Does the TouCan Really Work?

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Does Toucan Work? Most of us would probably admit that can openers are not really all that exciting but are a necessity. The TouCan Can Opener is one of these devices that has been seen on TV recently so we figured you may be interested in some extra thoughts on it.

The TouCan Can Opener is being promoted as a hands free can open that is so simple that anyone can use it. It is lightweight and compact. Some of its strong features seems to be the quality magnet that it possesses which makes sure the lid doesn’t fall into the can that you are opening. It has a detachable blade which makes for easy cleaning. Also the can opener cuts from the outside of the lid, not the inside.

The Claim
They are claiming that its the worlds easiest hands free can opener. They say you just need to press a button and the job gets done for you. If it works as well as they say it does then it doesn’t get any easier than that. They say you can open small,medium and large cans with no problems.

The Hype
The hype focuses on many different benefits and features that the TouCan Can Opener is supposed to offer. Its hands free which makes it quick and easy to use, and everyone likes time savers. Then its easy to clean and store, which again are appealing features.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $10. plus a $6.99 delivery fee, and if you add $6.99 more to your order you will get a 2nd one free too.

The Commitment
There really isn’t much of a commitment needed to use a can opener as well all have cans that need opening at some time or another. What you will perhaps have to remember is to make sure its kept clean, and don’t stuff it in a drawer where you are going to forget about it.

A lot of times when people see an ad on TV like the ones showing for the TouCan it comes out as looking like it is some new and exciting idea. For those who seek out more information on the internet they soon discover that this is not the case. In fact, there are several different versions of can opens and some very much like the TouCan. We have talked about a couple in the past. One that is getting a little feedback with equal thumbs up and down reviews is the Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener. This particular one is quite a bit more money than the TouCan, but it makes one wonder if you are going to just get what you pay for.

Final Toucan Can Opener Review

We are going to give the TouCan Can Opener a try/buy rating. If there weren’t so many similar types on the market we might have gone with a thumbs up. The price is reasonable though. There seems to be a demand and interest for this type of product.

Our Recommendation
If you are doing further research on the Toucan Can Opener, don’t get confused with another can opener provided by Boston Warehouse which is totally different. Also, look closely at how the Toucan Can Opened works for bottle lids and jars, and keep your expectations for the performance here within what is being shown.

What do you think? Does TouCan Can Opener work or not?

77 Customer Reviews on “Does the TouCan Really Work?

  1. I have had my Toucan for about 21/2 years. It works like a charm. The cutting blade is wearing out so I will be purchasing another.
    When you place it on a can if you will push down on the nose of it a little it works fine. I have never had to use my fingers to pry the can lid away from the can. I just pull nose up first and pull away from the can. The lid comes off and is on the magnet.

  2. I received one for a gift from my daughter and discovered metal slivers when can opens. I believe that this is a serious health issue and suggest you do a recall. I will await your response. If I don’t hear back in a couple days I will voice my concern with Health Canada.

    Thank you!
    Kenny Young (506) 384-2217

  3. Don’t buy this piece of junk. From the very start it had to round and round several times before it would work then I still had to pry the lid off. Had silver slivers which is not safe. Magnet did not work at all . I had several cans that took 7 or 8 times around!. A total waste of money ! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY

  4. We’ve had two Toucan can openers and both have failed after about a dozen uses. The first one was replaced by the company but the second one was not because it was over the 30 day warranty period. The machine opens the top OK but won’t reverse and dispense the lid. Both failed for the same reason. A real design flaw. DON”T BUY ONE! You’ll be disappointed.

  5. Read all the negative comments and couldn’t figure out what people are talking about. Bought my Toucan at Walgreens and didn’t get the 2 for one deal, paid $19.95 and thought it a bit steep and if it didn’t work back it would go to Walgreens. To my surprise it worked great and I have used it for the last 6 months and I thought it was one of the coolest gadgets I ever bought. It doesn’t always work, it sometime gets stuck on some cans and I have to restart it in a different place. Sometimes I just let it go around a few times to make sure the lid is totally free. Like one reviewer said, sometimes you have to use your fingernails to separate the lid from the can. I have never noticed any shards or shavings of metal in the cans I open, I can’t figure out how that can happen considering it is cutting the outside seam. Like someone else said, the batteries don’t last a long time, I only got six months out of my batteries and maybe 40 cans opened and I’m not too upset considering it’s a hand free opener..
    Maybe I’m just lucky and got one that works great and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I gave it 4 stars because it gets stuck sometimes and I have to use a conventional opener to finish the job.

  6. Do Not Order !!! I ordered this after watching the TV ads. I have severe RA and can’t use manual opener. I’m The first one was for $19.99 and could get a second for free. But they were charging shipping for the second opener and it was over priced. I got the first one it never worked. They send a replacement if you call within thirty days. The second one wasn’t pulling the top off then stopped working all together. That was over the thirty days so their response was basically too bad. They refused to replace the second one. These are a piece of crap. Not made well at all. Made to break.

  7. I bought the Toucan, when my other opener quit ( I had used it for several years.) The Toucan worked for a few day, very slowly, and had to be restarted numerous times, but then quit entirely. It cost $40, money down the drain. By the way, my daughter got one as a gift, that one quit as well.

  8. It’s not supposed to “cut”. It separates the top from the rest of the can. You need to go around once then you may have to pry the top from the rest of the can, I use my fingernails.

  9. The slivers of metal come if you go around the can more than once. You need to go around once then you may have to pry the top from the rest of the can, I use my fingernails.

  10. The metal slivers come if you go around more than once. You need to go around once then you may have to pry the top from the rest of the can, I use my fingernails.

  11. The metal slivers come if you go around more than once. You need to go around once then you may have to pry the top from the rest of the can, I use my fingernails. If the Toucan is working correctly, there no real cutting, it just separates the top where it is sealed to the bottom of the can.

  12. This is the second time I made a casserole using canned soups and have a sliver of metal in my food
    I am using the Tu Can opener.
    This is very dangerous for small children and do not know how to warn people about this hazard
    The company said they would replace but I do not want to take a chance again

  13. It worked only three or four times, then it would no longer open the cans. I think the blade was not coming out to cut the can properly

  14. I bought the “upgraded” version of the TouCan and really works well.

  15. Poor manufacturing quality control.If the post holding the cutting blade is not perfect, it does not engage lip of can. One of mine work great and the other very seldom.

  16. I bought one of these from publisher’s clearing house. It is the only thing I bought that I am unhappy with. I think it has opened two cans successfully and has gone through two sets of batteries. I have to restart it several times and if it manages to open three quarters of the way you have to pry it off. The last time I pried the top off with my thumbs I ended up with a deep cut on my right thumb that was pretty serious and took quite a while to heal. Save your money and your fingers and get a good manual or electric opener!

  17. I bought the TouCan can opener I am not happy with it. It Does Work I wouldnt tell anyone to buy it. It was a waste of money. I had to buy another electric can opener.

  18. DON’T buy this!!! It is A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY and it’s a piece of trash!!! IT DOES NOT WORK on ANY can that I try to open – binds up AS SOON AS I touch the Start button. Buy something else instead!

  19. piece of junk does not work period company needs to be put out of business, nothing more than a rip off

  20. I had to have a new can opener as my older electric one just quite working. So I saw the advertisement on the Toucan and decided to buy it. Well I’m so damned mad that it doesn’t open anything. This thing is going in the trash can NOW. I wish I had this company by the neck so I could shove this down their throats!!

  21. I bought the TouCan from Rite Aide. it worked for about 3 months. I do not use can food much because of the sodium in can products. I bought a large can of Enchilada sauce, I tried to open it with this TouCan. It did not work. I said maybe batteries needed to be changed, I changed batteries, It still did not work. I tried to open another regular size can, still does not work. It does not work, the wheel that is to make it go around does not move. It does Not work on All size cans.

  22. At the end opposite the button/cutter end, there is a small rectangular indentation. Hold the bottom side of the Toucan with one hand and with the other hand pull up on the small black tab covering the indentation. You will then separate the entire top of the Toucan from the bottom.

  23. At the end opposite the button/cutter end, there is a small rectangular indentation. Hold the bottom side of the Toucan with one hand and with the other hand pull up on the small black tab covering the indentation. You will then separate the entire top of the Toucan from the bottom.

  24. It works but leaves a dangerous amount of metal slivers on the edge. I will not be using or recommending this product. DO NOT USE!!!

  25. I ordered on line and for the two of them it cost just a few cents under $30. When I used one of them for the first time it worked great as long as I wasn’t in a hurry. Then the next time I tried it the thing jammed and I had a hard time getting it off the can to try it again. After 5 cans the Batteries went dead and they were new when I put them in. The other one opened about 8 or 9 cans and then would just sit there clicking so I tried it again and it stopped all together. They both went into the Garbage can. What ever you do save your money because they are JUNK

  26. Does not work. Have to pry lid off. Get slivers of metal in thumb and finger prying lids off. Don’t buy!
    Throwing it away!

  27. Bought this for Christmas present. Thought it was the real deal. It’s a “raw” deal! if the cutter was about 1/8″ lower, the cutting wheel might get below the rim of the can.
    Bought it at Walgreens………gonna take it back and see what I can do.
    I usually ALWAYS read comments on something I’m going to purchase, but I was shopping, in a
    hurry, and bought it. My bad!

  28. I lost my Instructions for a toucan can opener and I need instructions to put the batteries in ,,, please help … Thank You!

  29. I received my new TouCan but misplaced the directions on how to install the batteries … please help … Thank You.

  30. I cringe every time I see the Toucan can opener advertised on TV and feel I should warn as many people I can to not be deceived like I was. It does sit on top of a can when its placed there but that’s only because it’s so heavy. It either doesn’t open the can at all or only partially, leaving tiny metal shavings around the can edgel. This makes it harder to then open the can with a different opener without shavings getting into the food and makes the lid sharper and dangerous. A terrible product.

  31. So sorry I bought it for me and my sister.. It does not work, does not cut, but made metals shavings that hurt my fingers.. and I have no access to talk to anyone about how to return it or find ou why it does not work… Bad customer service.. tooo bad..

  32. I agree with GW A Honk O Junk is right bought it as a Christmas gift for my folks. Don’t waste your $$ not all As Seen On TV adds work remember Info commercials are like a Magician it’s all smoke & mirror illusion..

  33. Doesn’t work consistently. Left sharp, tiny metal pieces in a dish that was made with the contents of the can just opened w/the Toucan. Had to discard a whole dish of food so our family would not eat the dangerous metal shards! Luckily the first one to taste the dish got a small piece of metal stuck in his tongue, then warned the rest of us.

  34. Hunk O Junk, don’t waste your money on this. why do I always get taken in by the “As Seen On TV” crap when I’ve bought so many of these gadgets and only one out of a hundred actually work like they do on TV. It’s going back tomorrow.

  35. Bought one for our use and one for SIster in Law. Ours is a price of junk. Wàiting to hear from SIL. May have to get her another Christmas present.

  36. I cook a lot on weekends to always have my home cooked portioned meals at the ready. This weekend I needed a lot of different size cans opened the smallest being tomato paste.

    The Toucan worked perfectly on all size cans I love this gadget,LOVE IT!!!

  37. Just got it delivered today….I can’t use the words i would like to on here but what a piece of crap!!!! It doesn’t work at all….It cannot get out of it’s own way….lol….It would be easier and faster to pound the can open with a rock than to use the toucan opener! Don’t waste your money!….it’s getting shipped back!

  38. I bought and tried the Toucan opener on three different ordinary vegetable cans, like you see in the commercial. It took three rounds of the opener to open one of the cans and it didn’t open the other two at all even with numerous rounds. Also, the one it did finally open left tiny metal particles around the lid. Nothing like the commercial. It’s possible I bought a “lemon,” but I wouldn’t advise anyone to risk their money on it.

  39. The can opener worked on about five cans. After that it only would latch onto the can and slip. Magnet never did work. Even when it cut the lid I had to pry the lids off.
    Threw it in the trash and will never buy another one.

  40. Good idea but wears out quickly. Cut lids at first, wore out, sits and spins after less than 30 cans, even with new batteries. Also, after cutting the side edge of the lids, the magnet will not lift lids off the can. TV add fakes that part. Must use both thumbs to push up hard on the top side edge of the can to unseal lid the lid because canning companies use a rubbery, sticky substance to seal the lid when it is pressed onto the can. I would try another one of these can openers, but there are far too many bad reviews all over the Internet about spinning in place, not cutting.

  41. It seems to work as advertised, but have not tried but about 5 cans. The secret is to get the cutter and gear separated by pushing the “release” button until the gap between the two is at it’s widest. This will only happen while the unit is running “in reverse” or “removing from can” by the way. You can not do it manually. If you don’t, then it definitely will not grab the lid. Gap is too small. I bought it for our son who only has the use of one hand, which eliminates all other openers. This works for him!
    I bought 2 more after the first one.

  42. The toucan does work just as advertised. The only draw back is that the batteries don’t last very long. You can only open about a half dozen cans before you need new batteries.

  43. Got my toucan, doesn’t work period. Does not go low enough on the can lid to cut anything. So disappointed.

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