Does Super African Mango Really Work?

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Does Super African Mango work?Super African Mango supposedly has 1200 milligrams of African mango extract in it, and can help your body lose weight and have more energy. It’s riding on the recent trend of African mango, but reviews seem mixed at best. We’ll sort through it to see what the real story is, and whether you should give it a try or not.

There will always be some new hot item hitting the dieting world as The Next Big Thing. For a while it was Acai berries, then it was Red Peppers, then Raspberry Ketones, now it is African Mango. Pretty much every fruit or vegetable out there will have its moment in the sun where it is reported to have a lot of centuries old benefits to it that scientists are just now discovering fully. So is it wise to jump on board with each of these trends? African mango has some pretty solid testing backing it up, so it’s not the worst trend to test out, but that doesn’t mean that this “Super” product is your best option.

The Claim
Super African Mango claims to have 1200 milligrams of African mango, making it stronger than other brands. They then go on to provide the features and benefits of taking African mango, and we’re to assume that you would get those benefits by taking this supplement. However, they don’t make any specific claims about what their product can do, so we’re just to assume that it really does contain that much African mango, and then make the leap of faith that it also does everything African mango is reported to do.

The Hype
African Mango received a lot of hype by catching praise from people like Dr. Oz and making it on other news and talk shows as a dietary aid. It doesn’t take much for weight loss product to tip the scales and cause a lot of people to start talking about it.

The Cost
Super African Mango can be had for less than $10 at Amazon. This is a suspiciously low price for something that is supposed to contain so much African mango in it. It’s supposedly from a plant that is indigenous to Africa, and involves extracting the effective parts from the plant. This seems like a lot of trouble to go through just to practically give it away, which leads us to suspect that there’s not really as much in there as they claim.

The Commitment
With weight loss pills like these it is easy to think that your commitment level is zero. But really you should use them as a crutch to help you get started on a more healthy path. If used properly, these can be the catalyst to produce the real change you are looking for in your life.

Super African Mango has a bunch of users saying they saw no results. Even a placebo sugar pill will get a good number of people saying that it works. However, they could be miscrediting their weight loss to the pills, when it could be other factors in their lifestyle that have changed. Perhaps when they were taking the pills they just started feeling good about it, and started moving around more, subconsciously.

If you think that a pill is going to work, you will start making subtle changes in your behavior, and they will be imperceptible to you. Even if you are just happier in general, you’ll digest your food more properly, and have a pep in your step. It could be any number of reasons why they lost weight.

An Unregulated Industry
Since the FDA won’t approve all natural products like these, they can basically make as many claims as they want about what they contain, and what the benefits as. As long as they put the asterisk* and put a disclaimer that says “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration”. This means that you really don’t have any certainty that this contains 1200 miligrams of African mango, since there’s no governing body that is regulating this sort of thing.

Final Super African Mango Review

Super African Mango most likely won’t work for you, and we’re giving it the Thumbs Down. There are simply too many reports of it not doing anything at all, which is a pretty big sign that it is simply ineffective. There are plenty of other African mango supplements that get less ambiguous feedback, and therefore should be tried instead of this.

Our Recommendation
African mango does work in many cases, so it’s important not to think that it doesn’t just because one brand got it wrong. For example, African Mango Plus has solid reviews, and is an example of a company getting it right. It’s got all of the African mango that your body needs to see the results you want.

What do you think? Does Super African Mango work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does Super African Mango Really Work?

  1. Do you know if there are any other forms (powder, liquid, etc) of a GOOD brand of the mango diet supplement? My son is extremely overweight but cannot swallow pills.

  2. It reads scam no matter how you look at it. Yes, mangoes do have their benefits. Like helping clear up acne but trying to claim that you’ll lose weight by only using this “magical” product by itself is complete rubbish. Like Phyllis said, it’s doesn’t matter if it’s acai berry, African mango or another exotic fruit. It’s not going to give you results unless you change your diet and not heavily rely on this alone. Besides you shouldn’t take pills if it’s not necessary to begin with. This is why it’s important to research the into Google like so: “African Mango+Scam” to help inform you about whether or not it’s legitimate or not.

  3. Yes Sophie, it is OK to have bought into it but you have to also realize that it depends on a person’s individual metabolism because this is a natural diet aide. You would do the same on any of them it doesn’t matter if it is acai berry or African mango or some other crazy fruit from some rain forest somewhere. I find when people get onto this all natural kick that they are really sucked in by the fact that they are natural and there are people out there looking to give you an alternative to pharmaceuticals. There are benefits and for some it is a miracle pill and for others does nothing.

  4. It’s been tricky trying to get some reviews on this thing because professional reviews all rave about them to make sales and user reviews have been all mixed reviews. At least here you straight up say it probably won’t work, so I’m leaning towards not buying it, but I must admit I really bought up to the hype for a while there.

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