Does Embrace Pet Insurance Really Work?

Does Embrace work?Embrace pet insurance is just one of the options you have for covering your pet from injury and illness. In many homes across America a pet is like a member of the family, and if anything should go wrong with them, it can bring your world to a standstill. Knowing that you’re covered from whopping vet bills can give you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to make a difficult choice based on not having the money to go through with a treatment. But is Embrace the best pet insurance you can buy, or is there something else out there that’s better?

Pets are wonderful to have, but they’re bittersweet. They have an accelerated life span and they tend to break down, get old, and have health complications at a more rapid rate than we do. On the flip side if you have a young and active pet they will tend to get into more trouble than most people, leading to things like broken bones, cuts, scratches, scrapes, and more. All of those vet bills can add up in a hurry, and can take some of the fun of pet ownership out of the equation. So does pet insurance really make you feel better about the myriad of things that can go wrong with your cat or dog?

The Claim
Embrace claims that their coverage is better than others because they include several genetic conditions that many insurers exclude. They also say that they don’t follow a benefit schedule, instead paying a percentage of your bill directly to you. They also claim that they are affordable, and can git most any budget. One thing they say that separates them from other insurance providers is that they allow you to use any veterinarian, and don’t force you into going to a vet in their network.

They also bring up some interesting statistics, if you are thinking that you will buy the coverage and not use it. They say that 33% of pet owners file a claim in their first year of coverage. But that number jumps to 75% when looking at a 3 year time span. Because pets have shorter life spans, and tend to get into more trouble than we do, it makes sense that stuff will happen to them in a shorter period of time. They also don’t have a limit on how many “incidents” your pet can have, so if they are accident prone or just getting old you won’t have to worry.

The Cost
We ran a quote for a mixed breed, 4 year old female dog and were quoted with a price of $18.60 per month for the economy plan, and $39.18 for the Everyday plan which doubled the monetary maximum of coverage and took down the deductible by several hundreds of dollars. There’s no way to let you know exactly how much your policy would be for your specific pet, but it seemed reasonable

The Commitment
While you’re not roped in to any long-term contract, if you stop making payments your coverage will lapse and if anything goes wrong with your pet during that time you won’t be able to file a claim and you’ll have to start up all over again, including sitting through your waiting period for coverage to kick in.

Insurance makes sense only if an insurance company actually pays out claims made. Most of us are familiar with the horror story of an insurance claim being denied, either through first hand experience or from a friend or close relative. It can make you feel like you’ve been duped or scammed to have paid all of that money per month and then get denied when you actually need the service. There are a good number of things that Embrace doesn’t cover, but these are all to be expected.

They also go into considerable detail as to what is and isn’t covered in regards to pre-existing conditions. This is one loophole that a lot of insurers use to deny claims, but their examples seem pretty understandable. They recommend getting a medical history done on your pet after signing up for coverage to avoid any disappointment after filing a claim.

They draw a lot of comparisons against their number one rival, VPI, and give plenty of examples of the amount of money you’ll save by going with Embrace instead of going with VPI. One such example showed $4,151 paid out by Embrace for a hip displacement on a Golden Retriever and only $750 paid out by VPI because this falls under a genetic condition exclusion.

They claim to have a rating of 9 out of 10 when compared to the different pet insurance companies out there. Our own research has shown that there are positive third party reviews that tend to back up this claim. Basically, there are only so many insurance companies out there that you can go with, and out of that number only a few are truly qualified to offer you insurance. When judged against its competitors, Embrace seems to stand above the crowd.

Final Embrace Pet Insurance Review

All signs are pointing to Embrace being the top tier pet insurance company you can use to cover your cat or dog from all of the ailments life can present to them. Their customer service is much talked about as being excellent, and many people have said that Embrace came through for them when they had a large vet bill to pay. You don’t really have a lot of control about what happens to your pet, you can only do your best to keep them safe and comfortable. Sometimes trouble finds them and you’ll be happy that you’ve got coverage in place.

Our Recommendation
At least get a quote and see what they can offer. From there you can decide whether or not it makes sense to get it, and which coverage level you can afford. If you do go with it, we think it’s a good idea to have your vet give a medical history on them so you don’t run into any trouble filing claims later on, as this will nix any chance of getting pegged with a pre-existing condition denial.

What do you think? Does Embrace Pet Insurance work or not?

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Jordan M April 20, 2012 at 9:40 am

I have Embrace Pet Insurance for my 2 cats, and used to have it on a previous cat (who was put to sleep due to illness) I’m really impressed with them, and will continue to use them in future. They pay claims quickly and you an also check the claim progress on their website. They even sent me a sympathy card when i had to have my old cat put down – nice personal touch.


Jennifer B. May 14, 2012 at 11:11 pm

Pet insurance is one thing and maybe Full Embrace is awesome and maybe not. It never hurts to get a quote.

What I say is never overspend on pet insurance and use your money on quality food because keeping your dog or cat healthy is the most important thing for him/her to live happy and healthy.

So many people spend heavily on pet insurance and pay no mind to the basics.


Phyllis DeFalco July 9, 2013 at 2:42 am

I agree, it is the same as caring for your own health. Do the right thing and also, just as you know your genetics; know your breed. As in the Golden Retrievers with hip displacement, you have to know what to expect before something happens before you acquire a pet as well. Their are some dogs, like the Chinese pugs I had that had ear drops, eye drops, wrinkle moisturizer etc . that it was an expense from the moment you got them home. So prevention and education will save you money and your pet a lot of hassle.


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