Does HandyBar Really Work?

Does HandyBar Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does HandyBar really work?Anyone that’s had to care for someone with mobility issues will appreciate the concept of HandyBar. As baby boomers age they will need more and more products like this that help them get around more easily. The concept is simple enough, HandyBar slips right into the bracket on your car door, letting you get in and out more easily. But is it practical?

Cars today have gone to two different extremes. Sedans have gotten lower, and SUVs have gotten higher. This makes both of them harder to get into and out of. It’s a little like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, not many cars are “just right”.

If you know someone that has trouble with the seemingly simple task of getting into and out of the car, you probably connected with the promos for HandyBar and wondered if it works the way they show it to, and if it actually makes the process any easier by having an extra handle.

The Claim
HandyBar ads show people that are either feeble or injured trying with desperation to get into and out of different sized automobiles. They then show these same people performing the task with some ease after using HandyBar.

The claim then is that their product makes it easy, or at least easier, to get into and out of many of today’s models of cars.

For good measure, they’ve included a cutting device on it that will let you cut yourself out of your seatbelt in the event of an accident, and they also claim that you can use HandyBar in an emergency to break your side window if needed.

The Hype
There’s not much hypes used in the promos, which is refreshing. It even states that the HandyBar is simple, and it doesn’t really have a lot of fanfare to it.

The Cost
Although the original price of the HandyBar was $40 you can get it for around $22 and have it shipped for free from Amazon if you add just a few more dollars to your cart. This brings the price to a rather reasonable level, and you might as well pick one up and keep it in the glove compartment just in case.

The Commitment
If you need to use the HandyBar every time you get into and out of the car, you’ll want to get used to keeping it on your person whenever you leave the house. For ladies it would be best to keep it in your purse, and for gents it might be awkward to have it in your pocket, so you could keep it next to your keys and just carry it out.

It’s the simple products that usually work as shown, and HandyBar is no exception. Since it’s so simple, it’s hard for it not to work. You just place it into the bracket on the inside of your car, truck, or van door. All automobiles have this bracket that is visible once you open the door.

Just place the HandyBar into the slot, it can only go in one way. Because of the leverage it uses, it fits securely in place the first time you put it in, and it won’t let you down if you put your weight on it.

Does HandyBar Really Work?

HandyBar works and is recommended for anyone that’s ever wished their car came with an extra handle. It goes in just the right spot, where you’d really want an extra bar to grab onto so you don’t fall back into the car, or to slow your decent on your way sitting down.

For higher vehicles it’s nice to have something that provides leverage for hoisting yourself up, and something that you can grab as you slide your way down.

Our Recommendation
Pick up a HandyBar if you wanted one but were on the fence. If you find that you don’t use it to get in and out of your car, you can still keep it in your car in case of emergencies so it’s not as if you’re going to waste your money.

What do you think? Does HandyBar really work?


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Mike P November 29, 2011 at 11:17 pm

The HandyBar. .when I first heard the name I was intrigued. For a number of weeks I have been lookng for something for my kids getting in and out of the car. I like to say they are “vertically challenged” but most people just call them short. Getting in and out of a Hummer H2 can be difficult at times for them. So instaed of buying one of those expensive stepstools, we found this online and thought to give it a try. I thought it would fall off! But really it didn’t!
Now I know my kids are less than 50 pounds, they like to hang, tug, pull on anything. So far it has been 1 month and it is still lasting.
It is so simple to install! Just peel and stick. Alittle moisture is required though! I am getting this for anyone with a high sitting truck! 🙂



RLG August 4, 2013 at 5:18 pm

I am going to try the Handy Bar. My husbands truck sits so high I can barely get into it. He was going to install step up bars, but this is very costly. I have been seeing a few reviews on it and it looks like it may be the trick for my problem. I don’t weigh a lot so it should be able to hold me while I get into the truck. For the price it is worth the try. thanks


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