Does Canvas People Really Work?

Does Canvas People work?Canvas People is a canvas-creating service that takes your digital pictures and transfers them to a canvas that you can hang in your home. If you’ve been looking for a way to decorate your home with your own photos, this might be one of the better ways to do it, but let’s see how this service really works.

With digital cameras firmly embedded as the default method of taking those priceless pictures, we not have hundreds and hundreds of photos on SD cards and hard drives. But unless you are showcasing the pictures, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense just to take them and leave them sit on your computer or camera. That’s why something like this is nice because it can take your pictures and display them in a way that really does make them look like art.

The Claim
Canvas People says they can take most any pic you have and make a canvas out of it. They say that each canvas comes with that cool wraparound effect where the picture extends to the sides of the canvas and even goes around to the back. They also say that they spray each canvas with a protective coating, so it will last longer and hold up to smudges and sunlight.

Their software also allows you to tinker with your picture, adding effects to it that might make it a little more wall worthy. They have a gallery of photos that you can choose from as well, in case you don’t really feel like hanging one of your own pictures on the wall, but like the way these canvases look with the gallery wrap and bright colors.

The Hype
The hype to having your work displayed on a canvas is that you get to see your own creation in a big size and with bold colors so you’re not just relegated to seeing it on a computer screen or printed in a small photo book of a 4×6 sized print you can get from places like Wal-Mart or CVS.

The Cost
Canvas People has their prices set according to what size canvas you want. They say the most popular size is 11 inches by 14 inches, which isn’t too big, and costs $67. They’re running a promo right now that gets you their 8×10 size for free, you just pay the shipping of $15. This lets you try out the quality and see what you’re getting before going with one of their larger sized canvases.

The Commitment
They’ve made the ordering process pretty easy, so once you’ve taken the photo the hard part is over. Of course you’ll have to find a good way to hang your picture on the wall, but that’s becoming easier and easier with several newly introduced products. So overall this should be a pretty easy process, and before you know it you’ll be able to see your own style of artwork on display each day in your home.

Canvas People gets a ton of mixed reviews, with some people getting what they wanted, and others getting disappointed and advising to stay away from them. Apparently this ran as a Groupon special, and it seems that they were unable to keep up with the demand, or deal with customer service issues when trying to fix the mistakes. There are signs that things have gotten better since then, so maybe they’ve fixed the glitch and have learned to avoid giving Groupon deals to people.

Aside from the ordering troubles people were experiencing, most people have said that the actual product that you receive is good, and lives up to expectations. Some people complained about the colors not being quite right, but most said that the images looked good and were printed on a high quality canvas.

Final Canvas People Review

Canvas People is getting our Try rating, as they have been known to get things wrong now and then but for the most part look like they intend to be around for the long run. When you want to put your images on a canvas there are plenty of places that will do it for you. The benefit of going with a service like this one is that they are trying to provide a high quality print at a lower cost.

Our Recommendation
Most people don’t remember to come back and say they had a great experience with a service or a product. But those that are disappointed by what they receive want to shout it from the rooftops. That’s why it’s good to remember not to let the experiences of a few individuals tarnish your overall decision. You can use it as a heads up, but it shouldn’t make you decide not to try it at all.

What do you think? Does Canvas People work or not?

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Chicago48 August 21, 2012 at 4:04 am

This is very true, I have thousands of photos of my children saved on my hard drive and backed up on cloud, and yet I only have about a dozen framed photos of my kids around the house. We take lots of photos but we don’t seem to enjoy them as much as we used to in the analog age. I remember my dad used to take photos with the old 35mm films, get them developed, order double copies, one for the album and one for the frame or for giving away to my grandparents. There’s something warm about being able to see a photo in a physical form rather than on a computer screen or from your tiny smart phones. I really like this idea.


Rebecca A. July 20, 2013 at 11:44 pm

Haha – I hear you, Chicago – I only have one child and no grandchildren yet, but looking around at the pictures all over my house a person would be able to guess exactly the year I started taking digital shots. I have a daughter who is now a fully grown adult, but you’d never know it without looking at the pictures on my phone! I think I will investigate this canvas photo option, especially for those shots that really do look like works of art. Canvas for ALL of them might get a little pricey. (Maybe I can get this whole reprint thing figured out before the grandbabies start to arrive.)


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