of times when people see an ad on TV like the ones showing for the TouCan it comes out as looking like it is some new and exciting idea. For those who seek out more information on the internet they soon discover that this is not the case. In fact, there are several different versions of can opens and some very much like the TouCan. We have talked about a couple in the past. One that is getting a little feedback with equal thumbs up and down reviews is the Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener. This particular one is quite a bit more money than the TouCan, but it makes one wonder if you are going to just get what you pay for.

Final Toucan Can Opener Review

We are going to give the TouCan Can Opener a try/buy rating. If there weren’t so many similar types on the market we might have gone with a thumbs up. The price is reasonable though. There seems to be a demand and interest for this type of product.

Our Recommendation
If you are doing further research on the Toucan Can Opener, don’t get confused with another can opener provided by Boston Warehouse which is totally different. Also, look closely at how the Toucan Can Opened works for bottle lids and jars, and keep your expectations for the performance here within what is being shown.

What do you think? Does TouCan Can Opener work or not?

77 Customer Reviews on “Does the TouCan Really Work?

  1. I have had my Toucan for about 21/2 years. It works like a charm. The cutting blade is wearing out so I will be purchasing another.
    When you place it on a can if you will push down on the nose of it a little it works fine. I have never had to use my fingers to pry the can lid away from the can. I just pull nose up first and pull away from the can. The lid comes off and is on the magnet.

  2. I received one for a gift from my daughter and discovered metal slivers when can opens. I believe that this is a serious health issue and suggest you do a recall. I will await your response. If I don’t hear back in a couple days I will voice my concern with Health Canada.

    Thank you!
    Kenny Young (506) 384-2217

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