Does Bathmate Really Work?

Does Bathmate work?The Bathmate has been getting a lot of attention ever since it showed up on Tosh.0. It’s a male enhancement product that is meant to be used in the shower or bath but can also be used out of it. They say that it’s a major improvement over today’s versions of penis pumps, and that is how they justify its higher price. But what are real guys saying about how well this actually works?

Penis pumps have been around for several decades now in one form or another, and while they do provide results they come with their own set of risks if not used properly. If they didn’t provide any results they wouldn’t have endured as long as they have, but if not used the right way they can contribute to things like Peyronie’s Disease and can damage blood vessels and cause blistering on the penis. But this new pump uses water to help with the suction so you don’t run the risk of overzealous over-pumping.

The Claim
The makers of Bathmate claim that it works 250% better than other pumps that just use air. They say that the water helps to create better suction, and makes it easier to use than a regular penis pump. They say that it will grow the length of your penis, the head, as well as the thickness and volume. It can also help if your penis is bent or has a curve to it. As a side benefit they say it will help with your self confidence and make you last longer during game time. When ordering they say they have around the clock customer service, a money back guarantee, and that they ship your product discretely through Amazon.

The Hype
The hype comes from this being on the Comedy Central program Tosh.0 featuring Daniel Tosh. He started off one of his segments showing the cheesy videos that show guys using the device, blocking out the penises but showing everything else. That’s all of the attention it needed and it wasn’t as if he was promoting it, it was just used in a bit where he incorporated the Bathmate into his regular workout routine and showed him using it at the gym with a personal trainer urging him on and even spotting him. Classic stuff.

The Cost
There are several different models to choose from, each with their own price point. They tout their Hydromax X30 model as the best thing they currently have, and it’s priced at $300 for the platinum package with a cleaning kit and other accessories. If you just want the unit itself it’s $147. This is rather pricey when compared to other penis pumps, but at the same time you don’t really want to bargain shop for something you’re going to place your manhood in.

The Commitment
They say you’ll want to use this one a day for 20 minutes each day, and that you’ll see results in 6 weeks. While this might not sound like much, it’s actually more commitment than most guys can handle. That’s why you’ll have to size up your desire to make sure that you can stay with a daily regimen, and stick it out for the long term so that you don’t get discouraged and give up before the real results come.

The Bathmate is definitely an upgrade over traditional penis pumps, and the use of water adds to its effectiveness. But more importantly they’ve made it easier to use which means that guys will be more likely to stick with it on a regular basis. It’s easier to remember to use this during the daily shower, so it’s just a matter of budgeting an extra 20 minutes for shower time. This may seem like an eternity if you normally spend about 5 minutes in the shower. But when compared to finding time to use an ordinary penis pump out of the shower the chances are much higher of sticking with this device.

If you’ve ever used a penis pump and have hurt yourself you’ll like that the Bathmate doesn’t pose the same sort of risks, like applying too much pressure or getting your testicles caught in it. A few other methods that they failed to incorporate on their comparison chart is penile exercises like jelqing, as well as stretching out the penis using penis stretchers. Both of these have shown to be effective ways of growing the penis, although both have also been known to have their own risks involved if not performed correctly.

Final Bathmate Review

The Bathmate gets our Thumbs Up review based on user reviews, and the fact that they’ve taken an long-standing penis pump with its inherent flaws and basically created a new category of male enhancement product. When you look past all of the hype it really is an impressive invention, and one that takes into account the problems with penis pumps, fixes them all and adds even further benefits to it.

Our Recommendation
Growing your penis should be a multi-tiered approach. Don’t rely on any one method or device to get to your goal. A combination of exercises, tools, and supplements can help you create your ideal penile situation. There’s no reason to sit idly by if you’re unhappy with your size. If you try a few methods and they don’t work out for you, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost, it just means you haven’t found what works for you yet.

What do you think? Does Bathmate work or not?

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Claire December 2, 2012 at 3:37 am

Wow, an extra 20 minutes per day to increase your penis size… seems a little irresponsible to me. Aren’t we supposed to be conserving water?


Some Guy February 20, 2013 at 11:08 pm

Tell that to the guys how have 3 inch penises and they’ll slap you silly xD In all seriousness though, I’d give anything to grow just couple of inches more on length and an inch on girth. This isn’t all in my head either, I’m a skinny guy, so my penis is all expose on the outside, but it still measures only 4 inches. I’ve been told several times by girls that my penis is small, so those girls pretty much confirmed my lifelong concern. The hell with water conservation, for me my penis size comes first.


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