Does Windshield Wonder Really Work?

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Does Windshield Wonder work?Windshield Wonder is a way to clean your car’s windshield without having to be a contortionist, or throw your back out trying to reach all of it. It can be a real struggle to get all of your windshield, and it’s no wonder that they came up with a product designed to fix this problem, since so many people can probably relate to it. So let’s see if this holds up to real world use, and see if it really works.

The way a windshield is designed makes it hard to reach, especially on certain models of cars. Having a clean windshield is very important for safe driving, and leads to less annoyance from not being able to see clearly. One frustrating thing is when you clean the windshield from the outside only to find that the smudge or the dirt is on the inside. Most people are saying that they’re really happy with their Windshield Wonder, and that it solves a lot of these inherent problems that arise when trying to clean it the old fashioned way.

The Claim
Windshield Wonder claims that it makes the job of cleaning your windshield easier and more efficient, and does a better job than your current methods. Because it’s on a wand, and has a rotating head, they say that you won’t have to struggle or strain yourself in order to use it. They also state that it doesn’t use any cleaning agents, and that you just use ordinary tap water to get it to work. It’s supposed to be really easy to use, even when trying to get the most extended windshields, on both the front and back of cars.

The Hype
Sometimes products solve a simple problem, and have to hype it up to make their sale. In this case you either resonate with this product, or you don’t. If you’re fed up with the regular way of cleaning your windshield, you’re probably ready to buy this right now, and just need some assurance that it works. If you’re not really concerned, then you haven’t had enough bad experiences with your windshield and you’re not quite there yet.

The Cost
You can find the Windshield Wonder at online retailers such as Amazon for less than $15. It’s not too expensive in the grand scheme of things, and it comes with one extension wand, two microfiber cloths, and an empty spray bottle that you just fill with tap water. This means that there’s no ongoing costs involved, you don’t need any special cleaning solvents, and the cloths are washable and reusable. So it scores points for being a one-off purchase. You can also use it with your favorite glass cleaner, if you’re so inclined.

The Commitment
This should represent a reduction in the amount of time and effort spent cleaning your windshield. It’s not really a task that comes up often, but with all the trouble it can be it’s one that you might dread doing. By taking away that feeling of dread you might find yourself cleaning your windshield more often, which would lead to safer driving conditions, and less annoyance from a dirty or smudge filled windshield.

If you have ever strained to try to clean a windshield, you’ll appreciate what Windshield Wonder does. With the wand you don’t have to reach as far, and it’s easier to apply the necessary pressure to get the job done, since you have leverage. The reason it’s so hard to clean a windshield using just a cloth is that because you’re stretched so far you can’t get an angle on it, and you can’t put pressure or elbow grease to get stubborn spots.

The majority of those that have bought this and put it to the test have said that it works great. One concern that users have had is how well this will stand up to repeated use. They’re always trying to make products as cheaply as possible, and this is one instance where they should have decided to make the item itself more durable. Since you have to apply some pressure to get it to work, it might not last very long before it breaks.

Final Windshield Wonder Review

We’re giving the Windshield Wonder the Solid Try rating, since most people say it’s great and does what it says, and only a few people say that it breaks easily. One nice thing about it is that it has a dedicated use, and if you have it handy you’ll remember to wash your windshield more often, or at least not procrastinate on the task due to it being such a pain in the back. It does a good job of getting the glass clean with just regular tap water, and real world testing has shown that this is no flop.

Our Recommendation
There’s not a lot of options out there that solve this exact problem. If you’re tired of trying to get to the bottom of your windshield, this is for you. If you’re not quite there yet, you can continue cleaning your windshield the way you’ve always done it. This is one of those items that you can take or leave, depending on your level of frustration. At this price point it’s also one of those thing that you can just get to have handy the next time you clean your car.

What do you think? Does Windshield Wonder work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Windshield Wonder Really Work?

  1. If this really works then it’d be such a lifesaver! I drive a coupe and I love it but it’s really sucky to clean the windshield, especially the rear windshield. Coupes are shaped aggressively so the windshields are angled more steeply and it’s a nightmare reaching all the way to clean them properly. The video looks great and I’d be happy even if it worked only half as good.

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