Does Nugenix Really Work?

Does Nugenix work?Nugenix is a testosterone booster that says it helps your body increase its natural production of testosterone. The benefits of this would be an increase in your libido and performance in the bedroom, as well as the ability to build and maintain muscle with extra energy in the gym. Sounds wonderful, but like most products with big claims and little scientific evidence you’ve got to do some digging to see if it really works.

The problem of low testosterone has been making its way into mainstream consciousness with pharmaceutical companies running ad campaigns on TV urging you to get tested for the condition. At about the same time testosterone boosters his the scene and say that they don’t do anything unnatural, they don’t force your body to make excessive amounts of testosterone, they just bring things back to the way they’re supposed to be naturally. It really is an insidious claim, because it sounds very logical and that there’s no harm in trying it out.

The Claim
The claims of Nugenix include the one-two punch of increased sex drive and also an increase in muscle mass. They say that it’s made with all-natural ingredients, is drug-free, and is made in the United States.

The Hype
Testosterone boosters are getting a lot of hype and attention these days because they basically cover all of the things that guys are worried about as they get older. It presents itself as a magic bullet that will turn everything around in the gym, in the bedroom, and in life in general. Anything with wide-reaching claims that dig at a man’s deepest desires requires a little bit of a reality check before getting into.

The Cost
The ad on TV boasts a free trial, and the details on that are that you have to pay $5 to have it shipped and then you get 14 days to review the product. Cancel and pay nothing more, don’t cancel and pay $75 for that trial bottle, and are enrolled in their auto-ship program for a bottle a month at $75. There’s a few peculiar things with this set up. First, they are charging you for a “free” trial if you like it. Second, they are charging you the same price for a 14 day supply as they do for a 30 day supply. And third, they are charging you more to auto-ship than you can buy it in the store for.

The Commitment
It is thought that testosterone boosters work best when they are taken as directed over a long period of time, creating a cumulative effect in the body. In that respect you should commit to using it for at least a few months to give it a fair trial. But at least some users have said that they tried it for that long and didn’t notice enough of a difference to keep going. So you might want to consider committing to a different testosterone booster for that long.

Nugenix has received mostly negative feedback, and the feedback that is positive seems like it was paid for. The complaints range from the product not working to the auto-shipments being hard to cancel. You have to wonder about a company that will pay users to give good reviews on a product they haven’t even tried. It says something about their confidence in their product. Under normal circumstances a company wouldn’t have to buy positive reviews, their product would generate them organically. But the only natural reviews it’s getting are pointing out its flaws.

The twins review a different booster:

One specific review points out that regardless of whether it works or not, the mark-up on the main ingredient used is off the charts. A search for other products containing Testofen shows that they can be had for half the price of what Nugenix is going for. Although they will probably say that it is the quality of their ingredients and the fact that it’s produced in the USA as reason for the higher cost. They do have one somewhat verifiable testimonial from a firefighter in Illinois, but it’s never certain what was exchanged for these testimonials, and they can be safely ignored.

Final Nugenix Review

After analyzing the limited response there is to Nugenix, we’re giving it the Thumbs Down and recommending going with a different product if you are still bent on going with a testosterone booster. It may also be a better idea to use a few different products to address specific problems you’re having, rather than one product that is supposed to fix everything with one wave of the wand. For example, there are plenty of well-reviewed products that can help boost your performance in the bedroom, and there are hundreds of effective muscle enhancing supplements available.

Our Recommendation
If you really want to try this out, go to your local GNC and get a bottle of it. That way you’re getting the best price, especially if you have a Gold Card and get it at a reduced rate. That way you don’t have to give out your credit card information, and you’re not authorizing any auto-shipments. Buying in store also gives you the 30 day money back guarantee that lets you return a product “used or unused” for a refund of the purchase price. In our opinion a much better risk-free way to try this out and see what happens.

What do you think? Does Nugenix work or not?

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Carlos November 8, 2012 at 12:55 am

I’ll be hitting 50 soon and I sure as hell ain’t feeling as energetic as I used to. To be honest I never believed in products like these, but the more I age the more I realize I need some help in staying young or I in my case staying younger and more energetic. Ten years ago I wouldn’t even have entertained the thought of trying nugenix, but now I much rather reserve my judgment until I try it out.


FSG90L November 9, 2012 at 8:09 pm

I’m not taking this particular testosterone booster, but I can tell you with confidence that for me it has been a big help. But I think it really depends on each individual, for example my friend says it does nothing for him. These things don’t really cost much anyways, so I think it’s worth giving it a try to see if you can reap the benefits or not.


wyley braddam November 21, 2012 at 12:55 pm

how do i cancen next order no phone number any were


jay byrd December 12, 2012 at 9:36 pm

please cancel my nugenix……..I am having an alergic reaction to it.


jay byrd December 12, 2012 at 9:37 pm

please cancel my nygenix. I am having an alergic reaction to it.


jeff January 17, 2013 at 8:37 pm

as a physician i see men consistently that have legitimate low testosterone and i share with them the opitons of over the counter boosters vs. prescription testosterone products i would rather recommend a prescription product that is backed by peer reviewed and placebo controlled trials on the risks, benefits and alternatives vs. a product that is backed up only by “testimonials” and potentially “altered photos” of happy clients – giving the perception that you will be ripped and have a youthful libido quickly.
my only cauthion – there is NO magic bullet
consult with your physician
and most likely – your copayment for a perscription will be a lot lower than the cost of these “boosters” that are not under any scrutiny for safety or efficacy


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