Does the West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker Really Work?

Does the West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does the West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker work?The West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker get style points, but can it really cook eggs without you having to resort to the old-fashioned way of boiling them and timing it just right? And what about soft-boiled or poached eggs? We checked this out to see what sort of results owners are getting, and if it’s worth buying or not.

More and more health gurus are saying that eggs are a superfood and should be consumed daily. That’s great, since eggs are a relatively inexpensive food item, and easy on the budget in times of economic uncertainty. But cooking things like hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs can be something of a pain. Investing a little countertop space to a dedicated egg cooker is something that many people are doing these days, since many of the new methods and gadgets are proving pretty effective.

The Claim
The West Bend automatic egg cooker says that it can cook your eggs any way you like, whether it be poached, hard-boiled, or soft-boiled, all with the touch of a button. You can cook up to seven eggs at one time. If you poach them they won’t stick to the pan, but the tray will only hold four eggs not seven. They claim that it comes with everything you need, including a measuring cup so you always get the amount of water correct, and also a piercing pin so that you can pierce the eggs before you put them into the cooker. This helps them cook, but also helps the shell come off easier after they’re done cooking.

They’ve given this a clear cover so that you can see was going on while your eggs are cooking, unlike some models where the cover is opaque and leaves it a mystery. The design is pretty sharp, with the clear top, and the egg shaped legs.

The Hype
Eggs get their fair share of attention when it comes to cooking them perfectly. It seems that people are pretty fed up with the old ways of cooking eggs and are looking for something that can give them consistent results every time, without requiring a lot of interaction or babysitting.

The Cost
The West Bend automatic egg cooker is $30 on Amazon. This is pretty much the middle-of-the-road price point when it comes to egg cookers. There are some that are about $10 more expensive, and others that are about $10 less expensive.

The Commitment
When companies say that things work with the touch of a button, you know they are exaggerating a little bit. You still have to add the eggs, measure out the water, and then push the button, and then when they’re done you’re still going to have to peel them and prepare them in whatever recipe you need them for, or eat them straight up if you just want some poached or hard-boiled eggs. But overall this should be less commitment than doing them the old fashioned way.

The West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker gets mixed reviews, but it leans more towards positive and negative. Most people give it 4 or 5 stars, and say that it works well. However, some of the negative feedback is cause for alarm, because many people say that it never worked from day one, and others say that after only a few uses it stop working. Sure, this may be a case of an individual defective product, but there’s no way to be sure, and it definitely makes a difference on whether or not you should buy it.

Final West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker Review

The West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker in all likelihood probably works, but at this price point you really don’t want to play around with something that could stop working after just a few uses. That’s why it’s better to go with a product that has more favorable reviews, and less reports of it breaking down so quickly.

You could skip an electric egg cooker altogether, and go with something that’s a little more old school, with a twist. Eggies are a way to cook your eggs in boiling water just like you’re used to, except that you crack the egg into a special container so you don’t have to peel your eggs once they’re hard-boiled. The only drawback is it doesn’t make poached eggs.

Our Recommendation
We tested out a similar product, the Egg Genie, and found that it works great and it is actually a little less than the West Bend model, so it’s a double win. It is a standalone unit, which we were a little skeptical about at first because of the zone look like much, but after repeated tests we found that it provides great and consistent results, and really makes it set and forget. We double checked the results we got with others that had tried it and the experiences matched up.

What do you think? Does West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker work or not?


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Hutch February 26, 2013 at 9:38 am

My dad says that I’m the laziest man to ever walk the planet earth, but I don’t know that I deserve such title just because I hate waiting for the water to boil when I cook the eggs. I mean seriously, doesn’t everyone hate that? Man it’s only 30 bucks, spend the money and be stress free.


Shelley August 20, 2017 at 7:30 pm

I’ve had the West Bend egg cooker for several years. I love it! I did, however, have to figure out how much water to use for poached eggs. The instructions were incorrect. The yolks were semi-hard. So I use less water. It tells you to use the 5 line, instead I use just under the 6.


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