Does the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus Kill Floor Germs And Clean Too?

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Steam Mop PlusThe Smart Living Dream Mop has gone through some changes to upgrade it to the Smart Living Dream Mop Plus. It still raises the same question, however. Which is does cleaning with steam make for a better cleaning experience, and if so does this mop live up to the expectations?


What is the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus?

It is a mop that cleans through the use of steam that is delivered at 110C which is considered to be a high temperature.

What Type of Surfaces Can It Clean?

Ceramic floor steam cleaning

This product is being promoted as being safe to use on:

  • Ceramic tile floors
  • Vinyl floors
  • Wood laminate floors

Although this product is being promoted as being safe for any floor types there is some question as to whether it should be used on the unsealed floor like some of the laminates. When it comes to hardwood floors caution has to be taken that the floor does not get too wet, otherwise it will create white spots.

What About The Carpet Cleaning?

steam cleaning carpets

The Smart Living Steam Mop Plus is also being promoted for cleaning carpets. However, those selling it claim that it doesn’t really clean carpets. Some may want to use it to sanitize their carpets but it doesn’t appear to really clean the carpets.

The mop has a carpet glide that allows for cleaning of the carpets. If these wear out a replacement can be purchased.


The Advantages of Using the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

steam for floor cleaning

  • The claim is that it is able to sanitize as well as clean
  • It is more sustainable as no cleaners or chemicals are needed for the cleaning
  • The microfiber pad used with the unit is reusable.
  •  The design of the Smart Living Mop makes floor cleaning easy
  • Being as it is cleaning with steam it dries almost instantly

The Advantages of Cleaning With Steam

One of the drawing features to the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus is the claim that the steam can sanitize. A lot of pet owners like the thought that they can sanitize their floors because of having pets. Those who have toddlers also like the fact that they can sanitize the floors as the children often sit on the floors to play.

The other benefit of cleaning with steam is that the heat it provides can help to loosen stuck-on debris more effectively and quicker.

Does Steam Really Sanitize

killing germs with steam

It is said that steam is capable of killing 99.9% of germs such as:

  • Salmonella
  • Dust mites
  • Staff bacteria
  • E.Coli

However, it is said that the steam must remain in one area from anywhere between 8 to 20 seconds.

How To Use This Steam Cleaner

Using Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

The process of using this product is really simple.

  • Just fill the reservoir with distilled water
  • Attach one of the reusable microfibre pads
  • Turn on and you are ready to start cleaning

The Micro Pads

Smart living steam cleaner plus micro pads

These are the pads that are going to come in direct contact with the floor and do the cleaning as the steam loosens the debris. They are reusable and when ordered they come in a package of three.

A fresh pad will clean about 500 sq. feet before it needs to be laundered.

Cleaning the Micro Pads

They are machine washable and can be put in the dryer, however, do no use fabric softeners when cleaning these as this destroys the microfibres.


Putting Steam Mops To The Test

The Smart Living Steam Mop is not the only product of its kind on the market. Good Housekeeping ran a test on several different types of steam mops however this Smart Living Steam Mop  Plus was not one included in the test. However, the criteria that were used for the test can also be applied as to whether this particular mop would have passed the test.

The test used four different types of dirt

  • Oily dirt
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Soda
  • Orange juice.

The surfaces that it was tested on was ceramic and vinyl tiles

For the test clean they passed the steamer over the stains with thirty strokes.

The results varied but for the most part, all of the steamers they tested were able to clean all of the stains. With the exception of a few not being able to clean the red stains from the sauce. This appeared to be the hardest component to clean.

The other test components were how good the mops were at picking up debris like spilled food and dust etc. Then how often did the reservoir have to be filled during the cleaning process?

The Cost

You have options for where you want to buy the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus and this will determine how much you are going to pay for it It can be purchased directly from the Company for $195.95 which is a reduction from $249.99. Or there are various sellers on Amazon selling it for $198.95.


What Do The Users Say?

Feed back

The mop has received a 3.9 rating out of 5. With 61% giving it a 5 star and 17% a one star. This is based on 191 reviews. Rating on features was based on:

  • It is lightweight – most were happy with this feature
  • Easy to use – again most were satisfied.
  • Value for money – earned a four out of five star

It seems that the biggest complaint was the quality of the unit itself. One complained that here mop stopped working after a few uses. Another believes she received a demo mop and not a new one. Then a third complaint was the steam was not able to penetrate into the crevices.


Cleaning with Shark

Whenever you are going to buy an item such as steam mop you want to have some choices. We have covered several different types of these products in our reviews. One of them was the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. It also happens to be the number one best seller on Amazon. Based on 5,051 reviews it has received a four-star rating.  It is also a lot cheaper than the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus. The Shark sells for $59.99.




70 Customer Reviews on “Does the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus Kill Floor Germs And Clean Too?

  1. Ordered one from the company beginning of July 2021. Received some updates about shipment problems. For some time no more updates….no response to my emails… thinking of contacting my credit card company. It’s now September 15th.

  2. I love this mop!!! It leaves your floors feeling so clean and looking so bright. I can’t tell you how nice the floors feel on your feet. When I used a regular mop and water with cleaner my floors didn’t feel as nice, almost like a film on them. The Smart Living Steam Mop Plus is so easy to use and store. Now, the only down side that I must mention is the On/Off button. For some reason this button has stopped working clearly a factory malfunction but my purchased was two years ago so no warranty from Amazon and there is no direct line to speak to a representative of the manufacturer. Now I have a Smart Living Steam Mop that doesn’t work and because of the excellent performance of this mop I want another one. I absolutely hate waste no matter what it is sooooo what to do????

  3. We purchased this mop at a Home and Trade show. I loved it but for a short duration. I used it about 15 times before the mop head broke right off of the handle. It’s a cheap plastic ball attachment, which broke under normal use. I tried to contact the distributor by email, and by phone to no avail. I also contacted Living well itself, and again, no reply. It was a lot of money for 15 uses. The Customer Service is terrible. After you buy it, you’re on your own!!!! For this reason, I don’t recommend the product. A company who doesn’t stand by what it sells says something.

  4. I purchased it about 4 years ago it’s amazingly great! My wife took it to her Salon to try & clean years of built up hair spray & God only knows what, we’ll it worked great nothing else came near what this one does! She has 4 clients whom bought as well & are as satisfied as we are! We’ve used ours so much & keeps coming back for more! Note you must use distilled water or you’ll get a build up of deposits, not the mops fault it’s most likely the idiot who did this review, COOL!!!!

  5. I purchased this product about 4 weeks ago at a big local Fair. I watched the demonstration, and listend the person who was doing it…she admitted the machine is not perfect, however, she was right one thing…its better than a Swiffer wet jet.

    the house is about 1700 square feet, wood floors. I used a Swiffer only to find that this particular product left a tacky, feeling on the floor, and you can’t refill the bottles easily…it can be done, but the trouble to do it is as much as a pain as mixing your favorite floor cleaner. The refill bottles even at the dollar store in town, and are Swiffer original replacements…are like 1 bottle for $5, and one bottle does just about 1 floor in my hours. The pads are okay at best.

    Got the Steam mop. Uses water only, pads are washable and reusable. The amount of dirt I get up off the floors is better than a Swiffer pad, which just ends up getting soggy and wet…and the best thing is with the dogs, the birds and the cats in the house, I am only using water.

    The mop works great on wood and tile.

    I have used it twice since I purchased it, the first time I used all 4 pads, this time around I only used 2, and would suspect that will be the case from now on as the first floor is the main traffic area. I can tell the difference after the floors are mopped, clean, no grime, no tacky filling…and I walk barefoot a lot in the house.

    Construction of the unit is okay, I think it could be better, like a removable water tank, the handle bends so you can reach under the bed with ease…it gets into corners pulling up dust and cobwebs that the vacuum didn’t get.

    Overall from 1 to 10 stars, 10 is spectacular.I would give this product an 8

  6. We like our Smart Living Plus steam mop. Big kitchen 400 plus square feet. It takes 3 to 4 pads to clean each time but it works great.

  7. I love my Smart living steam mop. I was using spray and mop products on my laminate floor and they always left a film and I could see my footprints. Now with the Smart Living II steam mop. NO file beautiful laminate floors. Mops up dog pee residue. Very happy. Worth the money.

  8. I bought the Plus along with the Jr at Sam’s Club before Christmas 2016 for $188 plus taxes. I used the mop twice during the holidays.
    After using the mop for 15 or more minutes, I was not able to shut it off using the blue power button; I had to unplug it from the wall! After it cooled down, the power button functioned normally, but only for a while. This was very aggravating and unsafe – a potential fire hazard.
    The quality of the cleaning was acceptable, but the handle is not the best ergonomic design. It needs to be longer in order to mop/ scrub more comfortably. I’m average height; a six foot tall person would have major back issues using this thing. I was disappointed with this product’s quality and cannot recommend it.
    When I returned my defective unit to Sam’s, I was told that several others already returned theirs for a refund. I’m glad that mine malfunctioned early and that I bought it where I was able to get a full refund.

  9. Thanks for the info. I bought mine years ago at a Home show.I just now tried using it. I wish you had a video on you tube how to clean the machine. Do you think I can use bleach to wash my mop pads? Thanks for any insight?

  10. I’m on my second one and have been using them for over six years. I do have a dozen pads because I’m steaming 2500 sq feet of tile and hardwood and I need them all. It does a nice job on the floors but I wish you could use a bit of a nice smelling cleaner in it. I don’t find the pads give off any dirty odour, it doesn’t smell like anything. I use reverse osmosis water only.

    I have to say I’m tempted to buy something different just to try, especially if it has fragrance discs, but I’ve got a lot invested in extra pads so I guess I’ll wait until my machine wears out or breaks down.

    I can’t complain about mine. My first one still works, too, I wanted the upgraded model so I use the old one on the garage floor.

  11. I’ve had mine for over 2 years, using it whenever I clean kitchen and bathroom floors. I sometimes put a little kitchen cleaner (that doesn’t have a sudsing agent) to take care of grease or oil spots. Mine has been terrific. No complaints!!

  12. This mop never worked properly….didn’t create much steam and the floors were too wet. Now it doesn’t work at all. What a waste of my hard earned money!

  13. Does anyone have the phone number for this company. I love my mop but the jr. One I purchased has not worked since I took it from the box. I have sent three emails to the customer service contact but have heard nothing. The receipt that should have been sent to me when I used my credit card never came to my email. I am a little disappointed.

  14. Have had mine for about two years and have liked it. Now suddenly — for no reason that I can discern — the handle has split apart at a “seam.” I can’t find anything online about the company to tell me who to contact for repair instructions. It appears that a small screw has worked its way out. Since NOWHERE is a manufacturer contact, and apparently I didn’t keep any packaging, I’m chalking this up as a bad product with no backup.Having used it with reasonable care, never dropped or abused it, I expected more than 2 years out of it. Very disappointed — Would not recommend the product.

  15. How do I get a phone number or address to exchange the Jr that leaks everywhere?????

  16. For all of the people saying they bought the Smart Living Steam Mop and only used it a few times before it stopped working…THE LINES MIGHT BE BLOCKED WITH RESIDUE. I too bought this floor steamer as well as a hand held unit at a home show. I loved them both, they made things super easy in the correct applications. But both stopped working. As a business owner I don’t like wasting my hard earned money. So I took each of them apart. I found that I had ruined the hand held steamer by leaving small amounts of water in the tank instead of steaming it completely dry and then storing it with the lid off. So I replaced the hand held steamer. Next I tackled the floor steamer. I found residue from water which had left some mold starting up in some parts of the lines in my floor steamer. Rinsing out the tank produced a lot of chunks from the bottom of the tank. I could see the mold because the lines are made of clear rubber. I unclamped the lines. Using the hand held steamer I blew out the rubber lines back into the tank until they were clear. Once the hoses were cleared I reconnected them to the pump. I turned it on and verified that water was coming through the pump. Still it wasn’t going through the heater. Blowing on the hose that goes into the heater was not producing any movement. Then, just as an added precaution, I blew out the exit hose coming from the heater (it has a one way valve in it) and then I blew steam into the heater coming from the intake hose. This is when things started moving along. I hooked everything back up and it works fantastic. The tools used were needle nose plyers, butter knife to push the clamps back in place. Hand held steamer. And a very small phillips screw driver. CAUTION: THE HEATER STAYS HOT A LONG TIME. REASSEMBLE ONLY WHEN IT HAS COOLED.

  17. This reply is for Mary. I don’t know how to contact you outside of leaving a reply. But you were on this site over 7 months earlier. If you can’t reach the company, you can always sell it for the purchase price online. Craigs List, Kajiji or others. As a business owner I love steamers for the finishing touch. Users still need to thoroughly vacuum and mop a floor. The steamer is for finishing and sanitizing only. These sales people try to convince consumers that it replaces all the inbetween steps. NOT.

  18. I am not a man and I clean my floors. I have owned two of these machines, both lasted 3 years with no problems. I did use tap water which is probably what killed the pump. In between these two machines I bought a Shark steam mop. Now that was a piece of junk. It never created good steam so the floor stayed wet and had streaks. Even though it had a wide head the steam only came out in a small section. I hope Smartliving salesperson comes to our fair again so I can buy another. The Smartliving steam mop has been the best.

  19. I bought one a year ago. It works fine as far as my experience goes. It does not seem so soak the floor like a lot of reviews claim, though if you over fill it, the water can puddle until the level comes down a little.

    I did notice that on a really glossy hardwood finish the mop grips a bit more making it a little harder to push. My new hardwood floor has a satin finish and the mop glide along quite well. The ground floor of my home is about 1,300 square feet and if the floors get really dirty, say after some construction project, I vacuum up the what i can first and then run this mop over it. It takes 4 to 6 pads to cover that space.

    I have not used it enough to speak to the longevity of the product, but so far i have been satisfied.

  20. I bought the Smart Living Steam Mop at a Home Show in April 2014. I was satisfied with the work it did although I thought it was flimsily made the results were surprisingly good. Enough so that people would comment how great my floors looked. I last used my mop in May 2015 when I tried to use it again in September 2015 (I was away for 3 months) the machine does not work. The motor sounds weak and it does not heat. I have not been able to find a way to contact the company. Since I like the steam cleaning process, I purchased a Shark Professional Steamer and was so dissatisfied with the result I returned it to the store.

  21. After reading these comments all I can say is that I love, love, love this mop and we have hard wood and tile floors and would, and have recommended it to many people.

  22. I have purchased mine recently and I must say that it does the work.
    The floors are very clean after usage and it does not take long for the floors to dry up.
    I guess everyone’s opinion is different based on usage.

    But I would say its like any other products, it can be broken if you don’t care enough. You don’t have to blame the manufacturer for every single reason. anyhow, I think it’s money well spent

  23. Junk. Yes, it stacks up…the pile trash pile with the other steam mop. Didn’t come close to getting my money ‘s worth. Pure junk. Do not believe the positive reviews. Just go with my word…use human power with a tradition damp floor mop. The ONLY STEAM WAS COMING FROM MY HEAD…PURE JUNK.

  24. Where and to whom are you returning it to? Mine is brand new, never used, and purchased at a home show for hardwood floors, which I now find it should not be used on. Would love to return it for a FULL refund, but can’t get anyone on the phone. So, please, let me know if you succeed.

  25. I don’t think most people are idiots at cleaning floors. Its interesting to me that the “positive” reviews are mostly coming from men. Meanwhile, I don’t know one man who cleans the family floors. Are you an employee of this company?

  26. I hate crooks and that’s what these people are, insincere crooks. However, they couldn’t perpetrate their crime, to a large degree, without the help of the Home Shows. Shame on all of them! We have bought several things through home shows that are not for sale in stores. This is only one of them. There’s a reason why many of the products found at home shows are not for sale in stores, they are OVERPRICED and THEY ARE JUNK!

    No longer a Home Show shopper

  27. Hi! I have a new one, but am afraid to use it due to all the negative reviews. What kind of floors do you have?

  28. How long did you have it, before you were NOT loving it any longer? Also, what are your floors made of? You’re right, its quite expensive for a dud. I bought one in 2013 that I just took out of the box, but am now afraid to use.

  29. I am totally discusted! Home Shows SHOULD NOT have any company peddle their inferior products at a HIGH cost to consumers….we bought this at the Seattle Home Show last year in preparation for our new SOLID Hardwood floors, which the demonstrator said it would be EXCELLENT for. Well, all the floors have been in for a while now and I just opened the box. This piece of equipment was not on sale or a special deal. As a matter of fact, I think the manufacturer had shills present at the home show. Several people said they were purchasing additional machines, for gifts, because they were so “impressed” with its performance in their homes. We were also dumb enough to buy the hand steamer. With tax, both cost roughly $270.00 Again, we have hardwood floors and they were VERY expensive. Now, we can’t trust what we were told would be the BEST for cleaning them is. I am scared to use the mop now, for fear it will ruin my floors. Holy crap! Life shouldn’t be this hard and it wouldn’t be if there were more honest people, but people aren’t held accountable so why bother being honest when you can make more money by not being. This is not the only product we purchased at a “Home Show” that we are totally dissatisfied with, due to hype. Its pretty much the same story with just about EVERYTHING ever purchased. Insult to injury, we paid to attend the Home Shows. Talk about a SCAM! NEVER AGAIN! You couldn’t give us tickets to a home show!!!

  30. I loved this mop. I bought mine at a home show several years back. It only lasted about 4 years and I should of used distiller water. I’ve since bought other brands but none measure up to my Smart Living mop. I loved the compact nature of it, ease of use, quality, and how well it cleaned.

  31. We bought this 3-4 years ago at the home show and I admit the first time we used it there seemed to be streaks on the glossy laminate floor. We tried it again and there were no streaks ever again. It gets used a minimum of once a week ,but usually more and have never had an issue.
    The shaft does seem a little flimsy but it has held up.
    I like how quickly the floor dries as our dog doesn’t like to wait to leave new marks on the clean floor.
    I wouldn’t trade this product for anything and even the people that our buying our house wanted to know how we got the floors so clean and so they want one.
    We did try the shark and we returned it, the floors were an awful mess and was afraid of damaging the laminate.
    Hope yours works as well

  32. I’m confused. From reading your web page one would get the impression that most users don’t like it or that almost all reviews think it’s a dud. But at the top of the page you have 96 thumbs up and 56 thumbs down…by my 56 compared to 96 is not even close to most users…? Am I missing something?

  33. Wait till you try to use the WARRANTY.
    Used it one time. They told me to try and find the guy from the Home Show! WTF

  34. I like mine. I got mine at a home show along with the junior. The one thing that the steam doesn’t work well on is a waxed floor or a tile that has a sealant. The sealant was an after market added step. My kitchen tiles had sealant and the steam just melts it away, so I guess you could say its a good wax remover. The finish on my hardwood is fine.

    I use the junior to clean my glass dining room table. Just be careful to move the chairs away especially if they are leather.

  35. I love mine. It does what it’s supposed to, the floors dry within seconds and the results are great. I use it on tile and my hardwood. I’ve tried getting out dried poop from my carpet and it was almost successful. I bought mine at a home show and they gave me a free Jr with purchase. It works fantastic. I will keep buying this product and recommend to friends.

  36. I love my SLSM. I’ve tried other “name” brand steam mops – they are now in the trash. Using steam to clean is awesome, I’m saving money from not having to buy cleaning chemicals and as far as helping the environment, every little bit helps. If everyone does a little, it adds up to a lot.

  37. I’ve had my mop around 5 years, which is a miracle compared to the other brands. It steams like a charm never had a problem and its used at least once a month on 5000 sq ft of house. The only thing about this mop that could be improved is the mop pads. They don’t stick for long and wrinkle up when washed and NOT dried. I have to use large rubber bands to keep the pads on and some of my floors are smooth and others are tile, the tile is worse. So, makers, work on the pads, use a snap system or something that stretches them out and won’t let them drag off in two or three swipes. And, I have purchased numerous replacement pads and they aren’t cheap. Guess I’ll order some more and keep it though, the others sound pitiful!

  38. i bought my smart living mop probably three or four years ago at a home show. have been nothing but totally pleased with it. i do have concrete and tile floors. it does not streak, steams well and does a good job of cleaning. i love that i haven’t bought chemicals to clean my floors for all this time, especially with the concern of my dogs having to be subjected to getting the chemicals on their feet. absolutely love it and hope to never have to push a mop around again!

  39. I have had my smart living steam mop for a little over a year now. Loved the demonstration for it at the boat show and have loved it since!! No issues with it. Use it on hickory wood floors, tile, laminate wood floors, all of my floors. I also do my mattresses with it, my carpets. Literally, everything that can be used with steam gets cleaned with it. I don’t understand all of the complaints that I have read about this mop! Maybe a bad run of them?? After I purchased and raved about mine ( and gave demonstrations with it ) several family members also purchased there own and love them! I am familiar with the shark steam mop… Fail. And several others, to heavy, leaves the floor soaking wet! No adjusting handle to get under things. My mop gets into corners and along baseboards just perfectly! I took an hour with my sales guy and got him to show me everything in depth and exactly how to use it like he demonstrates it. ( bought to many things that were demonstrated well and when I tried using a cleaner or whatever it never worked the way they made it work ) so with my mop I wanted to make sure I could enjoy it the way it was demonstrated and the impressive way it cleaned to a shine!!! I’m still impressed with it, i use it always and I bring it to the cottage and have also lent it to a friend. It’s my best cleaning system and I would not want to do without it!! There is lemons made in everything that is made including vehicles, I would suggest if you buy it from a show, go home and use it. Then if something is wrong take it right back to them. If you have a good one, you will love the clean and ease of use. Very light to move and carry around with my arthritis. :). Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!! Cleaning is a breeze with my smart steam mop. 🙂

  40. I bought mine at the Tampa Bay Home Show at the Tampa Bay Convention center today. I couldn’t wait to come home and try it out. It glided a lot easier at the home show that it does over my textured tile floors; however, we are satisfied with the results from using it today. We have labrador retrievers and children, so we always have messes to clean up!

  41. I too got caught up in the hype at a trade show. I checked tonight after I had cleaned the ceramic tile with it and ran a damp cloth over it and still had dirt coming up. Believe me the floor is not that dirty! Out of curiosity, I redid the floor again and then once more and both times the pads (clean one each time) were just as dirty as the time before. Go figure!! I believe the water does not heat up to the 110 degrees it says it does. Don’t really know how you can sanitize when it doesn’t even remove the dirt from the floor. Really not all that is it said to be!!

  42. Bought this a couple of years ago and hardly use it as it leaves streaks on my bamboo floors. I just tried my neighbors Shark and love it…they allow you to control the amount of steam based on the type of floor…makes sense…sense steam, less water on the floor…worry about getting the floors to wet…will be going out and buying the Shark

  43. So these types of steam mops only last 6 months? That’s a little disappointing to say the least, especially if you made a large investment into this particular mop. But alas, just because something is expensive doesn’t mean that’s high quality. I guess I will have to continue my search for a mop that no only gets the job done but lasts at lot longer than 6 months.

  44. I bought this steam mop 3 years ago and home and garden show. I loved it!! I had 2 dogs and 3 under school aged children and travertine floors, approximately 1500 square feet. I used it twice a week for 6 months, and then it quit working. The company was about a half an hour away, so I called them. It was out of warranty by 2 weeks, but they let me exchange it for a new one. A few days later they called me and left a message saying that my original had rusted out and I shouldn’t store it outside. I assure you, it was never outside. I loved the second mop and used it just as much as the first one. Six months later, it also died. I didn’t bother with the company that time. For $150, I expect more than 6 months of use!!! I have yet to find a mop I liked as much as this one. I currently have a Hoover and hate it, it is so difficult to push. The smart living steam mop heated up quickly and just glided over my floors. I’m still hunting for the perfect steam mop!!!

  45. Bought my steam mop (Smart Living) at the fair last July. It is used regularly to clean my Italian tile bathrooms, wood laminate LR/DR and bedrooms and hall and linoleum kitchen floors. Everything looks great! I need to find a source of more pads; can anyone help me? The “dirt” we track into the house is greasy tar and black so my pads aren’t easily cleaned!

  46. We too purchased at home show both mop and Jr as package deal for $200 earlier this year. Have not used either on regular weekly basis, but have to say that the half dozen plus times we have used them for larger cleaning tasks have been very satisfied with the results thus far. The mop on kitchen, bath and wood floors….you can see the dirt it’s picking up left on the pads. I find the Jr. more versatile for different cleaning jobs. Been most impressed on windows using the squeegee attachment in a fraction of the time! Did a nice job on the car mats with all the winter salt, grime, etc that was stuck in the grooves. Was quite effective on tile grout using brush, but not so great on car upholstery, which had been dirty for months. So far so good just hope that the product is durable. The one negative regarding Jr. is that the plastic gasket deteriorated and started to melt.

  47. I purchased my mop yesterday at a home show, I used it this morning on my ceramic kitchen, main entrance and washroom. Also tried it on a patch of my oak hardwood floor, it cleaned it perfectly and the surface was streak free, which I love.
    I think it worked great,streak free, not too wet and the steam was consistent, I look forward to trying it on other surfaces and seeing how the product holds up.
    This is my first steam mop and hopefully over it’s production time they have worked out a few of the kinks that some of these comments have listed!

  48. I know its quite new to me but I love the shine I am getting on my tiles. To be honest, I have always liked steam cleaning since I bought a hand held, Shark, from Canadian Tire. I think they are the best way to clean – no chemical residue and sanitized. What more can you ask for, other than, someone to do it for you 🙂

  49. We bought ours about 3 years ago at a trade show and have been quite happy. The best part is that my kids (now 10 & 11) fight about who gets to do the steam mopping. We use it on laminate and tile and find that it dries fairly quickly, certainly faster than my previous mopping strategy wringing out a washable mop pad. One thing I don’t like is that the head is high, so I can’t get it under the cabinets well enough to clean by the kick. I wonder about the comments below about it shutting off. Perhaps they don’t realize that this is like an iron. When it get to temperature, it shuts off momentarily and then will go through it’s head cycle again.

  50. I bought it today thinking its amazing from the demonstration so smooth…
    But when I used it at home it was so difficult and smelled like steamy hot dirt it was so gross I am returning It and going to go but a better one this isn’t worth the money I paid for it.

  51. I’ve had mine for a couple of years now with no problems. I recently bought the jr. at the last home show I attended. It works great on my floors. I’d imagine after reading some of these comments that many of the issues may be user error. I have hard water and was told to use distilled water, which I do and I have no problems. I have pre finished hardwood floors and have zero issues, works great on my tile. I’ve also used it a few times for some pet stains and even once on a red wine stain after somebody spilled it at our house warming party. I’d recommend it to my friends.

  52. We attended a home and garden show in Denver last weekend and fell under the Spell of the Steam. I specifically asked if this worked on pre-finished hardwood flooring and was assured it did. I couldn’t wait to use it and tried it yesterday. It cleaned great, but took off the beautiful luster finish. My floors have always looked like new with just a damp moping. They now look like dull 12 year old floors. Thank goodness I only steamed a 4′ x 4′ section in my kitchen. I am really disappointed that I spent so much money without improving the quality or ease of cleaning. I’ll stick to my bucket and sponge mop. It did do a good job on countertops and tile flooring (it came with the smaller version steamer), but it is overall, a “W.O.M.”… A WASTE OF MONEY. I, too, tried calling the number on my receipt and got a recording and had to leave a message. From the above reviews, it sounds like I won’t be hearing from them.

  53. I did an “impulse” buying when my husband and I were on vacation in Tucson. We went to the home show and watched the demonstration for the Smart Living Steam Mop. I have used it twice since being home on my bamboo floors and am very satisfied. We have a dog and a cat and it did a great job. I’ve also used it on our bedroom carpet and was satisfied.

    The only cons I have is that it does not have attachments to make it easier to use on furniture and in our walk in tile shower.

    We have very hard water even with a high end water softener so I only use distilled water and I put vinegar in it.

  54. This is a Scam, I Bought one, it put marks on my floors that want come out,….I have tryed to get this company to call me back and they Will not return my calls…..

  55. I loved mine at first…but then the pads kept falling off! The velcro on the pads was unraveling..then to boot, today, the steam part was coming out in spurts! The steamer on the Smart Living Mop quit working…. It would not clean…my cat would do a better job licking the floor clean. I wouldn’t buy this lemon again especially for the price!

  56. I love this mop! I’m the one who cleans the home and I’ve had it for about a year and it does wonders. I use it on my shower, counters, wood floors and beds just like the guy said! I couldn’t ever go back to anything else! I’ve even noticed that my pet isn’t sick as much. The vet told me awhile ago to stop using my swifter and I have!

  57. I bought the Smart Living Steam Mop a couple of weeks ago. The floors in the living area of my house are all ceramic tile, while the bedrooms are carpet. It cleans the ceramic tile wonderfully. I had a “Shark Steam Mop” and hated it. When I cleaned the ceramic floors with it, it left streaks, because the steam was uneven. The Smart Living Steam Mop does not do that. The steam is even and when finished cleaning leaves the floor shining with no streaks. I even tried it on the carpets in the bedrooms and it also cleaned those wonderfully. I love my Smart Living Steam Mop.

  58. I loved it at first it worked great. I have had it less than one year and it stopped working and I cant get anyone to call or contact me back to get it fixed or replaced. It should last longer than that for the money. What do I do?

  59. I just used it today on my sofa where the cat apparently barfed last night. It was gross and dried up. Steam got it off like a champ and no residue when dried. So, worked for me!

  60. I love mine. Have only had it for 2 weeks but it has worked great for me. I love the handheld one for the bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Haven’t read the bad reviews you are talking about but for sure I still have nothing bad to say about mine.

  61. do you have the number to the retailer cuz id like to call as well? my steam mop keeps turing off on me im going on almost 2 hours now and ive only done 2 rooms in my house 🙁

  62. i just bought one this weekend. It looked great, but after getting home, it didn’t work right. The clip that hold the handle on broke and handle won’t go in or out. I only did one bathroom with tile. It took over and hour to clean it. The mop kept shutting off regardless of what outlet i had it in. I used two pads and they were both soaking wet. The floor took over an hour to dry. We bought it because we are installing laminate flooring and thought it would be nice, but i’m afraid to use it and i think mine is defective. Called the retailer but they aren’t in their office until tomorrow. It’s lightweight and i like not having to scrub floor (the idea), but in reality, i’m afraid to use this again if my first time was this disastrous.

  63. I bought the Smart Living Steam Mop primarily for pet accidents and stains. For that purpose, it is terrific! It was money well spent to keep my carpets clean and fresh.

  64. The smart living steam mop looked really good at first, but I think you’re right, their claims are questionable at best if you stop to think about it for a moment. I was so caught up in this green thing that I thought it was such an amazing product. I’ll be checking out the Shark Steam Pocket Mop as you suggest here, I think it’s got a better review elsewhere as well.

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