Do Dream Tents Really Work?

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Does Dream Tents Work?When it comes to buying toys for the kids we usually have to consider those that are appropriate for indoor play and then those that are made for the outdoors. Usually, the indoor toys keep the kids in a calm state simply because of the constricted areas in which they play with them. One particular item that is geared to keeping the kids calm and relaxed but also fills them with excitement and enthusiasm is the Dream Tents.

Finding something intriguing for the kids can often be a challenge. They may see a new toy on TV that they must have, but after awhile the novelty wears off. The Dream Tent is a small portable tent that pops up and fits right onto their bed. It is meant to create their own private exciting space, and really what youngster doesn’t like sleeping in a tent? The design of the Dream Tents is really quite simple and it only covers the upper portion of the young one’s body or actually the pillow area. So the kids still get the feel that they are sleeping in a tent but it is not restricting their movement throughout the night.

The Claim
The promoters of Dream Tents claim that it helps to get the kids settled down for the sleep mode, and also helps those youngsters that are afraid of the dark by giving them a secure space to sleep in. It even comes with a built in reading light.

The Hype
The hype really comes for how easy Dream Tents are to set up which really only takes a mere full moments. It will fit any twin bed including bunk beds.

The Cost
The cost of the Dream Tents are $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling.

The Commitment
There really isn’t much of commitment needed on your part. It attaches to the bed quickly and just as easily it pops off for storage. So when you want to put it away or make the bed its no problem. For storage you can just pop it under the bed until ready to be used which will probably be every night.

At first we thought this was just another innovative gimmick but looking at it closely we can see some merit behind it. Really when you look at the young ones that are afraid of the dark the first thing they do when the lights go off is pull the blankets over their heads. So really the Dream Tents make for a useful alternative by giving the kids some privacy against what they are fearful of which is the dark for some of them. Then for the kids that aren’t afraid of the dark they just find the Dream Tents to be pure fun. They fall asleep at night using their imagination of thinking they are out in the woods sleeping in a tent, all the while they are tucked in safely in their own beds. It is ideal for those kids who share a room with another sibling and they want to read without disturbing the other. It has a built in light for doing this.

Final Dream Tents Review

We are going to give the Dream Tents a Try/Buy. For those who don’t mind providing their kids with some extra excitement when going to bed this may be a great idea. Then there are parents who don’t believe in this sort of bedtime approach in which case its not for them.

Our Recommendation
If the Dream Tents don’t appeal to you but you would like to give the kids something to play with indoors that is a little different than their average toys then check out the Wonder Forts.

What do you think? Does Dream Tents work or not?

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  1. Hi. I was just at my 99cent store on Bristol in Santa Ana and found the Dream Tents there for $ 4.99. They had the unicorn, stars and I think the dinosaurs. I am not sure if it comes with a light but you could just buy one there at the store!

  2. I bought 4 of these for my great grand children for Christmas and the package states light not included.
    We found them on sale at a Seen on Tv store and I plan on looking for glow sticks and a small flashlight for each tent. My great grandchildren have wanted these so they are going to get them.

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