Are You Ready For The Perfect Sun Glow Look With Jergens Natural Glow?

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Jergens Natural Glow


Jergens Natural Glow is a line of moisturizers that say they can level up your skin tone without the need to go tanning outside or at a tanning booth. With so many sunless tanners on the market promising the same thing, how do these measure up against competing products?

The Dangers of UV Exposure

Sun Exposure

Exposure to dangerous UV rays can lead to skin cancer. It also increased the chances of blinding eye diseases. This form of non-ionizing radiation is emitted from the sun and tanning lights and beds. Not only is UV exposure a health hazard, it is also hazardous to your skin. Those that tan or are exposed on a regular basis, end up with dry, leathery skin. This is why it is much safer to use a self-tanning product like Jergens Natural Glow.

Why Use Jergens Natural Glow?

Jergens Natural Glow Readers Choice Award

Due to all the information that is available today regarding UV damage to the skin and health, many people are turning to sunless tanning products. Jergens Natural Glow is a great product that produces an even, non-streaking, gradual, subtle, natural skin tone color change.

What Are Jergens Natural Glow’s Main Ingredients?

Jergens Natural Glow Ingredients

Jergens Natural Glow is produced with hydrating antioxidants and vitamin E. The main ingredients are glycerin, corn starch, mineral oil, petrolatum and Dihydroyactone. The coloring agent is caramel. There are several other ingredients in the product. If you have sensitive skin or skin allergies, it is best to read the entire list of the product ingredients. If it is the first time using this product, do a skin patch test prior to applying it all over your body. This will allow time to determine if you are going to have a reaction to the product.


What Shades Are Available For This Product?


Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer is available in two shades, fair to medium and medium to tan. Visit the Jergens website and answer some questions through their Glowadvisor to determine which shade is best for you.

How Does Jergens Natural Glow Work?

Jergens special formulation works to produce natural healthier-looking skin by adding moisture and a soft glow of color to the skin. The skin is nourished with vitamin E and antioxidants. It is designed to enhance your natural skin tone.

How Do I Apply Jergens Natural Glow?

Applying Cream


For optimum results apply Jergens Natural Glow to freshly exfoliated and cleansed skin. Apply to areas of the body rubbing in circular motions to create a natural-looking color. Use less of the product in dry areas on the body like elbows, knees, etc. Allow the product to dry before getting dressed. Immediately wash hands after application. Continue to apply daily until the desired results have been achieved. The end result should be achieved within a week.

How Do I Maintain The Natural Glow?

Once you have reached the desired shade, apply Jergens Natural Glow every other day to maintain your natural glow.

What To Expect After Application

You can expect to see a flawless, streak-free healthy-looking appearance to your skin. Once you have achieved your desired color, it is best to apply Jergens Natural Glow every other day to maintain your results. If the product is not re-applied after results have been achieved the tanned glow will fade away in approximately one week.


Benefits of Jergens

Using a natural tanning product like Jergens Natural Glow has many benefits such as:

  • Prevents skin damage that tanning in the sun would cause
  • You are in control of the color you would like to achieve
  • The product moisturizes the skin while adding a natural glow
  • Skin looks and feels healthier
  • No need to use dangerous tanning beds
  • No sunburns
  • A fraction of the cost of using tanning beds
  • Skin appears smoother
  • Stretch marks and cellulite is not as noticeable
  • Can be applied in the convenience of your own home
  • Can be applied when it is convenient for you

These are just a few benefits that this product can provide for you.

Where Can I Buy Jergens Natural Glow and How Much Does It Cost?

Jergens Natural Glow can be purchased online through Amazon. The cost of a 7.5-ounce tube on Amazon is $21.87. Jergens Natural Glow can also be purchased at  Walmart for $10.48 for a 200 ml tube, Shoppers Drug Mart for $13.49 for a 220 ml tube. This product can be purchased online or in retail stores. Shop around for the best price.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

The majority of Amazon customers that have purchased and used this product have rated it 5 out of 5 stars. Some customer comments are:


“I have fair skin and bought the medium/tan one by accident. I’m glad I did! I could see a difference after one application. Three applications give a great tan color- not orange or fake looking at all! The only thing is when you get out of the shower you need to PAT DRY your legs otherwise if you rub it’ll get all over your towels. Also, make sure you let it dry after you apply. This is pretty standard for all self tanners so I’ll take it! Love the natural results.”


“I love the gradual shade build of this lotion! I am extremely pale. (I’ve actually been told that my legs are a shade of light blue rather than white, LOL!) I layer for three or four days and then every few days to maintain. I don’t look super tan, just healthy. I suppose if I used it daily for a longer time it would get darker but, I’m not into that look for me.”


“This is a great product. It is the only self tanner I’ve found that doesn’t turn your skin orange. I use it 2-3 times per week and it leaves me with the perfect natural-looking tan. I’ve been searching forever for a self tanner that actually works and finally found it. Highly recommend.”





Jergens is a reputable company that has been in the skincare business since 1901. Their products are designed to help people of all ages achieve optimum skincare. Jergens Natural Glow is only one of their popular products. If you are serious about taking good care of your skin, we recommend you try some of Jergens’s other skincare products. Jergens carries a fine line of moisturizers, cleansers and exfoliators.





There are several different approaches that can be taken to get the tan that you want. Another alternative is to take a supplement that prepares the skin for tanning. Check out Purasun to see if this something you would want to consider.

Share your experiences with us for Jergens Natural Glow.


135 Customer Reviews on “Are You Ready For The Perfect Sun Glow Look With Jergens Natural Glow?

  1. I am very pleased with the Jergens Natural Glow product. My legs do not get the same exposure as my arms, chest and back does. JNG puts a little tan on my pale, glowing legs!

  2. I try to avoid the sun now that I am older. I also don’t have time to sit out for very long. I tried Jergens glow moisturizer for firming as well as tan. I got the medium to tan and paid about 8.00 at Walmart. There was a dollar off coupon attached as well so little over 7.00 if the coupon is there. I noticed after day one a difference in color, I use it at night after a shower. They say to go lightly on elbows, folds of arms, knees and and ankles which I do recommend. These areas tend to get darker, there is no odor at all. Goes on nice and smooth and not orange at all. Just a natural looking tan. Over the next several days I was getting darker so I started using it every other day. You won’t get a tan immediately but it only takes a day or two to notice. I love it as a moisturizer as well. It also hides spider veins a little. I highly recommend this product. I don’t need to be real dark I just want some color.

  3. I realize this post is from 2013, however, I felt the need to still comment. Particularly about the Statement you made saying “I don’t want to look like an albino”. You could’ve simply said you don’t want to be pale or white. The term “albino” is rude, offensive and plain ignorant. There are people with albinism reading this and people with kids who have albinism reading this. Take others into consideration when posting on the internet for the whole world to see. Thank you

  4. Yes this product works great. The color looks great, I’m always getting asked where I tan at, when I tell people I use this lotion they don’t believe me.. it takes the 2 weeks before you will see the difference but we’ll worth it💕💕

  5. I am out in the sun a lot and I wanted to try something safe. I bought the Jergens Natural Glow and it works great. It gives you that natural look without the orange look that most products give you. It doesn’t give you a dark look so if this is what you are wanting, then this isn’t the product for you, but it does give a touch of tan, but in a natural way. It also softens the skin that one needs like myself that is outdoors a lot. I love this product.

  6. I’m a huge lover of the sun and I have a hard time staying inside when I could be catching some rays. But the scare of skin cancer nabbed me when I was in my teens and while I still spend time in the sun (with plenty of SPF, mind you) I also like to utilize tanning lotions time and again to keep up with my glow. The Jergens Natural Glow does a fairly good job at providing a natural looking glow, though it does not really provide a noticeable tan. The only problem I experienced was some slight bleeding of the color onto clothing.

  7. I tanned regularly in tanning beds for over 25 years until I got two basal cell cancer spots I needed removed. Now, I do lay out in the sun (with lots of sunscreen) but I look and feel so much better with a little color, so I’ve tried several sunless tanners, including Jergens. It’s OK…doesn’t offer a lot of color, but does give a slight glow, as it promises. The one thing I don’t like about this product is the smell. Wish it had more of a coconut smell or something, but it’s just plain nasty.

  8. I’ve read a few scary stories about skin cancer on a health magazine the other day and I’ve decided that I’m going to stop getting suntan. I don’t really want to look like an albino though, so the only viable option is to use a product like jergens. I knew a product like this could be possible to make with the current technology, but I had no idea that jergens has been doing it for some time now and with great results. Now I’ll happily be giving up tanning~!

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