Is Egnyte the Best Backup Solution for Businesses?

Does Egnyte work?Egnyte is working to give businesses online options when it comes to backing up their files, transferring them, and sharing them between employees. They say that they are fixing the glitch of using the cloud, by backing up your files locally as well. But can you really trust the success of your business with their system of backing up your files, and will it really save you as much money as they claim it can over going with your own server?

Many services have sprouted up recently all trying to give people the ability to store their files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. But to be fair, businesses typically have more important files than individuals, because a business relies on its computer data to make money, and to keep their customers and clients happy. So it only makes sense that they would be a prime customer base to target, and only Egnyte seems to be making them a priority.

The Claim
Egnyte says that you’ll be able to have access to your files and share them even if you’re not online, from anywhere, and though any device you choose. They claim hat sharing files between two locations is easy, and you can even give your business partners access so they can quickly receive files securely. They also say that they store and sync up your files into the cloud, so you’re covered on all ends.

They also claim that the administrator can easily control it all from one dashboard, quickly seeing the data statistics they need, move files around, remove files, and more.

The Hybrid
They are trying to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack by offering a hybrid backup service that involves both the traditional cloud, as well as what they call the “local cloud”. The local cloud uses resources on your computer’s hard drive to store files on your machine that can be accessed even when you don’t have an Internet connection. They are also uploaded into the cloud so that you can have a remote backup lawyer files in case something goes wrong with your physical computer.

The Cost
Egnyte lets you get signed up for their free trial without the need of a credit card, which is great for trying out whichever plan you’re interested in before actually committing to buying it, or having to fuss with remembering to cancel if you don’t like it. As an example, their Group plan gets you 150GB and is good for up to 5 employees and is $25 a month. It does have a file limit of 2GB, which might inhibit some businesses.

Better for Business
This backup service is targeting employees and businesses as a way for them to backup and sync their data. They have a Personal Local Cloud but we couldn’t figure out how to access it, as it kept wanting us to sign up with a business account and tell them how many employees we have. When they calculate the savings, they do so compared to a business buying and maintaining their own in-house server. That’s why if you’re looking for something for your personal use, to backup your personal computer, you should go with a service that is marketed toward individuals.

Egnyte is making a smart move targeting small to medium sized business, and even offering enterprise class services. There are too many other companies all going for the individual users and offering business options as well.

Intellectual Property
More and more of a business’ assets are in the form of intellectual property, and more of it ends up as computer data than ever before. It’s important to keep this data secure and backed up. If anything should happen to your computer files, it could mean big losses in profit, so you have to consider the relatively small cost of keeping it stored remotely, and the redundancy of backing it up locally as a business necessity.

Final Egnyte Review

Egnyte makes a pretty strong case for itself, and we’re giving them a solid Try rating. Their prices seem reasonable, and when you compare it to your other options it’s pretty clear that it could save you quite a bit of money. Not to mention the efficiency it creates by having all of your employees be able to share files with each other, and to provide a quick and secure way to share files with your various business interests.

Our Recommendation
If the claims they make sound like they would benefit your business, it doesn’t hurt to give them a try. You get a 15 day trial so make sure you test it out in that time span and see if you like the features it has. There are plenty of other online backup companies you can go with, so don’t feel like this is your only option.

What do you think? Does Egnyte work or not?

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Tom July 5, 2012 at 12:11 pm

Egnyte definitely works for businesses, though it is priced a bit high, businesses can definitely opt for it. It is always better to choose a solution designed for businesses instead of relying on the consumer solutions and fit it into your organization. We are in the BYOD trend and we need such solutions that will encourage employees use these business file sharing solution as well as gives IT admins the control. One other solution with strong Try rating is SyncBlaze that is designed to satisfy the needs of SMBs. We would love to see a review from DIRW Team.


Adam September 12, 2012 at 6:36 pm

No matter the size of your business, it’s crucial that you make your own backup even if you use a cloud service. Having said that, I think it is a must for any serious business to have an offsite backup system as well. From natural disasters, human error, to theft, you can lose all your documents in a single horrible incident if you don’t have an offsite backup. I’m new to all these cloud backup system as well, so I think I’ll be trying them out to see which one fits my business the best.


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