Does Thumbtack Really Work?

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Does Thumbtack Work?It can be a real hassle when you need something done around your home or business and you need a professional to do the job for you. Where do you find them and then when you do, who do you pick. A popular resource that a lot of people are using to help them with this is Thumbtack

Thumbtack may at first seem like a business directory but it goes beyond that. It is a business portal where all types of businesses are listed and they outline their specific services. You are able to get up to five quotes based on the information you supply then you can choose from there.

The Claim
Thumbtack claims that there site is super easy to use and that you should not have any problems finding the right person to get the job done for you. This is a Company that was formed by three individuals who saw a need for a portal such as Thumbtack.

The Hype
The hype really focuses around two things. Thumbtack is a potential saver in that you don’t have to spend hours surfing the web to find the right contractors. You can easily get the quotes you need from one central location.

The Cost
The cost as a person using Thumbtack is nothing if you are seeking out contractors. If you happen to be a professional who is listing their services on this site then you have to pay a fee each time you are going to give a potential client a quote.

The Commitment
There is some interaction required on your part as you need to answer a few questions so Thumbtack can source out the professionals based on your specific needs. Then you need to review the quotes and determine which professional appeals to you.

There is no doubt that there is a need for services like the ones that Thumbtack provides. This is in respect to both the professionals who want to get their services known, and for the consumers who are in need of these services.
As with any business you can most likely find plenty of reviews online about them. Some for Thumbtack are very good but there are also plenty that aren’t. Now keep in mind that a lot of the reviews are not directly against Thumbtack itself but against the many professionals that are promoting their services here.

Final Thumbtack Review

Overall we are only prepared to give Thumbtack a Try/Buy rating. Being as you don’t have to pay to use the services you really aren’t losing anything but your time, if things don’t work out. It would seem that overall Thumbtack would fare better if it had some way to vet their professionals. Again though in general the concept seems to be the try at your own risk scenario.

Our Recommendation
There is a similar company like Thumbtack which we have talked about which is Angie’s List. Now this Company came across as having a betting vetting process but there was also plenty of skepticism here as well. The bottom line is perhaps you should just put some forth some extra time and do your own searches for your area for the professionals that you need.

What do you think? Does Thumbtack work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Thumbtack Really Work?

  1. Thumbtack is exactly what it says it is, which is a point in it’s favor these days! It does not claim any rating for the businesses listed, as Angie’s list does. Angie’s list implies that “Angie” has vetted the businesses listed and they are “trustworthy”. Thumbtack is a bulletin board, like those at your local supermarket or laundry room. ANY person with skills to offer can list on Thumbtack, and they pay only for giving quotes to customers who they know are interested in, and shopping for, their service. I’ve only used thumbtack from the consumer side, but I hired a wonderful photographer for my daughter’s wedding, and found someone to help me with moving. True, a lot of the businesses listed on Thumbtack are amateur or just starting out, but a small amount of checking their work is all it takes to verify them! As a consumer I get a person who can afford to charge less because their advertising budget is well targeted. And the business owners get to save because they only pay to advertise (or quote) to interested customers.

    (BTW- if you are going to have a blog like a journalist please try to use oft confused words properly? ie : Their- people, ownership, etc. ; There- location, here, there, everywhere. ; They’re- contraction ‘they are’. Audibly these sound alike, which means a real human generally needs to proofread posts to insure correct useage.)

    Regarding Angie’s List, when it first began it’s TV ad campaign I tried it out in several cities (husband and I travel quite a bit) and I have seldom found more than 1 person or company providing what I was looking for in my vicinity, and the businesses listed were well advertised in the area and therefore expensive.

    Thanks for reviewing these websites…. It’s good to have another opinion sometimes.

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