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Does Kyani work?Kyani is both a business opportunity and a producer and distributor of health products. The two main questions people have regarding it are can you make money with it, and should I buy the products from someone that is pitching me on it. Here we’ll attempt to answer both.

Multi-level marketing companies like these are pretty common, and it’s becoming very popular to center your business model around a health product. Here’s why: The aging baby boomer population means that more and more people are going to be taking their health more seriously for the next decade or so. Health products are consumable, so there is repeat business as customers run out of product and need to reorder if they like it. Health is a long-term need, so if you get someone to like the product they’ll need it for the foreseeable future.

The drawback to trying to sell a health product is that you have to prove that it works, and prove that pretty conclusively. Most of the time these companies will expect you to not only sell the product but also use it, so you can be an example of what potential users can expect from trying it out. The flip side to that is the company is making money not only from selling products to consumers, but also selling products to its salespeople. In fact many programs will make it obligatory to buy a certain amount of product each month in order to qualify for the most earnings and bonuses.

The Claim
Kyani has been around for several years now, which is one sign that it has some staying power. In this industry it matters how long you’ve been around, with many of these “opportunities” fizzling out in the first few years, as the people at the top cash out and leave the people at the bottom stranded. You always have to keep in mind what time you’re getting in, because it’s like a bell curve and you want to be on the left side of the curve so that there are enough people left over to fill your downline and accelerate your profits.

From a consumer standpoint, this longevity does not necessarily translate into a good product, it simply means that they are able to continually sell the product, and at the very least attract new salespeople with the lure of making a full-time income. The effectiveness and safety of the products has come under some heavy scrutiny, so it’s best to do your homework before buying.

The Hype
The hype will come from the representatives that are trying their best to make a commission off of the sale of the goods. They will use whatever means necessary, even posing as product reviewers and ordinary users to try to add their voice to the conversation. It’s hard to get accurate data because of this, since who is left to provide a straight answer?

The Cost
The products that Kyani produces are pretty much just 3 items they refer to as the “Triangle of Health” and include a breakfast drink, nighttime pills to take, and a nitric oxide supplement. The breakfast drink is $40, the nighttime pills are $40 and the nitric oxide supplement is $62. There are discounts to be had on each one if you sign up for automatic shipment and automatic billing. This puts your total retail cost for the triangle at $142, which should last you one month.

To become a distributor you’ll need to buy a package. They have a $500 Business Builder package, and a $1000 premium option. There’s also a $300 pack that gets you an assortment of products and materials to help you on your venture.

The Commitment
For consumers, you’d want to use these as directed, and you’d basically be committing to using them on an ongoing basis if they work out for you and you enjoy the feelings you have while on them. As a business opportunity you would need to commit as much free time as possible to make this something that could replace your current income. You’d have to treat it like a business and take it seriously, making sacrifices and investing in opportunities as they present themselves.

Kyani has a streamlined process and they really have their ducks in a row. There are worse companies to align yourself with if you’re looking for an MLM opportunity. While their products might not be the most affordable, they might appeal to a certain clientele, but this will limit your ability to make large amounts of money from sales, because a big chunk of the people out there won’t be able to afford this on a monthly basis.

This means you’re in for a good amount of work, and you’ll have to either read up on sales books, or immerse yourself in the training they provide to try to overcome objections, and locate buyers that can afford what you’re selling. The beauty is that if you can create a nice core of users that are happy with the product they should stay on and order every month, reducing your workload as you go along.

Final Kyani Review

Kyani gets our Try rating, as long as you understand that to be successful at it you’ll need to be devoted to it, and it can’t just be something you dabble in. For consumers, it seems a bit pricey and there are plenty of other products on the market that don’t cost as much and would likely yield the same or better results. You can make your own triangle of health for far less than $140 a month, and without being pestered to also sell it as well.

Our Recommendation
With any business you’ll want to choose something you can be passionate about. If you try these products and they really blow your mind and you can see yourself talking excitedly about them and getting others to try them, it might be worth a try. But be careful because network marketing can also alienate your friends and family if they start to think that you are only interested in them as a potential customer.

What do you think? Does Kyani work or not?

173 Customer Reviews on “Does Kyani Really Work?

  1. I truly was skeptical and tried to get my daughter out of the business but she gave me the products and my life has been forever changed! I will never stop taking them and love the servant hearts of the founders. Many will say it is a pyramid scheme but it is not because they focus on real products and people. Sure they want others to join as business partners but think about it. Doesn’t McDonalds want people to buy into franchises? it’s all the same just that with Kyani, you do not have the crazy overhead expenses that brick and mortar businesses have.

  2. I just started taking Kyani. Since beginning, I’ve had real problems sleeping at night. It seems like I read that one of the products has Guarana? I’m not sure which one it is. I also take Synthroid and I’m thinking that possible possibly there’s an interaction between the two. If anyone has any ideas?

  3. Kyani is the biggest scam ever. I was talked into joining in Feb 2017 (which I am embarrassed to admit). I tried the products, and they do nothing but waste my hard earned money. I stuck with it for about 3 months. I listened to the upline people who were suppose to help me build my team, but it seemed like every person I recruited they had a reason that person shouldn’t used as the one last person I needed to promote to the next level. The people who convinced me to buy in to this BS were using me to advance themselves. They tell you when you sign up that it is new, and you needed to get in right now before it’s too late. Once you are in, you realize it is all a load of crap. So I found myself in a situation where I had expended over $1000 in 3 months for a product that does not work, no one wants to buy it because it is expensive and a team who is using me to advance themselves. I stopped after 3 months, April 2017. Fast forward to Feb 2018, check my credit card statement and notice a $69.00 fee charged by Kyani. Now I am attempting to recoup my money from them as it should not have been charged to my account. There was no email, letter, notification or anything else letting me know I owed any money, a charged was being processed on my credit card or confirmation of a payment. This company charged me in hopes I wouldn’t notice the charge and now they are making it difficult for me to get my money back. If someone approaches you about this company…RUN!!!! They try to tell you that you are special, and they will help you the whole way to be successful, but it is all a lie!! Plus the products don’t work. This is a total SCAM!! I went to a few conferences/trainings, and I quickly noticed these people are so brainwashed into believing this is a great product and investment opportunity. When I pointed out the products did not work, my upline made the excuse that I didn’t see a difference because I was already a healthy person before I started. REALLY?!?! Yet, they were trying to tell me to sell the product to my friends at crossfit. I couldn’t rip off my friends nor could I sell a product that does not work. Therefore I got out, but they still charged me money 10 months after I cancelled it.

  4. There is no monthly fee as a distributor. I don’t know if there was a fee in the past. I only buy product for my personal family’s use. We happily use it all because of the results we have seen. No one should make promises or medical claims. Results will vary.

    As to the compensation plan, be knowledgeable and build your team quickly. I ask people to try the TOH for 30 days. If they don’t like it, mail back the two bottles for a full refund. They are only out the mailing costs.

    You can qualify for a car earlier than other companies. Before locking yourself into payments or a lease, make sure you can cover the costs if your profits dip. Or, wait to get the car later on and accept the alternative payout.

    Be smart. Don’t knock it until you try it!

  5. Natural foods are preferred. My take on it is that nutrition is expensive and changing dietary habits is hard. Kyani makes it easy. Also be aware that nutritional values in our fruits and vegetables has declined due to the soil being depleted, and breeding new crops that are pest resistant, grow faster and larger. Buying organic offsets some of the decline in nutritional content. Supplementing our nutrition so the body can heal makes sense to me.

  6. There is a $89 option to sign up as a distributor. No medical claims should be made as a distributor. We should only be sharing experiences we have personally had. Mine was remarkable but I don’t promise that to my customers. Selling an MLM product isn’t for everyone, and I don’t think people should discourage others because they had a negative experience. The compensation program is generous for those who are willing to put in the work. I don’t like to see extreme comments of “it’s the worst” or “it’s a miracle!”. Individual results will vary. So far I have seen great results in health improvements but I don’t expect that in everyone.

  7. FYI – Doctors, well Dentists, they are Doctors, right? Well they and the FDA thought that putting mercury in our mouths would somehow be beneficial to us. Now they are linking those mercury fillings to the onset of Alzheimers. (Google toxic teeth) As well as fluoride, which originally was scraped off the walls of nuclear facilities (hence, “active ingredient”). The fluoride we currently purchase from China (whom love Americans so much they saved the arsenic ridden products just for our country, not any of the others, to kill us, our pets and our children – mustn’t forget that) that is forced into our drinking water (in Florida) makes holes in concrete. So I think we should not trust Doctors or Associations whose recommendations can be swayed with gifts or profits. Especially ones that are unwilling to admit and correct their wrongdoings. FDA approved Fentanyl, a drug that has killed nearly 10,000 people (up 73% from the previous year) . One company that makes Fentanyl also makes the antidote naloxone or “Narcan” – which, unsurprisingly, has raised the cost by 1,700% ($4,500 for a pack of 2 auto-injectors that less than 2 years ago costed only $690). The FDA could be doing a better job and I would not base my choices on their approval. And the practicing doctors, who adhere to only what they were taught in school and whom are not open to new ways of practicing or adapting to new or old proven and recently rediscovered solutions will not be altering my decisions when it comes to my choices regarding my health and well being.

  8. I had a serious problem as far as drinking cigarettes. Please don’t make light of this addiction…

  9. Hi kyäni is for real
    We are building a superstrong team her in sweden with first upploade Daimond Stefan ederfors 9 years in kyäni buissnies with full suport for all team members
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  10. Horrible company. Deceptive billing practices that go out of their way to be less than transparent. They upcharge without notice. Must wait on hold forever and after finally talking to someone I’m told I have to talk to a manager to cancel. Once again on hold but after a couple of minutes I was conveniently disconnected. I had to call my credit card company to block future charges. I guess I should expect this from a multi level marketing company.
    In fairness, the product is not bad just very overpriced

  11. Hi Alley! I’ve been reading up on Kyani and I noticed your post. I, too, was with Primerica! I’m now with a company that I really trust and it is NOT an MLM! I didn’t have to lay out any money and I don’t have to buy inventory!

  12. Fun reading all the discourse from the true acolytes to the naysayers. But nobody here making claims has any basis to do so.
    1. Supplements are not regulated as a drug by the FDA becuase they do not offer any type of cure. THEY ARE however limited in what they can say on the bottle- they cannot make claims that are unsubstantiated or unsupported by research which is why they are labeled as Nutritional Supplements and CANNOT BY LAW say they cure cancer, fibromyalgia, dementia, Chronic pain, general Itching, bad breath, Hoof and Mouth or Stupidity. Other than anecdotal *I feel better* which can also be the result of a placebo effect, there is no PROOF of efficacy. And if this did cure/help ANY disease you can bet the owners would be getting studies done ASAP.
    2. Supplements provide needed nutrients that one can also get from eating a balanced healthy diet. With the lack of healthy eating in the USA, these pills, potions and lotions provide nutrients that most Americans arent getting eating chips, burgers, fried chicken and other horrendous and nutritionally barren foods. So while people can say they feel better on these nutrients it is also wholly possible and probable that converting their eating habits and consuming better nutrient dense whole foods would have the EXACT same result. Please note that since most of you here cant understand basic biochemistry- when a nutrient is introduced into the body- B12- for instance, it does not CARE or MATTER where the nutrient comes from- food or pill- the body takes what it requires to maintain cellular function. Just lose the crap, eat better and I guarantee you, you will feel better. Those studies HAVE been done..
    So I will sit here amused and entertained, by the true believers: those ignorant of basic nutritional facts and function, making the *scientific* claims that their company, by law, cannot because the proof and data does not exist. I have wine and popcorn so please continue to extemporize on the natural cures for cancer- because Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance, so is Botulism and I can guarantee- THEY do NOT cure Cancer. Proceed !! lolz

  13. to the author, the people wanting to try it for a week are not going to see a major difference usually in just seven days. that’s because the product is anti oxidant based and actually works at the cellular level to repair our bodies from the inside out. that takes time to see results, and is why vitamins and minerals and antidepressants alike have to have four to six weeks before you can see a difference. the one week trial from kyani is nonsensical because people won’t realize how great it is in that short of time, and the trial box doesn’t include the noni xtreme product. i don’t know what kyani is thinking lol but im sure it’s too expensive to distribute a month for free or to put the xtreme in there. still, for a real benefit, one would need a full month, plus the xtreme… not the other placebo like noni one. third, some people have criticized it saying they didn’t lose much weight on it so it’s not an effective weight loss drug. i don’t know why kyani would propose that its product is for weight loss because it repairs the human body in its entirety from what i can tell. the amazing side effect though is that after a few weeks or a few months, depending on how sick you were, like me lol, when you do start to heal, you feel so much better! it also calms your mind. (possibly the e and fish oil.) so you want to get out more, do things, you have strength to accomplish tasks. so if there is a weight loss in the product, I’m guessing it’s a side effect as a result of whole body healing that starts one on the road to recovery. but any drug that promises weight loss artificially on its own would be bad for us (fen-phen comes to mind for example).

  14. sunset** the anti-inflammatory agents in the sunset have helped so much with chronic pain. I’m on disability with two pain conditions and have been diagnosed with additional ones, so i can only speak for myself, but the sunset works really well. however it gives me a migraine if i even take two together. so i take one in the morning, the afternoon, and at bedtime. also, the sunrise in the morning gives me a migraine, so i mix it with juice, usually gatorade powder, and drink it over a few hours or so. i do make sure I’ve had my morning migraine medication before i take it, but i would have that regardless of the sunrise. the noni also is a headache trigger, so i only take half of the dosage, then split my dosage up throughout the day. it works perfect like that 😊

  15. alley, I’m really sorry for y’all’s experience. i do have to add a basic multivitamin outside of my kyani regimen due to malabsorption issues, but i know that is a rare condition. however, even though this thread is late, i just wanted to mention it because if one isn’t getting enough nutrients, minerals, etc. then kyani can’t really build on it has been my experience. I’m not a distributor but have just had my life changed physically as a result. i did do a ton of research and went really slowly due to severe migraine triggers. i would suggest that people with any sort of chronic pain or headaches would benefit the most from the sunrise, but by taking it across the 24 hours. i just take mine as soon as my osteoarthritis flares up. I’ve stopped taking one pain med abs cut back on another rx plus two otc meds. i honestly feel that it came into my life in order to help save it. btw the blood pressure issue is supposed to get *regulated* on kyani,but again, i experimented with smaller doses than what it said, and read and read. what the noni in the xtreme does is almost instantly increases your blood flow everywhere. that’s not to say that it increases pressure, but it opens up your blood passages so to speak. since you already have issues with the blood pressure, i would hold off on the noni until it’s addressed with your doctor, such as, is it possible to treat it with a beta blocker? is it a weight issue (not soeaking of you here, just humans in general)? is it something that lymphatic massage and yoga would belp with? and maybe a quarter of a dose of the noni twice a day? so it’s just not a cut and dried thing, and the reps don’t know what’s best for the customers because they’re not doctors. in fact i would say that the mlm aspect of this company is unfair to lay on the average person who does NOT have a medical background, and its medically dangerous if not illegal to allow u.s. citizens to be using high pressure sales in our country in the first place in order to get people to use a product instead of regular medical attention. (that being said, my ob/gyn office never scheduled an appt to review my sonogram of my tumor and after trying to reach them, I’ve decided to go the route myself of just trying to heal naturally now.) and my life has changed so much that it’s unbelievable on this product. that’s why i recognize the great efficacy of the product while also recognizing that they should dial the intensity back a bit and not make reps buy from them, not sell memberships to people with a bunch of promises that fall apart, etc. just be calm and slowly educate the nation on why we are so chronically malnourished in the first place, and use the same pharmaceutical reps to promote their products to doctors and hospitals to start getting all of us well, but in a measured approach. god bless you. and anyone who may read this.

  16. amber, if you’re 19 and have a car from kyani sales with your lack of social skills and medical knowledge, then i highly doubt it’s only kyani that you’re selling. no offense. second, kyani has never been intended to be used instead of actual medical treatment when it’s needed. the concept of having a product that can help people so that they can get well, stay well, or find solutions to long standing problems in no way is a substitute for the necessary and life saving medical field that exists through the grace of God to save lives every day. maybe if you’re caught in a fire someday, you can douse it with sunrise. and any baby that’s sick by the way should have been rushed to an emergency room. failing to render medical aid, if you’re in America, can get your family’s parental rights taken away. so before you brag or lie, you might want to check your stories against federal and state law. also, maybe review the law regarding misrepresentation of a product that’s not been approved by the fda as being medically effective in treating conditions.

  17. I’ve read most of the comments. This is why most people will never get over illnesses. They would rather believe a doctor about health than a person who believes in the God given dietary supplementation. Making justifications about how people are making money by selling a product has nothing to do with does the product actually work. So what people are making money. That’s the point of selling any product. The products from Kyani do work miracles. My Ant has Lupus and she’s overcome MANY health barriers she’s told me. She doesn’t sell the product but she recommends it strongly. So don’t be discouraged by people who are not willing to take a chance and are skeptical because of their own fear. Try it. If it does not work stop taking it. Simple.

  18. Our billionaire founders that have never sold a business, failed in business, or gone public in business are the most humble people you would ever meet. They threw a few million dollars at the company to give all of the distributiors a 46% pay raise. The fact that this company lasted 10 YEARS with only 3 products is solid proof that the products are changing lives everyday. If you have any questions or want to try the product send me an email at

  19. My name is matt lily I live in Canada

    I had seizure disorder that started when I was 21, I’m now 36. I took medicines for over 15 years, I had grand mal seizures I’ve tried many anticonvulsants and had never been able to stop the seizures. Surgery was not an option. My seizures worsened as I aged. Yet, my life has been dramatically impacted by seizure For years, I went from Doctor to many Neurologists to an Epileptologist trying to find a cause and cure for my seizures. I tried every medication and dosage imaginable but nothing seemed to work. I read a testimony about someone on a website called herbalife cure who was cured from seizure through herbal medicine. I contacted the doctor, and used his herbal medicine, my seizure became a story. Today, I am totally free from seizures after years of struggle. contact him at this website(

  20. Bill,

    They’re = They are
    Their = Possession
    There = Location
    No = To reject/decline, not be interested in, etc.
    Know = To have knowledge of
    COS = Close observation status (I believe you were referring to the word “because”)

    Also, plenty of researchers do hold doctorate level degrees. Although they may not be medical doctors, they have years of education and scientific training (in reference to your “research doctors” quote.

    Finally, a diagnosis will never be a “prescription,” rather a diagnosis is a collection of symptoms with a prognosis. There may be a recommendation for different medications or prescriptions, however that is not a “diagnosis” that is a “treatment.”

    You’re *note the spelling* welcome.

  21. Let’s face the facts here..
    Prescriptions -kill
    Doctors- kill

    Kyani uses Ancient medicine techniques which have been proven world-wide. Just Research the main ingredient in the Nitro FX which is the NONI fruit. We may not believe it here in the states because we have been brainwashed tongontonthe doctor for everything including papercuts. And countries don’t have grade A doctor’s and or the equipment needed and they rely on ingredients to cure and they have healed alot of people.. it’s science. If you believe in science then you will believe in KYANi

  22. Clearly your husband doesnt have a supportive wife hence why his business failed! We’ve been with Kyani 3 months and have already made $5,000. Had you been less negative MAYBE you would have the same success. All the best with your future endeavours. I live Kyani ❤

  23. This product has worked out for me I’ve tried so many other products and nothing. I suffer from Lupus, headaches, inflammation, sleep disorder, lack of energy, depression, I could go on. I rather take this Kyani then take medications because medications only work for awhile then they want to try something else on you. No thank you I love it and if it doesn’t work for others sorry to hear that.

  24. Please go get a lyme test. Ravaging Northeast and West coasts. Transmitted by ticks. Leads to multiple neurological and fibrosis issues. Ask for Western Blot Test. Read up and see if symptoms match yours!

  25. I like this product but most have a huge misunderstanding about what is. For one never take a seller words look up the ingredients yourself and be resourceful about what you put in your body. Once you look into the ingredients found on the back bottle than you’ll know what it’s about. It’s not about cures or anything like that. It’s about health supplements. Sure you can buy your health supplements a store but than your buying individually. Which still ends up in same cost range in the long run for those of us who need a lot of vitamins. Honestly the Sunrise is vitamin B complex in one, and your Sunset is vitamin E, and tocoternols. Nitro is more for fitness but I have found being on television nitro xtreme I don’t experience any more symptoms of PMS, or Menopause. Overall I won’t quit taking it because it does for me what I need in 3 quick steps. Maybe it has something you might be looking for in a product but you’ll never know if you don’t do the research first. This is the site I order from just in case your wondering ( )
    Signed an Honest Review

  26. to Elizabeth and chellissa, I am a naturopath. it is best not to mix nitro with water or anything else. Just put the drops under the tongue and let it sit there for a few seconds.The nitro will then mix with your natural enzymes that will carry the product straight into your blood stream. Take a sip of water afterwards if you like.This is the most beneficial way for your health to use NitroFX or NitroXtreme.

  27. Kyani works, personally researched and tested it. Many of you say, go see a doctor for illnesses and diseases, we have! The VA did nothing but prescribe pharmaceutical drugs for my 84 year old mother, had her hooked on everything under the sun. She loves Kyani and is off all her pain meds, pyscho meds, most blood thinners, fibramialga drugs, and a lot more. She takes a few pills now and Kyani. Kyani stabilized and lowered her BP! She’s off insulin that she took for 40 years! She tells me 80 percent of her pain is gone! Personally, my sore painful knees, ankles, lower back, right shoulder, neck, left hip, shortness of breath at times all completely GONE after using Kyani for two months. Just maybe nutraceuticals actually work! The term nutraceuticals wasn’t even coined until 1989. It’s a new cutting edge not very old industry using genetic research to bring the best health to market via health products. Why do many of you think only electronics like computers and cell phone and other industries advance because of modern science and computer research? Nutraceuticals and nutrition are advancing just as fast, pharmaceutical drug pushers don’t want you to think so thus why you’re told it’s a scam, it’s snake oil, they’ll lose billions of dollars annually.
    Currentyly four highly acclaimed PHD doctors head up the research on Kyani, why not hear what they have to say? Read the white papers on the product? Inflammation is where most illnesses start, get rid of or reverse inflammation and guess what happens? It’s common sense if you do your critical thinking research.
    Can start here
    Google testimonials too. It’s no scam! It’s modern cutting edge research.

    Thank you

  28. I would like to try for one month to make sure this works before I invest the money which is really going to be a challenge. I am retired and a diabetic. Let me know if anyone can send me one month of this product

  29. Yes you can. Personally, I am not a fan of blueberry so I mix mine in with 3 ounces of grape juice. The combo of the 2 is great!

  30. Scott, if you are interested and have not connected with anyone, I am here for you. I just joined but have been a consumer for a year. It has done amazing things for me. I am 61 but feel 30. My back pain is gone. I have a couple of friends that use kyani – severe ibs flare-ups gone, arthritis pain gone (she is an interpreter for the deaf) & the other has a condition similar to fibromyalgia – causes a lot of pain – with kyani it is gone (she too is an interpreter for the deaf). all I know is that it helps many people and I am excited to be a part of a caring company that has staying power.

  31. I would love to know more about how this has heled with pain! If you are still following this thread, please email me so we can chat.

    I’m 33 and have lived with multiple health issues as well as unexplained chronic pain.

    No doctor can or is willing to find anything out, they just want to put a band aid on it and send you on your way.

    I am extremely interested in knowing more of the pain benefits first hand.

    Thanks for your comment!

  32. I would love to see the people that commented back in 2015 return to this page and advised on their success with Kyani. I would also love to see the people who were simply taking the product and who didn’t join the business advise on the products effectiveness. Kyani will soon launch a skincare line and they recently started a potato pack program. It seems they are trying to diversify, I wonder why? Could it be the “supplement products” aren’t selling like they use to?

  33. I started off very skeptical about Kyani, but when I used the nitro fx on my son’s severe eczema I was blown away! It does work and I became a distributor. You have to treat your business like you would your job. As for those who call it a pyramid scheme, your jobs are also a hierarchical system.Think about it! If anyone is interested in learning more, click on my link I’ll be happy to answer any questions!

  34. For what it’s worth, I live in Australia and was shown Kyani through the Team Fusion DFY model approx 20 months ago. I joined immediately upon seeing the compensation plan and trusted the person who showed me. The products are certainly a major bonus to a much improved MLM system that’s in place with Team Fusion. The company, the founders, the financial stability, the integrity and values of the company not to mention the beautiful vision they have for the health of millions, and of course the products. Wellness simplified at it’s best! I’m a health and fitness nut and even I can feel the difference in a great way. Kyani has it all and I’ve never seen that in any MLM before. I qualified for my dream car within 2 months and have been driving our lovely Mercedes CLA 200 compliments of the Dream Car program for well over a year now. The missus is pretty happy about that. Now I need to work a bit harder and qualify for another, but better, one that I can have as all mine haha. Also, we are nearly full-time income from part-time effort. I’m pretty bloody happy I had an open mind back then.
    If someone has already introduced you to Kyani then do everything you can to get back to them asap and ask to be really shown it.
    If this is your first exposure then I’m happy to take any questions.

  35. I started using KYANI 1 year ago due to severe inflammation in left knee. Pain and swelling caused me problems especially in the morning getting out of bed and down stairs. My son suggested KYANI, so I tried it and each week I noticed a little more energy and some reduction in knee… by the 3rd week… I was able to get out of bed without pain!!! I was able to run down the stairs!! I was so excited!!! Ever since, I’ve had several other health improvements! I feel like my younger self again! I love my KYANI and my son for telling me about it!!!
    Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in trying!!!

  36. The products had improved my digestive tract problem, and the sunset helps me get s better quality sleep. I am happy to announce that you can purchase Kyani At cost price, same price as a distributor. NEW PROMOTION, as of August. I can help :

  37. Mr. Roger, good morning to you and all the non- believers!! My 16 yr old son and I have tried the Kyani products and they have worked for us, but in different ways, from what was told to us. My gums were very inflamed around two of my back teeth and I used 2 drops twice of the 62.00 dollar x fusion product and it worked!! I was so relieved of the soreness and felt like normal the next morning. My son has acne real bad and he used this same product twice a day for two days and his acne improved a whole lot. I used it on his left cheek only and wow what a difference. My eyes teared up because he is such a great kid and I know it helped his self esteem. As far as illnesses, I don’t actually know. I’ve heard stories that it shrinks inflammation and that helps any illness or disease. It definitely helped mine and my son’s. I think the best thing is for people just to try the product and if you like it, sell it!! I plan on selling the kyani product soon and I’m only selling the product by my experiences. Have a blessed day

  38. As I mentioned to Linn above — Full disclosure — We are a Kyani distributor. We are very picky about our health products and investigated these products by trial and ingredients. Health is the first and main important part of why we are involved with Kyani. We have researched product after product since we experienced cancer within our immediate family 5 years ago. There are other products out there — what remains true is that you do get what you pay for. Not to say that you cannot get product on a budget but be aware that the really less expensive products should be researched in depth — just as Kyani should. The Sunrise, Nitro, and Sunset work as a whole nutritional regiment. Sunrise contains the water soluble B vitamins among other things — Nitro is the nitric oxide portion — and Sunset contains the good fats and vit. E that is so important. You can learn more about Dr. Q who developed Kyani by going here — Same as Linn — if you are within a specific area that we can reach — we could get you a 7 day sample. Just e-mail me at and we can set up a time to talk. Sincerely Rory K

  39. Hi Linn:
    Full disclosure — We are a Kyani distributor. We are very picky about our health products and investigated these products by trial and ingredients. Health is the first and main important part of why we are involved with Kyani. The business portion just means we are able to work within an area that we are passionate about. Unknowingly we were taking some of Dr. Q’s other products that he developed just by way of the quality in the product. We did not know anything about his involvement with Kyani and were happy to hear about it. There are a lot of products out there and you must do your own investigation and draw conclusions based on research. We are happy with the results we get and the integrity of the products. Depending on where you are located — I would be happy to send you a sample pack (7 days) at no cost. Just email me at We can see where you are and what I can do. Sincerely, Rory K

  40. A friend has recommended that I try Kyani but I can only afford to try the sunrise at this time. Is it beneficial to take just the one product or do you have to take all 3 to get any effect? I was hoping to try the sunrise and introduce the others slowly – if good results and finances allow.

  41. If there are other products out there just like Kyani that are cheaper and do the same thing, can someone please list them. I would like to know what they are before I invest in this product.

  42. Distributors go on about how easy the system is. It’s “done for you.” All you have to do is “copy, paste and send from your smartphone.” If it was that easy, why are most people losing money is this system? All you have to do is look at the Kyani income disclosure statement to see that very few people will make money. 62% didn’t even get a cheque of $10 or more in a 12 month period. Around 85% earning less than $650/month. Take into consideration the fee you have to pay per month to qualify for bonuses, that brings the $650 down even more. Talk of a six figure salary by working a few hours a day by the pool is clearly a deceptive marketing tactic to con you into joining. Distributors will mention that 50% of profits go back to the distributors. Really? Obviously only the top 1% because the rest are’t getting much at all.

    The so called free car. Another con. Firstly, it’s not free. Secondly, how many distributors actually tell you if you drop rank or quit Kyani, you are responsible for the car repayments? Nice little “contract” Kyani has to keep you locked it. The products. Overpriced. You can pick up cheaper alternatives with the same ingredients from the chemist. Secondly, not one single published clinical trial that the products can do anything to your health. This is the exact reason why any mention that the products can treat, manage, cure any medical condition is a direct violation of not only Kyani policies, but those set by other governing bodies. Even the doctor behind the products, the so-called head of the scientific committee, Dr Qutab, has also been shown to violate Kyani policies. What a great example for the fellow distributors when one of people who should be well aware of making these sort of health claims is found to break kyani policies.

    The question as to whether it’s a pyramid scheme. Clearly a grey area. You will get told that it’s not a pyramid scheme because a product is sold. The facts are that selling a product does not prohibit you from being found guilty of operating a pyramid scheme. If the main emphasis is on recruiting rather than selling product, you have to question the business. You only have to look on social media to see that little emphasis is on the product. It’s always about the business opportunity. A question to all the distributors: How many customers i.e. non-distributors do you sell product to?

    The old 9-5 job is a pyramid scheme. How many 9-5 jobs have most of the work force losing money, which is happening in Kyani?

    Kyani was reported to the Federal Trade Commission by TruthInAdvertising (TINA) due to all the deceptive health and income claims. TINA has experience in this area and an investigation by them resulted in the FTC taking another health supplement MLM business (Vemma) to court. Very similar allegations have been made against Kyani.

    By the way, one of the top US distributors admitted he did not care about the people losing money which pays for his lifestyle. He openly admitted all he worried about was getting his pay check.

  43. As with every other MLM, most people end up losing money. Kyani is no different. Their income disclosure statement showed that 62% of people didn’t even ever a cheque of $10 or more in a year. Roughly 85% of active distributors are earning, on average, less than $650 per month, This is before the fees they have to pay per month.

  44. We are very particular about our products that we consume; both supplemental and our everyday meals that we create to support our health. We are very please with Kyani as a consumer. As an internet marketer with an online presence, I am very happy to have joined the Kyani network of distributors. Product results and nutritional value are utmost and the business opportunity is outstanding. I only promote what I will consume or use myself. We appreciate the Kyani products and opportunity. It is a very well established and credible organization. For a more detailed discussion on how I scrutinized the products — please feel free to contact me. I have my e-mail and website available.

  45. I have been living with chronic pain for 10 years now. I have tried magnesium, hormone detoxes, better eating, sciatic stretches, osteo, physio and the list goes on. I eat very well, am a farmer, studying herbal medicine and so I know about how to help the body but not much was helping my inflammation.
    For roughly 6 months now a distributor friend of mine has gently been reminding me about the products and I was really really skeptical at first because I don’t trust online work. I was in such extreme pain last week that I decided to at least try the product and I can truly say that for the first time in years, I have a reduced sciatic pain of 80% and my flexibility has returned allowing me to work on getting my body back into shape in a deeper way.
    I have become a distributor and will aim to help those around me – mother and grandmother have rheumatoid osteoporosis and my step father has parkinsons – to at least try the product. If they simply want to be customers great, if they want to distribute even better. I just can’t believe how good I feel for the first time in years. This is not my full time job but if I can help people have access to the supplements by getting them to become distributors and find 4 clients each, it pays for the cost here in Canada 200$.
    Thank you and keep on keepin!

  46. That’s not how it works. There is very little in product cash out for distributors. I have studied it thoroughly. At first I was interested but when you look at the cost to benefit ratio and the way it’s set up I won’t be joining. I see a lot of true believers here and that’s fine but the facts are this. Most of these products are available in various form from other supplements. Probably about at a 3rd of the cost. I know Kyani believers will wail, but that is the truth. Alaskan wild blueberry extract, in its pure form, not diluted like Kyani is about 22. Bucks. The business pack is 500 and change. You don’t see much of that if you recruit 2 people. So once again the money goes to the company. 40 peeps recruit 2 people that’s 60k to the company if you count the original cash layout. Multilply that by 20 cities per week. And why does the business pak cost 589. Or so. If you had a great product you would charge less to get started and give a higher percentage on product sales. In the end this is just another well packaged MLM. Very slick but still not worth the effort unless you are a true believer. Plays in people’s initial excitement with a fair, but non spectacular product that they charge too much for, but looks really nice. Not a taker.

  47. We are starting a kyani team in south Florida. Let me know if you would like some additional information or a sample.

  48. I am wanting to try a 7 day trial pack. I’m not going to pay for anything until I see it works.

  49. Hi.
    I would like to take advantage of your kind offer of that Kyani 7 day trial.
    Kind Regards

  50. Well dam amber lol. I am sorry to hear that I truly am. if you think about it though, what else can you possibly do that will give you the time freedom, the potential financial freedom, and health. I mean my friend went to school to become a nurse but while the money is ok, she will never surpass the doctor’s salary no matter how hard she works. On top of that she doesn’t have time to do SHIT! Her money is not residual, if she doesn’t work, checks does not come. I mean it’s your life, your husband saw a vision for a better life for you and him. Don’t knock it, let him work this business and change both of you guy’s life. its ok your husband made 700 dollars, IT WAS PART TIME. No is telling him to quit his day job you know.

  51. Scott did you have any success with kyani? I just saw your comment and am curious since you wrote it how you are doing with Kyani? Thanks

  52. I will admit I was skeptical as well about the product and the business opportunity because my family years ago did the whole Herbalife thing and it didn’t go well. But years have passed and I truly looked into nutrition and what it really is all about. Once Kyani came along I jumped on it immediately to see if I would have any good results. I too had left shoulder pain from working out. Within a week of taking the product my left shoulder had stopped hurting but I didn’t even realize it until my wife had ask me about it. Also I would toss and turn at night and have horrible sleep. My sleep when I take the Sunset pills is tremendously better, I sleep through the night now and wake up refreshed. It really is easy to market a product that works when you just have to give out a weeks sample pack or have them purchase a 7 day trial pack from your website. If you have any questions please email me. It’s not a miracle pill and I don’t claim that it cures diseases. But do your research and see testimonials for yourself.

  53. It kills me to see you guys saying you don’t sell the product you share it. If you share something there’s no cost.??? Kyani is very expensive $160 per month. Unless you’re willing to “share the cost” that’s a ridiculous statement. That’s not sharing it’s selling. My experience was basically the same as if I’d taken a placebo. Also do you know how ignorant your comments on healthcare are. I would not wish cancer on anyone but if you happen to be unfortunate enough to get it I bet you would be begging for chemotherapy and radiation vs blueberries and kale. Kyani is a sales job and the products are over priced and over rated.

  54. Hello Stephen, I was diagnosed this as well in my left shoulder. My doctor who I’m seeing has heard of this product here in Montana and recommends using it on a daily base. I also was diagnosed with high blood pressure and he told me if I was to stay on the Kyani product I would not have to take a Pharmaceutical meds to lower it. I don’t know many doctors who would actually recommend a herbal supplement product over Pharmaceutical med. This doctor I see is opening a practice in July in Alaska and will be carrying this product within his practice as he believes in the product and all of the benefits it helps the body. I myself started it three week ago and by the end of the first week my Bursitis was gone and my blood pressure has come down a bit. My partner who was on a high dose of anti depressant meds has been off them for over a month and is back to normal and feel full of life once again. So I would recommend at least giving it a try and see what kind of life changes it can do for you.

  55. Angie,

    I know exactly how you feel! I worked 2 days of 15 hours after just my second week on the product and everyone I worked with were about to fall over and I felt great. Sure, my feet were a little uncomfortable but I would change out my shoes wearing a different style of tennis shoes the next day (I wished I had changed them out mid day instead of every other day) but other than that I was fantastic. I literally had 2 co-workers ask me how I was feeling so great! I remembered to drink plenty of water and I was taking my Sunrise and Nitro (then my Sunset when I got home for the night!) Thanks for sharing!

  56. Anyone with questions regarding the Income Disclosure Statement it is clearly visible here:

    Most are skeptics about network marketing in the beginning but if that is the case one of two things help me past that problem initially. The people I am looking to help (either gain financially or with providing a nutraceutical product versus a pharmaceutical product to provide relief of body ailments, discomforts or otherwise) either (a) trust me or (b) they see proof that what I am telling them is legit. One way to show proof with Kyani is the Dream Car Program. When someone drives their Dream Car with the Kyani sticker on each side, that is legitimate proof that what they are doing is working.

    Kyani has a disclosure statement as well and does not make claims to “cure cancer” or “give you energy”, etc. Many distributors get excited with their personal experience or a probable testimony from someone close to them which does not constitute claims made by Kyani. “Neither Dr. Qutab nor Kyani has ever advocated Kyani products as a replacement for medication,” Michael Breshears; Kyani CEO.

    It is a proven fact that when your body is given the proper nutrition, the right amount of minerals and vitamins that your body works the way it was intended to and you will feel better and have more natural energy. There are no claims with Kyani that it gives you energy; however you will hear distributors and customers state their personal experience that they feel more energy and sleep better with these products.

    From the website:
    Kyani – “Defend, repair, and maintain every cell in your body.”
    Sunrise – Taken in the morning to provide maximum bioavailability, Kyäni Sunrise will help you experience optimal health. Kyäni Sunrise is the first blend of vitamins and Superfoods to successfully balance the entire spectrum of these life-giving nutrients. Researchers have found that blueberries contain many health-promoting properties including high levels of antioxidants. Kyäni Sunrise is the perfect kick-start for your day.
    Nitro – Kyäni NitroFX is a proprietary blend of noni concentrate that has been proven to increase the production of Nitric Oxide (NO). Also known as “The Molecule of Life,” Nitric Oxide repairs, defends, and maintains every cell of the body. Benefits of Nitric Oxide also include increasing energy, improving circulation, and reducing inflammation.
    Sunset – Kyäni Sunset is a proprietary combination of tocotrienols (the most potent form of Vitamin E), Omega-3s derived from Wild Alaskan Salmon (the purest source in the world), Beta Carotene (a natural source of Vitamin A), and the essential Vitamin D. These amazing elements offer unparalleled nutritional support to the body’s vital systems including cell health, the cardiovascular system, and the immune system.

    ***More details and information can be found at the which contains information compiled by a 3rd party company, NOT Kyani staff or Kyani hired doctors or affiliates.

    I am happy to help with any questions anyone has, there is no need to knock any products that any manufacturer makes. We all have our personal experiences with various products and more often than not each experience will be different.

  57. The problem with most people is that they think that a food supplement can be used as a replacement for their maintenance medications. However, this should never be the case. A food supplement (just like Kyani Triangle of Health), as its name implies, should only be used as a “supplement” and never as a primary medication. And take note: Your Kyani Distributor’s advise should never replace the expert advise of a medical doctor.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am using Kyani products religiously for the past 6 months. It gives me the extra energy I need for my busy schedule. However, I never expect it to work like a “miracle drug.” I still need to make sure that I am taking the right food stuff and doing the right physical activity every single day to keep myself healthy.

  58. The first three months is the hardest, you are basically building your team. You are not going to go in your first week and start making money. No. Build your team, then by third month it is a whole lot easier and your making more money because your team is recruiting and you get a profit.
    Trust me, my husband is in Kyani 🙂

  59. My friend introduced me Hydrogen water named Izumio, and I am drinking it daily for about three month. I check the blood last week and the result was wonderful~ Glucose 116 down to 91, Hemoglobin A1C 6.4 down to 5.4%. Wow, hydrogen really worked. I am so happy that I have discovered this! This company NP USA offers some business plan too. This Japanese company sales 2015 ranked 49th out of 100 world’s direct sales companies.

  60. Hey steve do your research doctors no nothing about cancer only chemo and radiation the worst therapies of trying to help someone be cured. The only cure for cancer is natural products purely organic your health professionals for real no nothing about cancer just what they are taught go ask your doctor for a healthy eating plan they wouldn’t know anything about it cos in their studies they would probably only have had 8hrs worth of nutrition. They are their to make money for the pharmacies and keep people sick they will always diagnose you with a prescription of pills thats what they do not give you a healthy eating program.

  61. I’m a diabetic also so skeptical person and always avoid any kind of sugar or “natural products” to take care of myself but yesterday I gave an opportunity to this guy who game some samples of this product , but now I think is the worst product, the person who gave me the sample told me that is going to help me with my diabetes but is not true, my sugar levels used to be between 90-140 max 160 but after the sample I went to doctor cause I started feeling dizzy and headache and what a surprise my sugar level was at 1000ml that was crazy so never use this thing again

  62. Tony,
    I am interested in the information on building
    a down line with GPN for Kyani please could you help.
    Thank you for your time.

    Basilica Tudorovic

  63. Kyani is about to launch in Canada. I’ve been in other MLM companies and can honestly say if you are willing to work you will be successful. I tried the sample pack for 7 days. I’m a fairly healthy person but suffer occasional aches and pains especially when working a trade show. By the end of the trade show I could barely walk, my back and hips ached and my feet hurt so bad I would limp. I took the Kyani as the trade show started and to my surprise I felt fantastic by the end of the 9 hours I was on my feet, no aches or pains at all. I’ve heard story after story how these products have helped give people back the quality of life they were missing. I’m probably one of the most skeptical people when it comes to products that make these types of claims but I have to say I am now a believer. I’ve tried many products and super green foods and nothing has brought on the results I had taking the product for only 7 days. Pharmaceutical companies will continue to push their harmful meds after all they are in business to sell their products. If you could heal your body with natural foods from the earth why wouldn’t you? For all the skeptics out there you are entitled to your opinions for all the rest of you, do yourself a favour and don’t listen to the negative comments this product is a winner.

  64. Well said Jim! I’ve worked the corporate ‘pyramid” for years and good luck when you get to 50. They’ll get some guy out of school to join the bottom of the pyramid and work twice the hours for half the income. Middle management (mid pyramid) out, not even a gold watch anymore. So unless your creating your own business (pyramid) to be at the the top. IF WORKED PROPERLY, following a plan, and doing what you are supposed to do, Network Marketing is absolutely legitimate. Money can be made and a heck of a lot faster than through corporate channels, waiting for someone to see your benefit and grace you with a paycheck and then maybe a once every couple of years a bonus or mediocre raise. All these people who say MLM doesn’t work, should keep quite unless they commit to what it takes. If they put 40 hrs a week into MLM with the right company and attitude, they’d see the truth. They don’t believe they can do it, lose excitement after a week when someone says no, then drop out, blast the product (which by the way is usually superior) and then blast the industry. Tell my buddy who’s making half a million a month that it doesn’t work. Over the last 10 years while I’ve been doing corp. paycheck thing, he’s been making millions of dollars, driving Ferrari’s, seeing the world and secured his future and the future of his family. His life’s not perfect, he has health issues, but he can pay for the best care!

  65. Maybe its the same reason why people change jobs frequently! We look for better opportunities, in the case of MLM it is called a better compensation plan. A plan where everyone can actually make money.
    I have yet to know a person who has had 1 job in their entire life.
    MLM works you just need to find what is right one for you and it might take a few tries.
    $700 is actually a good amount of extra income. Try making that money in all of the companies mentioned above! Plus its way better than $0
    Company works if you work. Give it a minimum of 2 years of actual “work” before putting a company down

  66. Kyani products work!
    If you are in UAE come join our free weekly info & tasting sessions. (on a big yacht ! ) 😉

    You will enjoy more health and if you want wealth….

    Abu Dhabi

    call / sms / whats app: 0506612176

  67. Hello all, my name is Jeanna I am an independent Kyani Distributor. I started taking the Triangle of Health over a month ago. I started with a 7 day sample pack and was immediately impressed. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, PTSD, migraine headaches, Fibro pain, chronic pain in my spine (effecting many parts of my body), severe arthritis, Reynuads syndrome and low blood pressure. In that intial week, I found that I had more energy, focused better (it felt like a fog was lifted off my brain), better circulation and more mobility. Since then, I am continuing to feel better then the day before. I have not had any headaches, migraine headaches, my pain has been reduced by 85%, no episodes with the Reynuads and my sex drive is back or at least now I have one! I have started my 8 year old autistic son on these products and are noticing improvements in his behavior socially and physically. I am so excited to see what else it will do for him. Our hopes are to take him off his medicines and see him do better in public school. In such a short time, our family has seen and benefited greatly from Kyani’s products. I know it can help others the way it has helped us. That is why I decided to become a business partner. If you would like more information on the products, starting your own business or want to try some samples, contact me. My email is and my website is .
    Kyani, “Impacting and saving a billion lives by 2018!”
    Kyani-Team Fusion

  68. Aliright Ive Read Enough… I started taking this product to improve my Health. I would only try selling it if it actually worked. WELL ITS BEEN 6 MONTHS and YES KYANI Really does make me feel better PERIOD. I was very skeptical but after me and my girlfriend started taking it together she noticed an improved level of energy and balance when taking. We ran out for a month because of $$$ but soon realized this stuff is priceless. THANK U KYANI FOR GIVING US BOTH BETTER HEALTH!!!#

  69. Praise the Lord for hypocritic wankers like you. The US and it’s mad evangelists are the cause of most of the world’s problems. Typically look at you, making money flogging crap to sick people and praising the name of your Lord. Disgusting and despicable people. US evangelists prey on the poor, the weak and the unfortunate

  70. Pardon me, without the necessary punctuation, I am having trouble understanding exactly what you are saying. Are you saying it “got you off”? Are you saying it “got you off drinking cigarettes? [sounds awful] Or are you saying it “got you off drinking cigarettes and testosterone”? [which sounds even more disgusting and useless]. Punctuation, dude.

  71. Ive seen with my own eyes how my boss stopped smoking through kyani, I couldnt believe my eyes cause she smoked really very very much per day, she was heavily addicted, I want to try this product too, I saw live examples who got cured concerning some blood pressure problems, even this is amazing

  72. Hi
    I recommend the use of Kyäni products.

    They are good for health and taste ?


  73. You want more nitric oxide in your diet, eat beets, eat fruits and nuts and exercise everyday. Those are natural ways of feeding your body the nitric oxide that your body needs. Forget the “award winning” nitro fx.

  74. $1500 in three months is ridiculous! That’s a sad check. I’d rather work at McDonald’s if you’re only going to be making $500 a month.

  75. My husband is a Kyani distributor and is already receiving checks in the mail from Kyani. We personally know 5 Kyani members who have surpassed Diamond status and already have 2 luxury cars that are paid for by the company. These people have showed up to our home to host private business receptions (PBRs) using powerpoint. The only thing that could get in the way of your success in this company is YOU. Kyani is not a scam.

    I’m a stay at home mom of 3 kids. I actually see my husband moving up in this business. The products DO work. Since my husband has started taking them, his high cholesterol has went back to normal. His 65 year old mom also takes the products and has more energy and health than ever. Check out the thousands of testimonials on YouTube just to understand that the Kyani products sell themselves.

    And BTW, there are plenty of studies regarding wild Alaskan berries and Nitric Oxide and their positive effects on the human body. Three scientists won a Nobel peace prize for their studies on Nitric Oxide. There is also a publication based on a study done by the University of Alaska regarding the positive effects of wild Alaskan berries on human physiology.

    We never have extra products laying around. We literally fight over the products lol.

    Also, the prices, business model, and the compensation plan has changed, therefore your information is outdated.

    Furthermore, Kyani actually started in Europe in 2007. It didn’t even show up or start selling in United States until about 18 months ago. So the company is still in its infancy and there is plenty of room for growth.

    Kyani is now the number 1 fastest growing network marketing company in the United States.

    Like most people, I was skeptical when my husband brought a sample pack home to try. He got the sample from a married couple he met at a restaurant. I gave him this look and warned him not to try another MLM company like 5LINX or Amway. But after about 3 days, we noticed a huge difference in how we felt. Anyways, I’m glad that he ignored my warnings and stuck with it. He has already reached Jade status after only 2 weeks and has made me a true believer in the business and the product.

    I wish everyone the best of luck in whatever they decide to do. If you are tired of working like a dog, care about helping people acheive optimum health, you have a positive attitude, then give Kyani a shot. Drop me a line at and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and put those skeptisms to rest.

  76. I bought a month’s worth of this stuff for my wife. She took it exactly as recommended. She noticed that it has about the same effect as One A Day Vita Craves…..which cost under $10. Face it people, it’s a MLM rip off for most people and some pushy types will make some money off your efforts if you get involved. No noticeable improvement in health, sleep or whatever. It’s just the latest in a long line of MLM’s (think Amway, Primerica, etc ad nauseum). If you want to ‘sell’ people on the idea that you really care about their health and welfare, then do it honestly. This is TV Evangelist tactics all over again. You’re supposed to make people you’re really into it because you care about your families health. Ever seen one of their conventions? People getting big checks and sucking up to the fat cats. You, the average person who cares about others, you better be ready to commit your life to it, or you won’t make squat. But go ahead, be the next victim in the never ending scams that are nothing but greed in disguise.

  77. Before signing up with GPN. consider this. The 8 people referenced at the $149 pack are only the number of people that GPN calls for you. This is not the number of guaranteed people that will sign up under you each month. so you may end up paying $149 and GPN calls 8 people with none of those customers signing up. Your now out that money for the month. GPN is a source of help for calling people to get potential distributors signed up, but they are not guaranteed. Just FYI

  78. I agree that pyramids are strong structures, to be found in big businesses, buildings and government. I want to be a successful business owner then I will need to build a team and I will make it like a pyramid and show others to do the same. People power without the corporate structure found in cubicles with glass ceilings.
    There is huge opportunity for personal growth and living life better!
    And, there are many opps to choose from. I like health, helping others feel better and live better.
    Reach out if you would like to learn more,

  79. Did you read the US Distributor Agreement? See below. Its unfortunate that you weren’t able to recruit anybody. By chance, did you sign up independently or with Team Fusion? I hope the information below helps.

    b. Return of Inventory by Distributors
    Kyäni will repurchase from the Distributor any portion of the Distributor’s currently marketable inventory that Distributor purchased from Kyäni in the preceding twelve months. The repurchase price shall be 90 percent of the purchase price paid by the Distributor, less all applicable shipping and handling costs to return the product to Kyäni.
    For purposes of the Agreement, inventory shall include all company produced products, promotional materials, starter packs, or other sales aids purchased by Distributor from Kyäni.
    The repurchase provisions of this section shall not apply to any inventory that is not currently marketable inventory. Currently marketable inventory shall not include inventory that is beyond its
    expiration date, that has the tamper proof safety seal damaged or removed, that has been opened or partially consumed, that has been discontinued by the company, or that is seasonal in nature or a special promotional product.

  80. Really? Very cool – just started my 7 day trial of sunrise and nitro fx about an hr ago…. very seriously wanting to stop smoking myself. This stuff is pretty pricey but if it works and I can quit smoking cost would cancel each other out… curious to see how i feel about it in a week… congrats to you!

  81. Hi all!

    Anyone seriously interested in building a group in London and the UK? There is great opportunity and need to start a strong base here. I have personal support from one of the directors in the European headquarters, but I haven’t found the right people, yet. We would be setting up a centre for workshops, training and conferences. If you are interested feel free to email me on and I’ll be in touch to discuss the opportunity. The benefits are real, I could add to the lists above. I understand that to believe it, you need to try it first. With the 30 day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. To find out more, purchase the product or sign up as a distributor to enjoy extra benefits and start earning money, click on my weblink

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Stay healthy.


  82. Kyani in Adelaide has ORGANISED CRIME FIGURES working in the MLM.
    Check out Sean O’Dalaigh now going by the name John Daly. He is in Kyani but was previously the registered director of AIC International and before that LTC Services both recognised scams run and organised by the IRISH BOYS from the Gold Coast.
    O’Dalaigh also worked with the well known Lee Lake the Managing Director of scam company CLEANER ENERGY another 100% scam run by the Irish Boys – check these guys out – they are both organised crime figures now heavily involved in Kyani.
    SCAM – 100%

  83. Well said Steve a agree totally, see a doctor not a kyani rep.
    I joined up. Could not recruit anybody. So i tried to get a refund from their 100% money back guarantee in the first 30 days.
    They said “sorry no refunds”
    I received a little box of goodies that i have been taking, but no change.

  84. David I am also doing training and have developed shoulder pain. I have not yet started the Kyani supplement however I will be soon based on what my friends have shown me.I will be very interested in how my training induced shoulder pain is affected. As for my shoulder problem it is diagnosed as Bursitis, which is inflammation of the lining of the joint. I look forward to making comments of how I progress on the Kyani. Cheers and good luck with your shoulder.

  85. Hi all. My wife and I have just joined the Kyani family. After completing a 7 day trial pack, I’ve found I have more energy, a clear head and a much better sleep at night. These products really work. Anyone interested in the products or business opportunities, please email me at

    Also if anyone could give me some information on GPN, I’d really appreciate it.


  86. My wife is interested in this product and we’ve both been to a session that went over the “Team Fusion” stuff. I’m curious how the global power network works cause I went to their website and its $100 a month for a minimum of three months. Now maybe being paired up with kyani has different monthly premiums? Also how does it work? Does GPN recruit new distributors that “I recruited” or do they simply find customers for me to sell to? Or is it both? I’m looking forward to try the products and see if they can help my pain and sluggish feeling. I would appreciate any feedback I can get. Feel free too email me at

  87. Hearing everyone’s testimonials is awesome! I joined team fusion kyani in Nov 2015 because I was a customer first and had great results from no more migraines to better stress management with minimal anxiety etc. I love the simplicity of the products! Cheers to better health and impacting lives in a positive way!

  88. hey all, just started Kyani 4 days ago. I have been dealing with sciatic pain for the past year and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 11 years ago.
    The following morning after taking my FIRST dose of Kyani sunset resulted in NO sciatic pain and a drastic improvement on my weight training session. Strength & endurance are off the charts.
    I am very committed to this product as it has given me a new lease on life. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel, by searching ‘kiwee33’ to see where I was. Mew videos will be uploaded once the drastic changes (fingers crossed) begin.
    IF you are interested in making your everyday life better and a business opportunity, please e-mail me
    self satisfy on the science;

    1 serving of Kyani Sunrise has;


  89. if anyone is interested in a trial or being recruited into this amazing family please email me! i am in Australia but am very happy to be in contact with people all over the world! thank you!

  90. I have been signed up as the distributor on Kyani, because I had a wonderful experience treating my acne using the 7day trial pack. Before I have been used Usana, and Nuskin, and other products, spending thousands, and neither worked. Right now, I have a amazing team that my senior business partners not only helping me build my team by training me, provide me 24-7 support, but also signed one up for me. If you want the product, you can contract me. Since the product is not cheap, I would highly recommend you to try as the distributor, and the money you make would definitely help you cover your expense on using Kyani. And I would love to introduce you how the commission and bonus system work, and help you make money. Of course, our team would love to sign up new member under your name, because the volume the new member signed up, is going into 100% into your account, but also every account on top of you, including me. That’s the amazing thing in Kyani, that make us as a team. —Anna,

  91. My father just told me about this product and I am interested in trying it before purchasing. If a trial is available please let me know how to find someone in my area 🙂

  92. I could not ever put that much work into a network marketing company to make so little money. I’m a full time real estate agent and i made 50k as a side gig with nutrition based network marketing company. There are a lot of great nutritional companies out there, and a lot of bad. Certainly it is not a possible to make any money without belief and passion in your products. I never started out ever wanting to do anything but use the product, I just had to share because I loved it so much. Bottom line is before you get in too deep, know your compensation plan, you don’t want to go all in and then switch companies later, your credibility will be lost!!

  93. Amber, your claims about it helping serious illnesses in your family that should be treated with real medicine are harmful to others and your family as well. I am sorry if you have bought into a pyramid scheme and are denying the fact that it is bs, but don’t make claims that cpuld seriously hurt someone.

    With that said, to anyone reading this, if you have a serious illness like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, see a doctor, not a kyani rep…

  94. I have a vision issue along with not being able to sleep. My vision issue stems from macular degeneration which has caused my right eye to age significantly to the point that I have partial vision problems. It sounds like a whole lot of crap but after using this product for a week I noticed my eye did not strain or felt pain. Further I am able to sleep stronger in the nights without waking up so often as I once did. So for all those people that are skieptics this product truly works for me. Try it and you would find it does a whole lot of good.

  95. hi i’m annie and interested about the products and wanted to try it if it really works… is there any 1 month free trial on that? thanks…

  96. i ussed to be really depressed and ever since i started taking the product ive felt much better
    i have personally met very yonunge people making 10 to 15 k within a few months off this because they work it like a regular business exept its there own. its working smart. we live in a pyramid anyway being exploited by the top people so may as well become one of them without having to exploit people but actually making them healthy!

  97. I was given 2 -7 day trials one for me and one for my friend. Let me tell u the miracles that happened for us.
    ME) acid reflux gone! Slept awesome! Extra energy ! Lost 4 lbs! Joints didn’t ache.
    MY FRIEND) she has rheumatoid arthritis so bad her arm was locked up she has had 4-6 surgerys drains in her arm. She was going back and forth to Stanford weekly and nothing was helping.
    Day 3 she text me said she slept good. Day 5 is when things became clear kyani was working!!!for the first time in 3 YEARS she did have to take 4 -800 mg Motrin or a Benadryl to sleep. She was ecstatic that her energy was up and felt that this was working!!! There is now a light at the end of her once dark tunnel!!! I can tell u this she will never quit kyani.
    Since then I became a distributer for kyani. My sister in law came of her blood pressure medicine, others have leveled out their insulin for their type 1 diabetes. People have energy and some have lost weight. Cured ones vertigo. Gosh so much more.
    To try go to : 30 day money back guarantee !!!! What do u have to lose??

  98. my wife gave me a 7 day trial pack..I’m a bit confused on the dosages especially with the Nitro Xtreme..please help…thank you

  99. If you’re located in North Eastern Pennsylvania and would like more info on Kyani, please contact me at Visit my website at Kyani does amazing things – there are thousands of testimonials from people who have been relieved from migraines, joint pain and inflammation. Kyani has been known to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It can help with chronic Lyme disease, arthritis and much much more. My own testimonial – I’ve been using Kyani products for 6 days. I am down 6 pounds, have more energy, I’m sleeping so much better and my concentration and focus has definitely improved. The support you receive from the Kyani Team is awesome! Do your research, please! You won’t be disappointed!

  100. good comments ….good leads. Personal rapport beats all though. Go out there and meet people. KYANI is an amazing Product. Get the Belief andf share it. That is all it takes. i have seen a stay at home Mom with absolutely no Business experience nor knowledge of Network Marketing. yet now owns one thriving distributorship in Montreal. does it work ? Only if you believe it does.


  101. Being in Kyani for 3 months now made over $1500US already plus the products our family actually consumes. Interesting concept GPN …..very interested how can we get more info???

  102. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for from anyone else, I am interested in helping if I can. I live in Southwest FL

  103. Hi! I live in Asheville, NC. I’m looking for a distributor to send me samples that I can try out for myself, first. If it works like I’ve read, I could be amazingly successful at this. I would want a distributor that would be willing to supply at least 3 consecutive weeks, if the one week trial goes positively. I’ve researched the product. For those of you that do not know about the Asheville area, it has more health food stores per capita than most other us cities in the U.S. We take our nutrition seriously here. There’s also the money to drive a really successful client base. I have the contacts to make this business successful, but I have to be able to provide personal proven results in order to ask them to buy & distribute. I am a single mom of 3 boys and I don’t have it in my budget to order a months supply. However, i have the dynamic personality to drive a successful business if I can find one worth my efforts & that I feel passionate about. Any distributors out there interested?

  104. I would like to talk to you, David. My cell is 403-836-4289, or please send me an email with your number and a couple different options of when I could call you and what time zone you’re in. Thank you. Monica

  105. I have been taking the product for about 2 months-and after the first few weeks-my Blood pressure which I had been suffering with for years finally stabilized. My dr. wanted to know what I was doing as he had been seeing me for years and knew I dealt with this. My husband who had several knee surgeries (before Laproscopic) noticed that the inflammation decreased and he had more energy than before. Everyone in my house takes the supplements, including my daughter who is 8 months pregnant and she and the baby is doing wonderfully!! I do not concentrate on recruiting-nor does the company compel me to recruit, but I am building my customer base by sharing the products with people who are suffering with various aliments. I have had some tell me they are leary of schemes-that say they cure this or that–but the same people will take prescriptions and they have no clue what is in them!! They ask me why doctors are not recommending this product etc.. THEY DON’T MAKE MONEY IF YOU ARE WELL!! DUH??? So I have learned to share it and move on If people want to be sick and Broke…….who am I to argue with them. As for me and MY house ……….we will be healthy!! I only want people on my team that care about people not just making a $!! So I am taking my time recruiting but I want everyone who wants to be healthy to at least try the product. What have you got to lose???? #Living Kyani

  106. The stuff is amazing!!! Been taking the product, love it!!! Working on growing my business, love the opportunities it is affording me!!! The 3 or 7 day sample pack should tell your body everything it needs to know. People will tell you it won’t work, you can’t do it, etc.. Those same people probably are not paying your bills. Let the naysayers hang out with each other, you can come and hang out with people that are betting on themselves. E-mail me at

  107. Melanie,
    If you have not tried Kyani from Larry please contact me. kyani.dreaming @

  108. Hi there such wonderful comments ! I have just become a distributor in country South Australia , I tried a 7 day trial pack and within two days I felt amazing , brain fog. As I call it was gone which I have had for years . I have a lot more energy and can keep going through the day easily and I sleep a lot better every night and get up easily . I was amazed and signed up straight away , there are meetings in Adekaid and they have them in most capital cities regularly which are very informative and worth going to chat to everyday people about their experience with the products and the business side , my customers have felt a real difference in their alertness and energy and helping with their pain . Have a look at my website or email me for some more info and if interested in trying out a 7 day trial pack to see some benefits with a lot of illnesses also let me know

  109. I am 54 years old and have not always been good to my body. I played multiple sports, wrestled horses and goats for years while my daughter showed. While taking my 7 day trial pack of Kyani, my shoulder, hip and back pain diminished 85% and even more so now that I take it everyday. I have more energy than I have had in years. Family members are having the same results. AND, the benefits internally that we don’t see can measure even more!!! After trying the product, I decided I needed to SHARE with others who have health issues, take prescription medications or just want optimum health. I consider Kyani “God’s Pharmacy” and for me IT WORKS!! I would love to talk to anyone interested in the product or the business. I also encourage you to check out the Kyani Science website for full product details, research, etc.

  110. I have been on Kyani for about five weeks. I have a titanium plate in my back and am a chronic back patient. After the first week, of taking all three supplements, the pain has decreased up to 90%, unless i do something to really aggravate my back. I also have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, which i don’t even realize i have any more. I sleep much better at night and have more energy now than i have had in what seems like forever. The cost of the triangle is steep for me, but in the long run, not having to pay doctor visits and taking vitamens and prescriptions, Kyani is the way for me now. Very happy with the product!

  111. If your friend is a distributor he can get you a 7 day trial either at his cost or for free. If he doesn’t have any, you can contact myself. Kyani is amazing!

  112. Hello all! I am an distributor for Kyani. Before becoming a distributor, I tried kyani for a little under 2wks. I suffered from massive migraines and seizures. Since taking kyani, I no longer have seizures or migraines! I’m 29 and have suffered from seizures since I was 15! It’s amazing to no longer have that issue! My husband was suffering from early stages of kidney disease, and after taking kyani for around a month and being retested by his dr, the symptoms of the disease started to decrease tremendously! Kyani is amazing!

  113. I love all the reviews positive and negative. I am a single mother of 6. Full time student and work at night. My friend just began his journey with kyani. He has been trying to get me to join his team but the start up is too much for me to budget for. I am in the medical field and I love to see things that patients can take to be healthier and limit the amount of meds they have to take. Are there any free month trials or anything of that sort to try? I would like to do my labs before and after taking it for a month to see if its something I could recommend to patients.

  114. Hi Maia my name is Jeanne Holland and I just started with Kyani. So far I see everything positive with the product. My daughter got me involved and she and her coworker’s daughter have been applying the Nitro Xtreme to their face and it has been clearing up their acne. I have had more energy since I have been taking the Sunset. I am so excited about this product and business.

    I would be happy to send you some of the Triangle products so you can see for yourself. Please email me your address and they will be in the mail on
    Tuesday since Monday is a holiday and the Post Office is closed. God bless you!!

  115. With a commission base of up to 60% you can easily make money just by selling the product. I know plenty of individuals in the fitness industry (as am I) involved with Kyani making an extra 3-7k JUST BY REFFERING THE PRODUCT as they don’t have time to recruit because of their busy schedules doing personal training. In Kyani, you don’t sell the product. We simply share them. See here’s the thing folks, NETWORK MARKETING DOES WORK (Keep in mind I said Network Marketing not a Pyramid Scheme. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE). KYANI WORKS. When you’re in Kyani, you only have 2 options. You either quit or you succeed. People always say, “Oh this stuff is crap” “This is a pyramid scheme you will never make money only people at the top make all the money”… no people.. What I like about network marketing is that you YOURSELF are responsible for the amount on your paycheck. You treat it like a joke, you will get paid like a joke. You treat it as a business, you will get paid like its a business. Thank you for reading!

  116. Hi! i want to try the product.
    are you willing give some so i can try it before going to buy


  117. I’ve been taking Kyani for 6 weeks and I wasn’t too impressed with the product at first because I’ve always been a pretty healthy person. What I have noticed though, is that now I’m eating less and I’m sleeping much better….I’ve also found that the Kyani Sunet really helps avoid hangovers….which is an amazing upside if you have too much to drink one evening. As far as being a distributor and the business opportunity, I signed up because I was hungry and passionate about changing my life for the better. In two months I’ve already signed up 7 people. It’s amazingly simple to pitch this opportunity to someone…you give them a trial sample, if it really makes them feel better then they get really excited about it (about 6 out of 10 people notice the effects right off the bat) and you’re able to pitch to them about making some money with the product at the same time they’re taking it. This is how I’ve signed up so many people in such a short amount of time. They become passionate about the product and then their eyes are opened to the business side of things. To be honest I was hesitant about this at first, but now I’m starting to believe that I’ll be able to do this full time one day and quit my crappy job….Seriously, if you’re reading this and you’re interested in MLM, you should at least try it. This thing is like what Amway was in the 80s…and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee anyway, so what do you have to lose? My site is kyanithrive . com sign up with me and i’ll be your mentor so you’re in good hands!

  118. The thing about MLM your only going to make large profits if you recruit a team! If you try selling products or services yourself you’ll be stuck making 100 a month!

  119. It’s quite beneficial, and if you’re actually not lazy and you’re smart enough to talk to people and actually recruit them and you’re also smart enough to recruit people you KNOW that are good for recruitment, you’ll get that cash and a car too. So just because you don’t get enough money, don’t blame the company, because it’s YOU that’s trying to recruit them, not the company.

  120. Lavona,

    If you actually read it correctly, Tony Quoted “That’s a solid $400 – $800 dollars a month for just 8 people and you’re SPENDING $149”
    “$2,250 a month USING the $700 dollar package”
    (This isn’t even including the products you or your down line has sold)
    What he is saying is……………
    if you choose to spend on the $700 dollar package you would be making $2250 a month!!! You actually got it all wrong and twisted by making an error yourself by stating “Why would you spend $2250 to make $400- $800”

  121. I have been taking Kyani for about three weeks. I am not a rep and I have taken a lot of supplements over the past couple of years and I find this to be very beneficial. I lift weights and have a constant nagging pain in my right shoulder. I am not sure what it is from but it hurt to pull a shirt over my head. That pain was reduced by about 80% in the first week and seems to be about the same now. This result is attributed the Sunrise drink. As a result of lifting about 5 days a week I am hungry all the time, ravenously hungry a lot of the time. Taking the Nitro Extreme my apatite is greatly reduced I still eat a lot (roughly 3000 to 3500 calories a day) but I can go without eating or skip meals without it being a real issue. The Nitro has also helped with mood and focus. That is my story. If 142.00 will not cause a real budget issue I think it would be worth a try.

  122. My wife and I have made rank within the company in weeks! Our leadership has been amazing! I can’t imagine not making money with this. You get people excited and once they take the product 7 out of 10 are at least willing to buy. The business will give what you put in. Build a team and be involved in making your team rank as fast as possible. In the first month Kyani gives you a bonus to cover the start up costs! You only need three people to come in with you. My senior business partners signed one up for me. We have given a team member 2 of the three they needed. The structure is made for team building. The true pyramid is the owners and CEOS of the business we work in everyday. Our government, our churches(Praise God for His church and Him being the Head), and everything else with one making more than or having more authority than are PYRAMIDS! In these pyramids you have only one option, buy your own business. In this case with Kyani, buy in and get your own so called pyramid going. Pyramid schemes are words used by failures. Make sure you are on a team with good leadership and they will make sure you succeed! We had 0 experience but 100% effort! Stay positive and stick to the plan!

  123. Kyani has been blessing a whole lot of people naturally wether it’s babies, to pets, all the way up to elderly Laying in their death bed. It’s personally helped my family with ADHD, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflex, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, allergies, eczema, insomnia, CHRONIC aches and pain,dementia, and it’s helped our pets, and my cousin who was 15 days old who had fever I’m sorry but this is a business and of course you will have to work. We don’t sell anything literally. We tell them to go to our website and the company ships them the product and us a check. You have to want it bad enough. I’m only 19 years old when I was 18 I earned my free car. I’m nowt earning avg income of $4600 a month. You can work 40 years at a regular job and stay broke. Or you can work your business for 1-5 hard and become rich(: you can’t blame the company for the actions that we aren’t putting into it(:

  124. Kyani has been blessing a whole lot of people naturally wether it’s babies, to pets, all the way up to elderly Laying in their death bed. It’s personally helped my family with ADHD, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflex, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, allergies, eczema, insomnia, CHRONIC aches and pain,dementia, and it’s helped our pets, and my cousin who was 15 days old who had fever I’m sorry but this is a business and of course you will have to work. We don’t sell anything literally. We tell them to go to our website and the company ships them the product and us a check. Ypu have to want it as enough. I’m only 19 years old when I was 18 I earned my free car. I’m not earning avg income of $4600 a month. You can work 40 years at a regular job and stay broke. Or you can work your business for 1-5 hard and become rich(: you can’t blame the company for the actions that we aren’t putting into it(:

  125. It appears to be an interesting concept for leaders to use GPN to fill the downline, if you are accurate, it would make investing in your downline quite interesting. Where did you get this information?
    Also, there seems to be an error; you wrote,
    “Thats a solid $400 – $800 dollars a month for just 8 people and you’re spending $149
    or $2,250 a month using the $700 dollar package…”

    Why would you spend 2250 to make 400-800 dollars?

  126. You are right Kyani does NOT do anything special. The products are ALRIGHT but if you’re trying to make money with Kyani its NOT YOU selling the products but others selling it for you.

    Kyani has teamed up with a company called Global Power Network. GPN(Global Power Network) recruit people into YOUR Kyani business. They do charge I think $149 for 8 people and up to $700 for 45 people to join but Kyani charges $50 – $100 per referral and GPN does all the work for you. No Cold Calling. No Ad Posting. NOTHING. GPN has a list of people that already want to start an online business. So you just sit back and let GPN put those poeple into your downline. You also earn commission of any products your downline earns.

    Thats a solid $400 – $800 dollars a month for just 8 people and youre spending $149
    $2,250 a month using the $700 dollar package
    (This isn’t even including the products you or your downline has sold)

    GPN CAN keep recruiting people into your company every month using whatever package you choose but you also earn last months payment on top of whatever you earned that month.

    So lets say youre on your second month and last month you only made $2000 and then this month you make $3500. You would get the $2000 for last month because its residual and then $3500 for that month so your second month you just made $5,500. Get It?

  127. Kyani does NOT do anything special. It’s just another supplement similar to B complex with a few extra vitamins. My husband has been selling this crap for over 6 months months now and has only made a TOTAL of 700.00 doing so! It’s a bullshit MLM pyramid scheme company just like ACN and Primerica. In fact, most of the “representatives” or so called “leaders” are the exact same people in all 3 of these businesses. If all of these companies work and pay out so well like they say then why do they move from company to company after a few months looking for the next big thing? I took Kyani for an entire month and saw no energy boost, it did not lower my blood pressure, help with my aches and pains, or constant headaches. IT’S A LOAD OF SHIT! BEWARE!

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