Does Jergens Natural Glow Really Work?

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Does Jergens Natural Glow work?Jergens Natural Glow is a line of moisturizers that say they can level up your skin tone without the need to go tanning outside or at a tanning booth. With so many sunless tanners on the market promising the same thing, how do these measure up against competing products?

It’s a great idea to get color on your skin without resorting to the harmful effects of the sun and tanning beds. But unfortunately most of the products out there that are supposed to deliver the right look fall short. Either they make you look orange, or they make you look fake, or they flat out don’t work.

The Claim
Jergens claims that their Natural Glow lineup will give your skin a naturally tanned look in a matter of days, without the smell that typically accompanies sunless tanners, and also has versions that tone and revitalize your skin as well.

The Hype
Since Jergens is already a big name in the moisturizing world, they’ve come into the game with a leg up on the competition, since they don’t have to establish themselves as a success. They also have some initial positive reactions to these products which only leads to more and more people trying it out.

The Cost
Jergens Natural Glow products are priced higher than regular moisturizers, but less than some of the other sunless tanning products on the market. You’d expect them to cost more than regular moisturizing lotions, since it is supposed to do more for you. We found them for about a dollar an ounce at Amazon, but they are available at online and offline retailers nationwide.

The Commitment
You’ll have to stick with this one a bit longer than those tanners that give same-day results. However, you should notice that it’s working right from day one so you get that positive reinforcement and encouragement to keep on with the plan.

The feedback on Jergens Natural Glow has been mostly positive, with many users saying that out of all of the gradual darkening products they tried, this one worked best for them. If you’ve ever tried some of the tanners that take you from pale to tanned, you have probably noticed that they often give a fake look, by going too dark, or streaking. The benefit of taking a gradual approach is that you typically don’t get the streaking, and the color has a more natural tone. You can also have more control over how dark you get by simply stopping the applications when you reach your desired color, and then simply maintaining that color.

One interesting feature that we noticed is that they’re not really going for a super dark tan here, but more of that natural gold look that appears when you get just the right amount of sun. It’s the color that many strive for, but few attain because it takes the right amount of sun exposure on the right type of skin. If you don’t have the time, energy, desire, or skin type to try to get this perfect hue, it only makes sense to try to get it from a bottle instead.

A common complaint on the earlier versions was the smell. They’ve since fixed that, so as long as you’re buying the new and improved formula you shouldn’t be having the distinct odor that comes with a lot of sunless tanners on the market. It’s good that they are continually trying to make the product better as it goes along, since most companies simply release a product and never try to upgrade or improve the formula. It shows that they are serious about making this the go-to moisturizer for those looking to darken their skin without damaging it.

Final Jergens Natural Glow Review

We’re giving Jergens Natural Glow our Thumbs Up rating, as it has proven itself to work as long as you know what you’re trying to accomplish and this fits in with your plans. If you are trying to darken up quickly, like for a special event or one-time occurrence, this is probably not for you. But if you have time to let it gradually take effect, you should be pleased with the results and it can help you to get that coveted tanned look without having to resort to damaging your skin by spending too long outside or on a tanning bed.

Our Recommendation
Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and should be respected as such. While being tanned is in style, it’s not something worth sacrificing your health over. Looking for ways to tan without the sun is a great idea, and since many of the products in this Jergens line also contain an SPF, you’ll be making your skin look great, and protecting it at the same time.

What do you think? Does Jergens Natural Glow work or not?

135 Customer Reviews on “Does Jergens Natural Glow Really Work?

  1. I am very pleased with the Jergens Natural Glow product. My legs do not get the same exposure as my arms, chest and back does. JNG puts a little tan on my pale, glowing legs!

  2. I try to avoid the sun now that I am older. I also don’t have time to sit out for very long. I tried Jergens glow moisturizer for firming as well as tan. I got the medium to tan and paid about 8.00 at Walmart. There was a dollar off coupon attached as well so little over 7.00 if the coupon is there. I noticed after day one a difference in color, I use it at night after a shower. They say to go lightly on elbows, folds of arms, knees and and ankles which I do recommend. These areas tend to get darker, there is no odor at all. Goes on nice and smooth and not orange at all. Just a natural looking tan. Over the next several days I was getting darker so I started using it every other day. You won’t get a tan immediately but it only takes a day or two to notice. I love it as a moisturizer as well. It also hides spider veins a little. I highly recommend this product. I don’t need to be real dark I just want some color.

  3. Yes this product works great. The color looks great, I’m always getting asked where I tan at, when I tell people I use this lotion they don’t believe me.. it takes the 2 weeks before you will see the difference but we’ll worth it💕💕

  4. I am out in the sun a lot and I wanted to try something safe. I bought the Jergens Natural Glow and it works great. It gives you that natural look without the orange look that most products give you. It doesn’t give you a dark look so if this is what you are wanting, then this isn’t the product for you, but it does give a touch of tan, but in a natural way. It also softens the skin that one needs like myself that is outdoors a lot. I love this product.

  5. I’m a huge lover of the sun and I have a hard time staying inside when I could be catching some rays. But the scare of skin cancer nabbed me when I was in my teens and while I still spend time in the sun (with plenty of SPF, mind you) I also like to utilize tanning lotions time and again to keep up with my glow. The Jergens Natural Glow does a fairly good job at providing a natural looking glow, though it does not really provide a noticeable tan. The only problem I experienced was some slight bleeding of the color onto clothing.

  6. I tanned regularly in tanning beds for over 25 years until I got two basal cell cancer spots I needed removed. Now, I do lay out in the sun (with lots of sunscreen) but I look and feel so much better with a little color, so I’ve tried several sunless tanners, including Jergens. It’s OK…doesn’t offer a lot of color, but does give a slight glow, as it promises. The one thing I don’t like about this product is the smell. Wish it had more of a coconut smell or something, but it’s just plain nasty.

  7. I’ve read a few scary stories about skin cancer on a health magazine the other day and I’ve decided that I’m going to stop getting suntan. I don’t really want to look like an albino though, so the only viable option is to use a product like jergens. I knew a product like this could be possible to make with the current technology, but I had no idea that jergens has been doing it for some time now and with great results. Now I’ll happily be giving up tanning~!

    1. I realize this post is from 2013, however, I felt the need to still comment. Particularly about the Statement you made saying “I don’t want to look like an albino”. You could’ve simply said you don’t want to be pale or white. The term “albino” is rude, offensive and plain ignorant. There are people with albinism reading this and people with kids who have albinism reading this. Take others into consideration when posting on the internet for the whole world to see. Thank you

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