Does BuggyBeds Really Work?

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Does BuggyBeds work?BuggyBeds are bed bug monitoring traps that are supposed to alert you to the presence of bed bugs before they have a chance to infest your home. You are required to put the traps in place, and then check them from time to time to see if there’s anything in them. Since bed bugs can be hard to find due to their nocturnal nature, this would give you a round the clock way of detecting them. But how well do they really work?

Bed bugs are definitely something you don’t want in your life, as their bites can be really itchy and can leave blistery marks on your body. Hotels can get shut down if they are known to have bed bugs, and exterminating the entire building can take weeks. If you have them in your home the only way to be sure you’re entirely rid of them is to have them professionally exterminated. This can cost hundreds of dollars, but compared to trying to do it yourself it’s the only truly effective way.

The Claim
BuggyBeds are designed to alert you to the presence of bed bugs so that you can call a professional exterminator to get rid of them. You put the traps at the corners of your mattress between the box springs and the mattress and a bed bug will be drawn to it if they’re in your bed. They say each monitor can detect bed bugs up to six months before needing to be replaced. It’s important to note that they don’t claim to get rid of bed bugs, as this might be the first impression you get from seeing their packaging.

The Hype
BuggyBeds was featured on the TV show Shark Tank and received an investment from the investors in order to grow. They all thought the idea was worthy enough to invest in, and it was the first time they ever formed a team and pooled their resources. If you’ve ever had a case of bed bugs you’ll know that there’s no hype here, and they really are something to be concerned about, since you don’t want them to return.

The Cost
It’s $12 for a pack of 4 BuggyBeds for your home. They make a lot of other products that are meant to be used for traveling and even in your car, but if you want to get the bare minimum you’d want to get the pack that is designed for your bed, because that’s where you’re most susceptible, and where they get their name.

The Commitment
This is where they drop the ball as far as ease of use goes. Putting the traps in place is easy enough, but this is no set and forget kind of product. You have to remember to go back and look at all of the traps you set on a regular basis, or their benefit will be rendered obsolete. For example, let’s say you put the monitors in place but then forget to check them. When you finally remember you find that there is a bed bug in one of them. But how long has it been there? You can’t tell, and perhaps they’ve already had a chance to multiply and create a bigger problem.

BuggyBeds would be a better product if it actually killed the bed bug infestation for you instead of just letting you know you have one. If they’ve figured out how to attract and trap bed bugs they should be able to figure out how to attract and trap the queens so that the problem doesn’t get worse. While it can be helpful to know that you’ve got a bed bug problem, and perhaps some peace of mind can be had if you check the traps and don’t find any bugs present, the real value would be in a product that got rid of the problem without the need to call an exterminator.

Final BuggyBeds Review

There’s little question as to whether BuggyBeds work or not, they’ll definitely attract bed bugs if there are any to attract. The big question is whether they provide enough of a service to warrant their use. Putting the monitors in place and then having to remember to periodically check them seems a little much, unless you’ve had problems with bed bugs in the past and are trying to prevent their return.

But these don’t prevent their return, and they’re not designed to rid your home of bed bugs, just to alert you to their presence. So potentially the only benefit they are giving you is saving you from one bed bug bite. It would be a greater success if they included a repellent, or if they were designed to trap all of the bed bugs, or just the queen bed bugs so that future generations wouldn’t have the chance to thrive.

Our Recommendation
If you’re a frequent traveler you may want to pick some of these up. However, if you’ve gone most of your life without a bed bug occurrence, it’s safe to say that it’s unlikely they’ll start popping up in your life experience. If you are about to embark on a long travel trip staying in hostels or cheap hotels, this might be a good investment, and college dorm rooms are a good candidate, and if you’re determined to keep them out of your life they might make a good safeguard against a total infestation.

What do you think? Does BuggyBeds work or not?

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  1. Eric and Elaine must work for this company because this crap does not work. Don’t waste your time or money. If you wanna get rid of them use Ortho sprays and diatamacious earth on the mattress, and place inside of plastic mattress cover with zipper. Treat the box spring and rails, cracks, crevice, and carpet. Dry all clothes in dryer to kill any living in clothing, Every night before bed, spray your entire top mattress with 91% alcohol. Treat bed once a week. Spray alcohol every night. Vacuum daily. To kill the itch, take an empty water bottle and fill with hot water (sink hot, not boiling) and place on bite area for 15 seconds. To avoid bites rub body down with Vics vaporub or tea tree oil. Thank me later.

  2. They don’t work at all. Such crooks. We tried them in some of our apartments and one had infestation and going to be a week before exterminator could come out. So we set 12 of these up near a heavy infestation. Two of them near the nest. Out of 12 traps after being in that aparttfor 11 days not one dam bedbug got trapped. Talked to exterminator about these traps and he said that all these types of trapping and baiting are scams just like a snakeoilsman crooks waste of time money and space. Should be put out of business and forced to pay consumers back plus interest.

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