Do Dream Tents Really Work?

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Does Dream Tents Work?When it comes to buying toys for the kids we usually have to consider those that are appropriate for indoor play and then those that are made for the outdoors. Usually, the indoor toys keep the kids in a calm state simply because of the constricted areas in which they play with them. One particular item that is geared to keeping the kids calm and relaxed but also fills them with excitement and enthusiasm is the Dream Tents.

Finding something intriguing for the kids can often be a challenge. They may see a new toy on TV that they must have, but after awhile the novelty wears off. The Dream Tent is a small portable tent that pops up and fits right onto their bed. It is meant to create their own private exciting space, and really what youngster doesn’t like sleeping in a tent? The design of the Dream Tents is really quite simple and it only covers the upper portion of the young one’s body or actually the pillow area. So the kids still get the feel that they are sleeping in a tent but it is not restricting their movement throughout the night.

The Claim
The promoters of Dream Tents claim that it helps to get the kids settled down for the sleep mode, and also helps those youngsters that are afraid of the dark by giving them a secure space to sleep in. It even comes with a built in reading light.

The Hype
The hype really comes for how easy Dream Tents are to set up which really only takes a mere full moments. It will fit any twin bed including bunk beds.

The Cost
The cost of the Dream Tents are $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling.

The Commitment
There really isn’t much of commitment needed on your part. It attaches to the bed quickly and just as easily it pops off for storage. So when you want to put it away or make the bed its no problem. For storage you can just pop it under the bed until ready to be used which will probably be every night.

At first we thought this was just another innovative gimmick but looking at it closely we can see some merit behind it. Really when you look at the young ones that are afraid of the dark the first thing they do when the lights go off is pull the blankets over their heads. So really the Dream Tents make for a useful alternative by giving the kids some privacy against what they are fearful of which is the dark for some of them. Then for the kids that aren’t afraid of the dark they just find the Dream Tents to be pure fun. They fall asleep at night using their imagination of thinking they are out in the woods sleeping in a tent, all the while they are tucked in safely in their own beds. It is ideal for those kids who share a room with another sibling and they want to read without disturbing the other. It has a built in light for doing this.

Final Dream Tents Review

We are going to give the Dream Tents a Try/Buy. For those who don’t mind providing their kids with some extra excitement when going to bed this may be a great idea. Then there are parents who don’t believe in this sort of bedtime approach in which case its not for them.

Our Recommendation
If the Dream Tents don’t appeal to you but you would like to give the kids something to play with indoors that is a little different than their average toys then check out the Wonder Forts.

What do you think? Does Dream Tents work or not?

849 Customer Reviews on “Do Dream Tents Really Work?

  1. Hi. I was just at my 99cent store on Bristol in Santa Ana and found the Dream Tents there for $ 4.99. They had the unicorn, stars and I think the dinosaurs. I am not sure if it comes with a light but you could just buy one there at the store!

  2. I bought 4 of these for my great grand children for Christmas and the package states light not included.
    We found them on sale at a Seen on Tv store and I plan on looking for glow sticks and a small flashlight for each tent. My great grandchildren have wanted these so they are going to get them.

  3. No it doesn’t really work!!!! It just arrived for my granddaughter in the post. I unwrapped it from a grubby plastic bag, unzipped and it popped up – lovely. THEN, Or fiddled a little, put it in a figure of 8 and it snapped!!!! I know these things need a knack to re- fold so I specifically was NOT heavy handed and did not try to force it.
    The advert shows children throwing a ball at it and saying it’s durable – NO way. I’ve tried to repair the rod but it is fibrous and just folds… A GREAT idea brought down by cheap materials. What a shame, What a waste of money. I keep trying to award it ONE star but the system keeps returning to 3 stars.

  4. Where’s the REPLACEMENT BATTERIES? NOT. They last about 6 months then the lights go out!

  5. DO NOT BUY THIS “NIGHTMARE” TENT !!!!!!!! Free Light ????? if you send $4.99 for EACH light !!!!!!! FREE ?????? What a lie !!!!!!!

  6. Whatever chemicals they use in these tents kept making my children sick. When I finally realized it was the tents, I contacted the company and there response was sorry can give you a refund. No regard at all that this isn’t healthy for kids. Stay clear of these tents. Do not purchase.

  7. I love the dream tent I bought for my son. He had sleeping issues and was waking me up multiple times a night. I took him to see a sleeping specialist and a therapist. Nothing worked. The Dream tent changed our lives. Since I set up his Dream tent he has slept through the night and so have I (It has been 2 years of sleeping well) It’s the best $19.99 I ever spent.

  8. My son wanted a dream tent but I did not want to shell out $20 for something he wouldn’t use after a while. Went to Walgreens sometime in January and they were $10!! My son has his own room and was always sleeping in my room beyhenwas afraid of the dark. He promised that if he had a DT- he would sleep in his own room so I gave in. Anything for a good nights sleep. Have to say that’ he loves it and has slept in his room by himself- we were disappointed it did not come with a night light but we put up some Christmas lights and he sleeps on his own room.

  9. My son turned his reading light on and it’s still dark inside the tent. I’ve put a light against the outside off it and still isn’t bright inside like in the commercial. And is hard to put on a bunk bed bed. The commercial is serious false advertising.

  10. What a shame it is to play with little kids illusions. My daughter waited daily for this tent to come in the mail.. When finally made it, NO LIGHTS ARE INCLUDED!!! How can you explain to a 5 year old that there are thieves in this world, thieves of dreams and people trust just to make themselves more money… SHAME ON YOU!!! But what comes around goes around… Oh did I mentioned I mailed the card back to get the lights and here I am 3 months after and nothing?!!. They should go to jail!.

  11. Got mine from a local family dollar. It was maybe $10. It’s just the tent nothing included so it doesn’t light up🤔. But my daughter enjoys it and I don’t feel robbed. Create a new design that doesn’t need a lamp. Sunlight can be use to activate glow in the dark stars. It’s a simple design for a tent u don’t need a lamp. Safety first.

  12. dec.7th i sent in an order for lights that didnt come with tents with a check for shipping. didnt cash check till jan.10 2018 and still havent recieved lights..embarrassing incomplete gifts i sent this year..

  13. My son had been asking for a dream tent for Christmas. My grandmother wanted to get it for him since she’s 80, on a fixed income and it was within her budget. She knew how excited he would be when he got it and he WAS over the moon! That was until he realized he had no light and it didn’t glow in the dark (the packaging even shows it “glowing”) so needless to say, I have a heartbroke 6 year old AND 80 year old. I’m so disgusted over this! The owners of the company should be so ashamed of themselves!! Horrible horrible company!!

  14. We bought ours in a store and our child loves it. Very simple to use and stores wonderfully.

  15. Piece of crap! Didn’t come with the light as advertised but ordered one for free, plus additional shipping, what a crock. It came and doesn’t work.

  16. I bought a Dream Tent for my daughter from Walmart and she really enjoys it. Now the down fall is that I placed the order for the reading light offer and have yet to receive it. I keep getting the run around that my payment information is not correct. I’ve talked to two reps. With the first one, we went over the payment and everything seemed to be fine on her end before we hung up. a week later, I called to check on the status, again the run around on the payment. I should have known per reviews I have read that I shouldn’t had bothered, but I figured I give it a try. O well she enjoys using the tent with a flash light and that all that matters.

  17. My 4 year old son is normally scared at night but now loves his dream tent! I ordered directly from the dream tent website and I made sure it said light was included after researching other places that sold them. Walmart does sell them but it states on the front how the light has to be mailed off for. Just gotta take a minute and read the fine print. The only thing that’s kind of annoying is that it sometimes pops off the plastic U thing that holds it into place.

  18. I bought two of these today thinking oh great! My kids love to read at night!! This will be fun! Ok no lights were in the package. Then attaching them to this plastic thing was a pain and they kept coming undone. Basically false advertising and I thinking I will just poke a hole in the material and tie it to their beds. I got them for 10 dollars each clearanced so I guess I can’t complain too much. But the whole purpose was so they could have a cave to read in with s light that was not there ugh

  19. I bought these for my twins. One tent had the light, the other didn’t. This went over well. No bother, the light takes small watch batteries that burn out after the child leaves it on for a few hours. A cheap gimmick, don’t waste your money 🙁

  20. Mine was a deluxe one so it did come with the light. It changes color too but it doesn’t make the effect that they advertise. My daughter still finds it fun but I am disappointed with this product

  21. I’m in!!! I’m completely disappointed. They made me believe it glowed in the dark, and would help my son who is afraid of the dark. Instead, its a cool little tent that makes it even darker by blocking the light from the night light in his room. Let me know details.

  22. I bought 3 for my grand daughters, there was no light an no curtain li,e it shows. I was very disappointed. If I knew this wasn’t included I would not have bought it. I feel I wasted my money. 19.95 each plus taxs.

  23. I don’t like the tent and feel it was falsely advertised. It may work on twin beds where the mattress is exposed but if your child’s mattress is in a trundle bed or sits down in a base, the tent does not work. It’s the biggest waste of $20 I’ve ever spent. It should have came with straps or something to go under the mattress instead of these plastic U shaped things that don’t hook well and dont fit in with a mattress that sirs down perfectly inside a box type bed frame.

  24. Ist night and my grandbabies are very disappointed😥 We thought star’s glowed in dark Can’t believe company couldn’t even do that!!!

  25. My son loves his dream tent. It’s not fantastic quality but it’s good enough. I fully expected to have to order the light with the order form so many say is included but to my surprise there was a light in the package already. When I placed my order I must have accidentally put two tents in my cart and ended up buying one I didn’t need. I called customer service and it was taken care of right away no problems. And I received my tent in a reasonable amount of time. All in all I really can’t complain.

  26. Hats what I’m pissed about. They state the light is included. That means you get the light with the product for the price you pay. No extras!
    Instead there is no light but a card to order a free light but you have to pay $4.99 in S&H!!
    That’s false advertising and misleading and deceptive practices. They can and should have a class action against them as well as reported to BBB.
    Would you buy a car that says “moon roof included” and be okay paying that price and not getting your moon roof?
    Santa got this for our daughter because she just started reading chapter books and really wanted to read in bed so badly. Now we just have a tent. We already have tents, this was supposed to be different. Bunch of bogus just to sell a ton of products and hope people don’t fight back.

  27. So glad I read all these bad reviews first. I will not be buying these tents for my grandchildren.

  28. I agree with you totally…what a disappointment for my grandkids and false advertising…contact better buss bureau or 3 on your side…I think I will

  29. This is about fraud and misrepresentation and scammers…promising something for a price then when you get it the very thing that sold you on it is not included…..not about kids growing up not being afraid of the dark…we’ve all got to stand for something…its just not right !!

  30. That’s wierd that your tents came with the lights because I bought 4 of them …light did not come with any of them. And was told they are extra and would take a long time to get them in the mail

  31. I agree with you totally…what a disappointment for my grandkids and false advertising…contact better buss bureau or 3 on your side…I think I will

  32. Who’s the idiot ??? It’s not about using the product correctly….it’s about the night/reading light not being included as the TV commercial uses the light as a major selling point….
    . I

  33. Why so angry ???????maybe you own dream tents…otherwise why wouldn’t you be angry if your dream tents didn’t come with the night/reading light as they claim on their TV commercial…in fact their big selling points are that they’re great for reading at night or if your kids are afraid of the dark…..they don’t tell you the light is sold separately …we all need to contact the better business bureau or 3 on your side…it’s just wrong !!! And disappointing to a child who doesn’t understand that people are scammers !!!!

  34. The 4 I bought for my grandkids for Christmas didn’t even come with lights !!! I think we need a class action suit against this company with the proceeds going to a children’s charity !!!

  35. In response to your son loving it ….he must be too young to read…because if he was of reading age he would realize it wasn’t at all what was expected per the TV commercial…which States it comes with a light for reading and for those kids that fear the dark….but glad your son loves it !!! My grandkids were totally bummed…

  36. I bought 4 of these for my grandkids for Christmas…now I find out that there is no reading light included……even though they say that the light is included..apparently you can send away for the light !!! Alot of good that does on Christmas!!! I’m really upset about this ….total false advertising…what’s wrong with people !!! Maybe we should all file a class action suit for misrepresentation…fraud…false advertising…or just for disappointing our children and grand children on Christmas….then if we win donate the proceeds to a children’s charity or spend it on a TV commercial letting everyone know about the light…my friends an attorney and I’m a retired paralegal…let me know if your in!!!!

  37. TV advertised price of $19.95 does not include reading lamp, night light or their idea of glow in the dark items…. what a joke! Do Not purchase this item and definitely don’t tell your children or grandchildren you’ll get them one or like me you’ll be stuck for a $50.00 piece of crap!

  38. Not true im 16 stone and my kids 6 we fit snug on his proper lit up car bed not cheap flimsy small bed buy a new bed!

  39. What do you mean 😂 My 6 year old worked it out fine and put it up himself 😂😂😂😂 Tut omg!
    No they dont light up but buy the spray and do it yourself! Also I recommend actually turning off the light 🙄

  40. No need for that at all you foul mouth idiot!
    If you used tbe product correct! Weve two of these shame on you.

  41. Today my granddaughter turned 9 years old. This dream tent was the only thing she specifically asked for because she loves to read before sleeping.
    The ad states that it comes with a reading light. No. No it does not.
    I’m so freaking upset…
    It comes with a card so you can ORDER a free reading light.
    Is this not the very definition of FALSE ADVERTISING?
    Regardless, I was so angry I added a PS4 to her birthday loot.
    I do wonder though, what if that were the only gift I could afford to have given to her?
    Thank you, Dream Tent for being yet another lying, scheming, money bleeding company. You’ve proven that this country was built on, and will continue to devour itself due to, greed.

  42. They say it comes with lights. It says on product free light. Then you end up paying 4.99. to get the light. Will not buy one of their products again.

  43. Terrible product – no instructions to assemble . They advertise it lit up but it’s not
    Lit up that all has to be bought separately. Very disappointed

  44. Bought 3 tents at Toys R Us. Sent money for shipping for the lights as directed on November 7, 2017. Never received the lights. Disgusted. Returned tents to store for refund. I wouldn’t buy them again.


  46. My daughter really likes it just because it’s differnet … but I am so disappointed. It’s not very big at all like the tv shows it to be no way a adult and kid can fit under it ! My daughter and cat barely fit . Make it seem like here is so much room but it’s nope . Worst money spend on a as seen on tv add

  47. your children have to grow up to be adults and the face the darkness and no one wants this to begin with and this is a bad product for your children don’t buy it now let it go this is the parents fault

  48. I ordered, then read these reviews so got worried. However, I did get confirmation email and receipt when I ordered. After two weeks post order, I emailed them at the address they provided in their receipt. They replied promptly that my order had shipped that day. A few days later I received the Dream Tent. Total wait time from order to receipt was 19 days, so I recommend to be patient when ordering since it seems they have a lot of demand and backorders. Anyway, my kids LOVE their new dream tent! We got the winter wonderland theme, and the girls set it up themselves! One thing is these dream tents are designed for twin bed, so we had to compromise: We have a full bed for the girls, so instead of securing the edges under the mattress, we secured under a pillow on each side, so it works great! I doubt this would work on a queen bed, and certainly not a king bed. I would like to see the manufacturer make tents for larger beds. The tent also came with a separate LED light that clips to the top so the kids can read at night. We are happy with our purchase!

  49. After reading the reviews I decided not to purchase online but (my kids) were happily surprised when they found them for the same price (minus shipping) at Walmart. Shipping nightmare avoided 🙂

  50. I want everyone to know these tents are false advertising at its finest the tent it’s self is $20 no big deal. Well first off it does not include the reading light that’s an additional $9.99. Also to make it glow you must purchase their glow in the dark stickers another $9.99 plus the $4.99 shipping and handling congratulations parents you have just bought a dinky $45 DREAM TENT!!! Email customer service no apology nothing just some standard take it back.

  51. I can’t even cancel my order, I’m so mad I want to cry. DO NOT BUY! (It won’t let me give 1 star rating)

  52. The reading light lights on fire. DON’T BUY THIS PROUDUCT. -A concerned mother.

  53. I notice when i vote I put zero stars but it keeps changing to three stars.
    This company should NOT sell anything if they don’t have any product in stock!
    Was told month after month it was on back order coming from China. I cancelled my order and went to Toys R Us and got a bed tent instead. I do NOT recommend this company or product.

  54. Very poorly done website. Doesn’t clarify shipping and doesn’t let you check your cart. Not the type of company to give your credit card to.


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