Do BBQ Bake Bags Really Work?

Do BBQ Bake Bags Work?Being able to cook food on the barbecue is great. Most everyone agrees that the taste of BBQ food is the best, and there is no muss or fuss. But, when it comes to small food it is not the easiest to cook in this way. That is why the BBQ Bake Bags were created.

The BBQ Bake Bags are made mesh bags made with components that can withstand high heats. They are provided by Copper Chef. They can also be used in the oven for small foods or foods that tend to fall apart easily when cooked.

The Claim
The claim made for the BBQ Bake Bags is that they are ideal for cooking veggies in or small meats on the barbecue. It helps to cut down on the waste of food that would normally burn or fall through the grill of the BBQ. The promoters of the BBQ Bake Bags claim that the bags will not tarnish.

The Hype
The hype for the BBQ Bake Bags focuses around the convenience of being able to cook smaller foods in a way that will allow it to cook properly and can be used to compliment other barbecued foods. These bags can also be used for crisping foods like an oven bag, that is great for cooking French fries that are oven baked. They are also convenient to cook items like wieners on the bbq. When they are all placed in the bag they can all be flipped at once.

The Cost
The cost for the BBQ Bake Bags is $14,99 and there are no shipping costs. But if you buy a second set then the shipping cost is $4.99. The BBQ Bake Bags come as a set of two. One large bag and one small bag.

The Commitment
The commitment for the BBQ Bake Bags is the same as for any handy gadget or small kitchen utensil. It comes down to remembering to use it when one is going to be cooking some of the smaller hard to cook foods.

The concept of the BBQ Bake Bags is a good one. Most anyone that cooks knows that it can be difficult to cook smaller foods on the barbecue. Another great aspect about using these BBQ Bake Bags is that it leaves the grill marks on the food which many people like. When it comes to cleaning them they are dishwasher safe. Although for hand washing they may be more difficult to clean. Another drawback is because these bags are made of mesh it may be a little bit harder to use sauces on the items being cooked. These bags could be classed as a money and time saver.

Final BBQ Bake Bags Review

We are going to give the BBQ Bake Bags a try/buy. Not a thumbs up as yet because they are still new to the market and don’t have enough overall feedback to rely on. Also, some people have not been happy with some of the other copper type products.

Our Recommendation

If you like the copper products there are several that are now on the market like the Red Copper Egg Chef.

What do you think? Does the BBQ Bake Bags work or not?

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